1. Open the back and clean the dust that’s clogging it up. Use a little machine oil to lube it up after. It can catch a fire if they continue to use it that way.

  2. I had a fan like this. Cleaned it, oiled it, fucking jacked it off and at some point it just stopped working. Dust isn't necessarily what's wrong.

  3. Also disengage the oscillator while starting it up - the back and forth motion is driven off the main motor and disengaging it takes off some of the inertial resistance.

  4. Recently had to take my fan apart due to it being noisy. Was shocked at how much hidden dust was inside despite cleaning it every year.

  5. Omg I saw this and was about to say I used to do the same thing... I am so glad I have a new fan now and my house is not burnt down that's really scary to think about....

  6. What you’re saying is scary cuz I remember having a fan that I had to jumpstart. Although I only had to jump start it like 5 times. Also, I had to use a pencil, because the guard could not be removed.

  7. My old ass fan literally started overheating earlier today. It was a plastic clip-on fan that was 10-15 years old and took like ten minutes to start after turning it on. I started smelling melted plastic and the plastic casing has burning hot to the touch. I unplugged it and let it cool off before throwing it out.

  8. Can confirm. I will never put a mini desk fan on bed while sleeping again. Almost set it on fire when it overheated

  9. Serious question - I have a small fan that when I turn it on, it starts off running very very slowly, then over maybe 1 minute it goes faster and faster until it hits full speed and then can go the whole night perfectly fine and fast. Do you think that’s a hazard or is it OK since it does eventually get to full speed?

  10. Yeah, this is probably why this fan works, I had the same issue on a big floor fan that uses oil bushings and I had to let it preheat for a while before it got going (after some ginger encouragement through the shroud).

  11. You see, it's never about the money. I bought my parents new shits all the time to replace their old stuffs. You know what they did, they boxed it all up when i'm gone and continue to use their old stuffs because "there's nothing wrong with them, they're perfectly fine".

  12. That fan is old. The blades will pop off in the center. Then you clean the hair and dust loogy off and put the blades back on and you’re good to go.

  13. These little motors are usually shaded pole motors, no cap. Its comically old, and cheap to begin with :P

  14. During college I had a shitty second hand desktop. Over time, the screws on the cabinet came loose, and I just had the motherboard open on my desk as my computer, with monitor and everything else connected to it. Eventually the power button also broke, and I used to start it by joining the wires, much like jumpstarting a car. Fun times!

  15. Is that an old 3G electric fan? I think we or maybe it was my late grandparents who had something that looks exactly like that back in the 90s. The buttons look the same.

  16. We had a fan just like this when I was a kid. You could almost post that to buyitforlife but I suggest getting rid of it before it starts a fire.

  17. I used to fly rc with a bunch of old guys. 3 ½ fingers missing between them from starting their old planes. Only one guy still ran a fuel motor, and the jokes and comments about fingers were constant.

  18. That’s a sign you need a new fan. Fans use a special motor that can keep moving but can’t start in addition to a small motor to start the spin. If the motor that can’t start itself is left running without spinning it can cause electrical fires.

  19. Your know you can just put oil in the fan, it's much more faster for it to start than spinning it! I always do that to some of my fans stuck like that and won't work.

  20. Reminds me of my moms hairdryer that I used at her house. Caught fire and blasted it at my head. When I told her, she just told me “oh, well you can’t turn it on high right off the bat.” NO, IT SHOULDN’T CATCH FIRE.

  21. Enjoy your house fire. This is very dangerous, and if your house burned down the insurance company could deny you any claims because of this video. Just spend 20 dollars and get a new fan

  22. My grandpa had one of those until 2015 when it stopped working and he bought a new one. Rip my granpa's fan ????-2015

  23. I had this exact fan when I was a lot younger! I had to do the same thing after a while! Otherwise you would just hear the motor buzzing

  24. That might be a little bit of a hoarding syndrome going on there. OP needs to take it apart and clean it up for her to see if that will fix it.

  25. Fans that have this issue are usually caused dust and hair build-up which heats the motor. This issue in fans is the #1 cause of house-fires started by fans. "if it works it works" won't feel worth it in the end.

  26. I still have this exact fan, but mine works perfectly since it’s dust free and we’ll maintained. I’ve always liked the buttons, it reminds me of a pack of multi flavored ice cream.

  27. Looks like your mom is on the right path to being a millionaire. Be cheap and frugal and it’s bound to happen, right?

  28. I actually really admire people who continue to use these things. Yeah, it should be cleaned and maintained. But what she didn't do was run out and buy a new one. If everyone was like her, we'd have a lot less junk in landfills. Obviously it's more complicated than just that, but the intention is a good one.

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