1. I can actually play against people as my local YGO scene is pretty much non-existent. Unfortunate, but you do what you can. I also like that I can play my deck at full-power as I'm pretty sure my deck would cost around $600 or something considering all the staples and boss monsters I use.

  2. It’s unfortunate that irl is so expensive. I’d rather just use proxies if I had to again

  3. I have a deck I built for my locals (Orcust). I went a couple times but the people who go to my locals do not have any hygienic practices. It’s super off putting as well, I’m hesitant to let them touch my cards because of lack of hygiene.

  4. I bought the Legendary Decks II box because of nostalgia, I don't plan on playing, I wanted to create a display of anime iconic cards (Blue eyes, DM, Exodia and Egyptian Gods came in the same box) and it costs around half a paycheck for me (Mexico) so I couldn't even dream on playing for realsies with meta cards that cost that much.

  5. Free to play and a “built in judge” for rulings that fixes a lot of Yugioh’s rules issues, though my Guardian Chimera just didn’t draw cards or destroy things on my opponents field so I may have some concerns.

  6. You sure you didn’t use Pot of Prosperity or something? I had an opponent resolve Guardian Chimera just fine earlier today.

  7. Trying to figure out the order of chains resolving in shit like the Tearlament mirror match is fucking pain IRL.

  8. Exactly this. My local has YGO presence but we are OCG region and not everyone can read Japanese.

  9. And it is actually truly F2P. You can build meta decks regularly to keep up with new cards/packs without having to spend any money at all.

  10. Shuffling IRL is extremely imperfect. Automation of calculating LP and automated timing prompts are helpful too. Lingering effect like Call by the Grave or summon restrictions that can be "forgotten" IRL is also automated.

  11. The amount of people cheating in TCG and in duelingbook is insane. Even at local tourneys there are sweaty dudes who tried to shark you. Master duel is such a bliss even with the scuffed banlist lol

  12. I like Master Duel for its convenience, accessibility, and much lower costs than if I played irl. I also kinda like that it has a less restricting forbidden/limited list, so that I can explore Yugioh more and see for myself why cards were banned in TCG.

  13. I know tri-brigade zoo is still decent but can you imagine investing in that deck irl when it was at full power and having it powercrept 6 months later?

  14. I've been obsessed with the game since DM was in it's original airing but was never able to play the actual card game. So over the years I've had to make do with video games and online sims to get my Yu-Gi-Oh fix. Master Duel has been an absolute Ra-send as an official Yu-Gi-Oh sim. It allows you multiple platforms to play it on, is very f2p friendly (though I've been happy to buy gems here and there to support the game) and I've been impressed with the updates so far. I think they've done a good job to date and I hope they keep it up for many years to come.

  15. Shuffling the deck, remembering counters, LP, lingering effects, special rulings, when/if and just all kinds of crap this game has! It’s all so much more efficient and automatic in Master Duel

  16. Ok but the comparison is not between MD and DL: instead it's between digital format and physical format, so between MD/DL/OCG and TCG

  17. I really enjoy that ONE most fun, interesting, crazy, equal in strenght and thrilling duel in the sea of duels even if I lose, the pleasure and satisfaction is amazing.

  18. For me, i don’t have someone touching and looking at my cards to see what they do and shit. Putting their hands all over my cards. Nooooooooopeee

  19. I literally can't make stupid mistakes, miss timings, or rule errors I would make in real life. Chains are easily understandable and laid out. I can own cards here I couldn't afford in real life.

  20. The price point is much better but it just doesn’t have that same magic as an irl tournament. Travelling with friends, getting a hotel, the whole city being taken over by yugioh players, staying up all night playtesting, rushing to the venue before 10 o clock to hand in your deck list. These are the things that made me fall in love with the game in the first place

  21. Don't have to constantly make sure my opponent isn't cheating. Seriously, I have played on Duelingbook and it is such a headache to make sure your opponent isn't cheating, and then you have to wait an hour to get a judge to come settle it. Yeah, I'll stick to online simulators and IRL duels with friends

  22. I get to play yu gi oh without having to spend money on a children's card game, or interact with people. Also I like to be able to play a couple of games per day at any time I feel like.

  23. Cuz even though I work 40 hours a week and I make the most money that I've ever made in my life because of adulting and bills and life I don't have the ability to pick up things that I really want to pick up as much as I used to when I made less money so it makes it easier for me makes it more convenient and it's still enjoyable

  24. Well aside from being F2P and dramatically cheaper than paper YGO, a digital format is great for setting up high graphical duels and battles where decks can look interesting to play and watch. Then it also sets up more creative elements for dueling such as mates and fields, I prefer playing MD over TCG/OCG mostly for these reasons.

  25. Accessibility of cards is simple and doesn't require a bunch of money to obtain. Also, in MD, you don't have to spend a single dollar on crystals if you don't want to. You can farm dailies and weeklies and make plenty for a set of 10 packs, and it doesn't take too much time to do.

  26. It's free. Even if have to grind its much better than spending fortune on cards. You can get literally any card (except few that aren't there.),.don't have to buy from a second hand because it only was printed once 10 years ago.

  27. I like the lower cost. When I first started I got enough gems to make Tri-Zoo pretty fast. I stopped playing irl right before links released because I got tired of keeping up with costs. Sometimes I buy gems but I don't usually feel like it's excessive and I don't feel pressured to keep the same deck forever because it was too much. Especially with the amount of staples you get in decks nowadays I can change engines more often in MD.

  28. Almost as much as, if not more than the F2P/Budget friendliness of the game is the automation of games.

  29. Cheaper, tends to be faster, I can play it in my PJs, I can listen to something while Floatzee takes my turn, etc etc

  30. I can get cards for free, zero travel expenses, no incessant chitchat or noise, and I can be intoxicated while I play without anyone noticing or taking issue.

  31. My favorite thing about it is that the game reminds me what effects I can activate and when, I would be lost if I played IRL. Plus I haven’t spent a single dime on it and have multiple complete decks and a few more just some cards away from being playable

  32. Everything, the simulator means all confusing rulings can be resolved immediately and I don't have to read cards if I don't want to, I don't need to go to a specific place at a specific time in order to play, animation and soundtrack, how f2p the game is, its everything I ever want in a Yu-Gi-Oh game.

  33. It is a fact that I will lose my cards in the future. I also do not like the idea of dust getting into around my cards meaning I'd have to clean them. Also, I can have any deck I want without paying. I just need to keep making alts because I couldn't give less of a shit about ranks.

  34. Don't have to waste gas and time driving to a LGS. Don't have to sit there and get destroyed by Tier 0/1 decks. I can play a card game in the comfort of my home. I'll probably switch to MTGA when it releases on console in 2023.

  35. Not really intrested in playing at locals and my friends work to much for us to play also getting to trying new cards for basically free is awesome.

  36. The fact that it's fully automated is nice, but this ends up screwing me over when I play IRL. For example, I frequently forget about quick effects in my graveyard, which ends up costing me games.

  37. i can still enjoy the game. i'm 34 years old, not really a people person and shy irl, being among those youngsters irl would be somewhat uncomfortable for me. also, getting a deck costs me a fortune as i havent played the TCG in over 15 years

  38. I can get some variety matches. At locals, you tend to play against the same people, and eventually they'll start adapting their side deck to your janky-ass Infernoid Turbo deck.

  39. Don’t need to spend money on the cards when there isn’t a real scene I could use them on anyways

  40. Zero local scene in my area. And I live in a country that doesn’t speak Japanese, but is considered OCG Territory. Feels good to read cards without having to look it up on my phone everytime

  41. Because it's the only way I get to play Yugioh. There is no locals where I live in the Philippines. Heck, there's nobody selling cards anywhere here.

  42. The F2P aspect and the automated features making learning the basics more accessible.I haven't spent a dime in MD and I have a few decent decks (Cydras, Resonators, Dinos, Thunder Dragon, Monarchs, and building Zombies) and the majority of the staple cards that would set me back hundreds of dollars irl. Sure it takes some grinding, but it's really not ridiculous to be able to build a deck. Additionally unlike Duel Links, where you need to either shell out a ridiculous amount of gems or spend money on the selection packs for staples,a F2P deck is not weaker than a paid deck.

  43. Because I don't have to spend money. Mainly because its absolutely free besides duel links but I haven't spend money on duel links yet and won a couple of games but It takes 200000years to level up one singular characters out of literally a dozen so duel links is literally just a cash grab but I like the game but f2p players have 0 chance.

  44. I would never play it in person anyway, also haven’t played in years so w/o all the prompts I wouldn’t have had a clue what was going on

  45. I don't play Yu-Gi-Oh! irl, but I do with other card games, and I absolutely hate storing and sorting cards irl. Either you set up perfectly sorted systems that you need to put every cards right at where they belong, or you just throw them one side and then can't find them the next time you need them. As a result, modifying decks just become much more of a pain than it needs to be

  46. i can duel whenever i want, i can test out many decks, people play a bunch of different decks online, no ygo scene in my area, i can duel my friends who live far away.

  47. I can ACTUALLY PLAY it, I had to get rid of my real life collection years ago and I don't know anyone who plays Yu-Gi-Oh anymore or even places with locals in my country

  48. I have many Decks that use three Ash Blossoms each, but I only ever need three Ash Blossoms in my collection.

  49. If anything, MD is able to point out things I would not recognize irl. I.e. card rulings and such. Also personally, losing a match online doesn't make me as salty vs irl.

  50. It's so good for testing and iterating on deck building. I can swap out cards and change ratios between every single individual game to figure out what works best.

  51. Convenience. I know this is gonna sound really anti social but I promise it’s not that. It’s more about comfort. Being able to just get into a duel whenever or wherever.

  52. Easier to build decks, you can find games easily, you don't know if your opponent is a sassy prick so you won't get triggered.

  53. Don't need to spend a lot of money to build a deck. Don't need to remember 7163616 interactions everytime. For me it's a lot more fun to play. The physical card game seems too complicated to be fun. I can see why people that want to join and win tournaments can have fun in the physical card game,but for casual players,I think online is probably the best option.

  54. I don’t have a lot of money so buying cards could be a problem for me. Also I’m too introverted to go to locals

  55. I’d say I prefer everything about the physical version more but at this point in my life it sadly is a lot less viable of an option.

  56. Probably already said, but I can play the game without buying cards. Such a good feeling to reconnect with an old hobby without the expensive entry fee to build a good deck.

  57. I could never play neo spacians irl. Some games have air neos and Kruger in them. I have access to all my cards sometimes. Plus it's nowhere near as expensive

  58. Dropping maxx c on rite instead of waiting for something else. I was going to search aquamancer and go into link spider verte dpe but now I will just search gryphon and summon it on your turn. Also plays hard into gamma.

  59. I started with it this year and it's what got me into yugioh. I don't have to maintain actual cards nor go buy any at actual stores. Also, other then reading the digital format literally tells me what I can and can't do via glowing cards and other such. I'd die of embarrassment if I went to a local and did play that were absolutely absurd and make my opponent think I'm illiterate.

  60. The fact that I can craft all the expensive cards that are unobtainable irl for a budget player like me, such as prosperity or droplet. And of course that I can build all these decks I don't have or can't have irl for free.

  61. I’ve spent like $90 total on the game and have like 4 decks, meanwhile I’ve spent like hundreds irl and also 4 decks. Then there’s recycling cards that I don’t need to get cards that I do need. It’s all around a significantly cheaper way to play the game despite how people feel about Konami’s monetization practices. Not just that, it makes rulings more clear and it’s easier to keep track of things. Like Six Samurai have all these spell counter stuff that I never really could keep track of and the game does it for me.

  62. I just prefer everything being automated lol like i dont have to look at all my set cards to make sure i flip the right one i dont have to hesitate because i dont know if im activating at the right time and stuff like that

  63. Cosmetics, and the fact spright and tearalament aren't in it yet. All there is to like about master duel, everything else is inferior or the same as other duel sims.

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