1. OMG! This happened to me when I was kayaking the Allegheny and camped on one of the islands. I rinsed out my water shoes and set them on a stone to dry overnight. In the morning, I found, ISYN, a dozen curled up inside my shoes. I always check my shoes before putting them on, mainly for spiders.

  2. According to Coyote Peterson centipede bites are extremely painful. Much more so than any of the insects that stung him.

  3. Where I'm from these things would just come out of the drain hole, climb your thigh as you were showering and sometimes you won't notice it reaches your waist. If you freak out it'll most likely bite.

  4. Imagine, with the way it was lodged in the lining of the shoe. One would have to have been thorough in checking the shoe. Or they put it on and sensed the skittering, writhing mass of the centipede separated from their foot by only a thin layer of fabric.

  5. Looks like a giant desert centipede, which have a very painful and venomous bite. Pretty sure this was the only thing that made Coyote Peterson tap out and call EMS for

  6. I miss my grandpa and the man that he used to be he got alzheimer and sadly passed away but we ain’t talking about that. I used to live in PR with him and a lot of family members and we were helping around the bar he went to the back and found like a 1 foot centipede and looked like 1 inch think it was a BEAST my grandpa grabbed it like it was nothing and let him crawl over his arm and chest lol

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