1. SuperDreadnoughts are what keep me interested in this game, without them I would been long time gone

  2. Tbf i was running an awful purish trains deck then pivoted to machina/infinitrack/trains and the whiplash from train otk to having so many fucking options is ridiculous

  3. I'm gonna make a Train and Cyber Dragon deck one day, I have Crusadia and Skull Servants already also Galaxy Eyes count

  4. I love my pearlescent Cyber Dragons way too much to pick up meta decks, although earth machines have piqued my curiosity and interest

  5. Cyber dragons will shine so bright when the spell that makes every monsters on the Field : Machine type is released.

  6. It’s a good deck if you’re tired and just wanna turn your brain off though I will admit. If I just don’t have the energy to play my usual decks but still wanna play I’ll switch to numerous just because I don’t really need to think.

  7. You joke but that is a highly competitive/complex deck that requires the biggest of big brain plays to even set up your turn one/two board. The requirements to even pilot that Deck are so steep that even the cyber darks possibility of death by always performing above 100% is simply a footnote on the list of things that can happen to you.

  8. With the exception of Numeron I'd say otk decks can be skill intensive. You have to navigate the crazy boards the meta decks put up, and while sometimes "draw the out" the majority of the time you're going into it know some things will be stopped, so you have to carefully bait things out, know when to hold your resources and know when to push in, keeping a backup plan in mind if they have a certain unknown (for me I always have to keep Nibiru in mind)

  9. Cyber Dragons is pretty budget friendly for URs, and each archetype specific UR is going to come up a lot. It will never not be fun to steal an opponent's monster with Infinity or Megafleet, and Sieger's effect on Chimeratech Rampage gets easy OTKs.

  10. I have a Skull Servant deck. Mainly to piss off a buddy of mine. He seems to be triggered by the fact his big beefy Cyberdark End Dragon can be bitch slapped by a lv 1 monster back from 2006 (no I didn't just have to Google that up, you have no proof)

  11. Setting a Lady in Wight against Numeron OTK is hilarious because she takes 2 attacks and with a Wightbaking you can block attack 3 and 4.

  12. Hmmm, m’y monster has over 30K attack can do piercing damage and my opponent only has one face down monster and one face down card in the back row what could possibly go wrong??

  13. My main deck is literally roses, I was introduced to yugioh from 5ds and was really interested in Akiza as a character and decided to build her deck when I got master duel, I mean I built a better version but its still mainly roses (A couple generalized plant helpers)

  14. But I don't wanna wait a turn to attack multiple times. I wanna Power Bond a big punchy dragon and swing 3 times.

  15. I only play Ancient Warriors no matter how hard it is to the climb the ladder. No DPE, No Adventure shizz as well.

  16. That's the thing, these aren't one single archetype. They're example cards from 5 different strategies.

  17. Skull Servants is honestly a fun deck to play, I made a hybrid of it with Eldlich and somehow ended up beating a Floowandereeze deck with it.

  18. putting my 2 deck, cydra and skelly king as same numeron??? i still have self respect my boy for not touching numeron

  19. I got 3 network from master packs, to this day i am resisting, i don't know when I will fall brothers

  20. Yes. To much of this floo bird for me.. reunite me back with my skeleton dinosaur and his golden frying pan that demolishes everything in his path!- Unless..

  21. My diamond experience has been repeatedly full comboing with adventure Pranks and having my board demolished by a going second deck. I really don’t think a lot people have a solid grasp on what actually wins in a BO1, and that a lot of other people do understand what’s winning games and they are playing these monkey brain decks.

  22. I think the EX-0 festival has showed us Ben Kei OTK is just 1 extremely broken support card away from potentially being meta, and I for one support it.

  23. I’ve been rocking marinecess wetlands through the event and it’s been working surprisingly well.

  24. Bro I would put my dick in a meat grinder before I play fucking neumeron. Comparing numeron players to monkeys is an insult to monkeys.

  25. I climbed to plat 3 with cyber dragons. I switched to @ignister for the last push to diamond. Still midrange but just a bit more modern.

  26. Train/Mechlords is my spirit animal.......but sorry to say I ain't wasting craft gems on a casual deck till I have at least a 2nd rank play deck

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