1. I feel incredibly sorry for people in this situation, she is struggling just to walk. I do believe that interventions for this level of obesity should be as common as drug addiction interventions.

  2. I have a sibling whose slowly morphed into this. I don’t know wtf to do. Loves to eat fastfood everday and does ZERO exercise. Got excused from pe in high school too.

  3. I agree, I didn’t laugh I just felt really bad for this person. Wonder who uploaded it, I would assume it wasn’t said person in the vid.

  4. Having been an addict myself and having gone to treatment and getting to know more addicts than I care to admit, interventions very rarely have a lasting effect on sobriety. Not trying to deter those who wish to intervene on their loved ones behalf but addiction is rooted much to deep to be whisked away by communication. There is nothing to be said that we didn't or (for those still struggling) don't tell ourselves every waking moment of every day. Hell, it even haunts us in our dreams. Fact of the matter is an addict will always stay an addict if they themselves don't want to change. Helping them and pushing them to be better absolutely is the right thing to do, but more times than not you're going to be sorely disappointed.

  5. Lemme tell you. The "obesity" follows the P A I N. Bone and joint PAIN can make "exercise" TORTURE, at ANY AGE. And once you HAVE to slow down because, PAIN, imbalance, and FEAR OF FALLING, it becomes it's own LOOP.

  6. I feel that because of her size her injuries are a lot worse than we think. I remember watching my 600lb life and any sort of fall at that weight caused tremendous pain. This whole video is sad

  7. And I could be someone who put the job to become more active so there's no reason to make fun of them and the homeowner hopefully has good insurance.

  8. We use door dash at my place and you’d be amazed at how many drivers are this size or larger. One lady, as sweet as she is, has to drive her car up to the house because she looks stuck inside it.

  9. When people's intervention meetings don't work, sometimes life itself will communicate what new life goals and direction a person should consider

  10. If its the fault of a medical condition then shit 😞 I feel bad. If shes just like that cuz of lack of self control and laziness then she deserves that shit and its funny as hell😂😂 schadenfreude

  11. Talk about uber eats, I mean how can anyone be that big and just not take care of yourself? Holly hell. Good thing the grass is fine though the porch I'm sure she murdered. She is definitely fine though because of all that extra.

  12. Maybe if he wasn’t a fat piece of shit he would’ve made it through the struggle of climbing 4 stairs. Jesus dude you’re immobile. Better off requesting help from the equally supple teet of the government and just rot away in a room. Disgusting Americans…

  13. Facts. To many people giving this guy sympathy for doing this to himself. You don’t wake up randomly 500 pounds overweight. This person made decisions that led them to this point. What a waste of a human.

  14. Seriously ppl complain of the cost of unvaccinated people look at the cost of all the sweaty fat fucks and go after them lol

  15. Delivery person pays the homeowners. If they ask her to, that is. Any injuries she got are paid for by the company’s work comp

  16. Man that woman's hip and knee must be ground to powder. It takes all she has just to ambulate a few steps, to deliver just a bit of value to the world, and every one must be agony and making her body that much worse. In the end the consequence costs her so much more than staying home would've.

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