1. Prank-Kids were the first deck I built in MD solely because the names were silly and the card art was childish

  2. there is really crazy good lore and science stuff behind the japanese names! i cant remember what it is but maybe if you google it you can find out. its worth it :))

  3. @Ignister for the name alone. Am I supposed to seriously say "At-Ignister" every time I activate or Summon a card?

  4. If you ever want a deck that can summon Arrival fairly easily, then you can add him to Crusadias. Though summoning him is usually for going first or if you fail to OTK. However Avramax fills that same roll and benefits from the Crusadia support cards.

  5. It takes so much Time to get the action going, like, fine I'm going second, time to wipe all your board and then otk but first Let me make a 5 minutos combo just to get Dark Knight on the board with pikari bururu and doyon on GY

  6. I think Doodle just go so deep into the childish aesthetic being literally scribbles that they're fun to run in an ironic sort of way, while prank kids have good art art that is intentionally made so that it appeals to kindergarteners so you just feel a bit like an idiot while you're summoning and saying their names.

  7. I actually love prank kids, I just think battle butler doesn’t really fit with the rest of the cards and looks too busy. I wish it was something that looked similar to roarin roaster

  8. That’s a shame, I’ve always thought the cartoony art is so whimsical and not a style you see on many cards. Dropsies and Meow meow are especially cute. On the other hand, for people who don’t use the deck and have to face it often, I can understand how the aesthetic of the deck would make it even more annoying.

  9. I made them because i thought they looked cool and wanted a strong deck (that i didnt see constantly, like Despia, which has some fucking awesome artworks but its everywhere), its weird seeing ppl thinking they look dumb, the names are indeed idiot thought, but the designs are great

  10. I'm 50/50 on dragonmaids - I am a big fan of the "dragons with human forms that they change out of for battle and into for utility" (I'm a big TTRPG nerd, and disguising themselves with a human form is a pretty common dragon trait in D&D/PF). Having an archetype of these, each of a different colour/element, swapping in and out of their dragon/human forms to accumulate advantage and then swing for huge damage, is peak "dragon fantasy" to me (alongside Dragon Rulers, but I doubt those guys are coming back any time soon). But the anime girl/Kobayashi/maid stuff is pretty... neckbeardy, which does put me off playing them.

  11. I have around 5, but only 2 actually work, the rest being a pure danger/adventure that i really like, and the last being my random bullshit go deck, that only work in events like the one coming tomorrow)

  12. I know it's basically the point, but everytime I see those dumbass Ojama cards, I get irrationally disgusted.

  13. The weird thing is that it's just the original 3 that have that disgusting mucinex look. Red and blue don't have all the disgusting drool or slime

  14. It's kind of funny because I had the same initial reaction to Pranks as you did, just an immediate 'oh god no' and thoughts of Epic Youtube Prank Compilations (gone wrong gone sexual)

  15. Tom & Jerry is easily a top 5 animated show of all time. It's timeless (other than the race stuff) and can be enjoyed by children and adults all the same.

  16. The pun isn't more intuitive in Japanese, the Planck/Prank pun is exactly as clunky. The fact that the words sound the same does help, but the fact that one of them is an uncommon English word still makes it a solid "read a wiki or something to understand the pun" situation like it is here.

  17. OK so first off, Infernity. They look fan made, like the images have been over compressed for no reason. The Archfiend one looks like a bad meme.

  18. Yugioh: we have no central defined lore save for duel terminal, world legacy, albaz, sky strikers, and the anime, so let’s go crazy with our archetypes. Sushi sounds good.

  19. Hell yeah. I mean, I'm neutral on prank kids as an aesthetic, but I do love that their art style exists in the game. I personally love the suships. I love that this game has edge lords, waifus, stuffed animals, giant trains, sushi warships and more exist in yugioh. It's a part of the fun of collecting the cards and playing them. An archetype exists for any player's aesthetic preference, and if not Ik sure there will be one some day.

  20. I mean for me it’s pendulum cards because there’s too much text and none of the cards look appealing. The only one that seems kinda cool D.D.D.

  21. Agreed. I feel like there is too many anime girl archetypes nowadays. Although I do think the changing outfit and weapon part pretty cool

  22. Most of the newer archetypes TBH. I dont really like that japanese cartoon style , i like old-school horror/occult yugioh artwork much more. I do like Despia tho, theyre oldschooly. My all time favorites considering artwork would probably be Darkworlds and Darklords

  23. Yeah Darkworld is lit. Gonna wait for the new structure deck support to be released in MD to play them

  24. I think the Dogmatika cards fit aswell. Okay eclessia is a bit cartony, but the rest is the kind of badass twisted justice cult to oppose your horror force. Maximus and fleurdelise kick ass and as a by product an archteyp reling on it's own monsters and not the extradeck only is nice

  25. This. I love the fallen from grace vibe of dark lords/fallen angels, but i really don't know what I'm looking at when it comes to most of the despias cards art.

  26. The non ritual drytron monsters have a cool yet frustrating color scheme. Each feels more like a blob of blue, pink, and black with white dots than a monster. I think it's even worse irl because I think moat of them are super rare or higher in the TCG?

  27. I fucking love the art and style of Prank-Kids, it feels like you're memeing on your opponent with the anamaniacs. Been playing them for years now.

  28. To each their own. When I play this game I kind of visualize a duel between a protagonist/antagonist and whenever I play prank kids I envision a little 10 year old with a squeaky voice playing them who always pulls down his eye-lid and sticks his tongue out at you whenever he summons their boss monsters.

  29. Odd Eyes. All of his cards(not counting the other dimension dragons or the human version of himself) just look so bad and over design. His archetype artwork is the biggest eye sore to look at. Some of them look they would have a hard time moving.

  30. So much of the performapal stuff and the support have some weird... Inflation/proportion theme..? And I hate it, it's so weird and fetishy, very bad not good vibes

  31. I like the original Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, he’s a fun chicken dragon. All the newer variants are overdesigned as fuck.

  32. Naturia. The card art for the main deck part are just so bland for me. The deck was in my favor because of its idea of main deck monsters giving a little blocking so that the opponent has to, maybe, spend cards getting past them, while the extra deck monsters have greater powers in negation. It's just the aesthetic that forbids me.

  33. man i love prank kids. i love everything about them. the designs, the deck, the dog. they were the first deck i picked up when i started playing again during the pandemic and the first irl cards i bought in almost 10 years.

  34. I find the swordsoul archetype to be very boring imo. They kinda just feel like humans and I think if you’re making humans you have to go the extra mile to give them personalities

  35. Dragonmaids. They seem like they have a pretty fun playstyle, they'd probably mesh well with the dragon stuff I already own, and it'd finally be a fusion deck I can use but it's a waifu deck :| If i'm gonna use dragons, I want dragons not women in maid's outfits.

  36. For me it's HERO, I just don't like the design of the monsters. It's also the reason why I lost interest in the comic after a few chapters in GX.

  37. I still like Heros, but I think you could do a lot more with their Design. I would wish that at least the E Heroes would follow more a traditional classic comic book hero aesthatic. But a lot of them are a bit blant, don't look like heroes or both.

  38. I main Mathmechs, which come in the same pack as Sky Strikers. Thus I have triple of every skystiker card, only a few are not in glossy finish. I built the deck and I think I played it once, I didn't like winning knowing that my opponent was probably calling me a weeb in a harsh tone. No offence to waifu players, just not how I identify.

  39. Makes me feel bad as a dragonmaid player being called weeb and neck beard all the time when I just like how they play. They could have literally any design and I’d love them since they are fun.

  40. I never played with Sky strikers but from what I see when I go against them it would be cool to play that deck... Unfortunately the card design just don't appeal to me (and I do take that into consideration when building a new deck).

  41. I personally think they get away with it better because of the panty & stocking kinda aesthetic. I play them but if all of the main deck cards looked like the evil twin links I think I'd probably be less interested

  42. Drytron. They all look the same. They all feel like they have the same name. Like I have a hard time remembering which Drytron cards to negate because it's Just all a sparkly slush to me. Easily my least favorite archetype in every aspect.

  43. Tribrigade. Art isn't the biggest issue I have with the deck honestly. It was nice (nothing special, but nice) at first, but became quickly boring the more I faced the deck.

  44. Same reason for Virtual World for me too. Art is way too busy and ugly (my opinion) and the names are unfun.

  45. One of many examples in my case are Dragonmaids. They have a fun play style and mechanic, but you won't catch me playing this waifu bait of a deck

  46. I absolute hate swordsoul. I'm usually able to sympathize or stop hating a deck after I've played it but something about swordsoul just makes me not happy with playing against them or as them. if anything I take great pride in being able to beat them.

  47. Im a synchron player, and everyone wants me to run hot red dragon archfiend, and while its a great card I just really am not a fan of any of the red dragon archfiends

  48. I know Gardala is the best Kaiju to use at the moment thanks to the prevalence of barrier statue wind but I think he looks lame. He’s just a big moth.

  49. Listen up nerds, whoever designed the fairy-tail cards was a furry with a foot thing. No further questions.

  50. Toads…More specifically PaleoToads. I got cheated a few years ago (2017ish?)at a regionals by a toad player (Tall, circular guy, long greasy hair, the stereotype of a Yu-Gi-Oh! Player) This was my first real tournament, so I didn’t really know the do’s and dont’s at those types of events. So we’re playing dude literally grabs a card out of his deck box mid game and adds it to his extra deck. (Said he forgot to put it back in while he sided or some shit) and it was Toadally Awesome, and I lost the game. (That would’ve been his third toad I banished the other ones w/ Ma ABC Dragon Buster (Shout out ABC’s since day 1) so he goes into the third toad and eventually just shits on my board. I told my more experienced buddy and he was like “Dude, he cheated” I was one match away from moving into the top 64, and lost the spot because of that. So anytime I see toads/Paleozoics, i cry a little inside and immediately associate that deck w/ people who cheat at yugioh. Obviously this was a one off thing, but now i hate that deck and can’t play it, and hate playing against it😂 Now my friends joke and say they’re gonna build ABC toads, or WhateverDeckI’mPlaying/Toads to mess with me. It’s become a running meme in our circle. Toads have become the “DinkleBerg” to my “Timmy’s dad” and I cannot play that deck. End of rant

  51. I see the downvotes coming in. If someone can explain how scantily clad seemingly prepubecent girls dont have pedo/lolicon vibes please let me know. They are literally designed lore wise to lure people(creatures) in and trap them.

  52. Kind of a hot take among Yugioh players, but I can't stand any "waifu" deck like Sky Strikers, Marincess, Exosisters, Lunalight, Dragonmaids, Trickstar, etc. It's just really cringe to me.

  53. it seems ppl here really hate anime girls. while playing a game sourced from anime/manga. u want non anime stuff from Japan? u can play MTG instead. u'll find non anime stuff there.

  54. I play prank kids for their aesthetic. In fact I specifically only play decks because unlike their aesthetic and/or lore.

  55. I don't play meta decks specifically because I know it'll get boring being unmatched in power against a majority of opponents besides a mirror deck or a deck of equal tier. That's why I like to stick to the tier 2/3 level of decks because it can be fun competitivly due not having that overwhelming power but instead a deck that relies on most of if not all of the cards in the deck instead of a handful to win the game. Basically duels that can go up to turn 8-10+ before lethal is finally dealt.

  56. Everyone coming for Sky Strikers and Dragonmaid and coming up with their own conclusions of why ppl play them are just airing out their own projections.

  57. Anything with female boss monsters. They seem made for cringy thirsty otakus and the fact that just weeks after master duel release someone "feminized" Eldlich just confirmed it.

  58. I remember seeing someone on here absolutely livid he lost to something with names like dropsies and rocksies

  59. I can't STAND decks that have anime waifus/lolis. Sky striker, traptrix, lunalights/lyrilusc, melodius, windwitch, dragonmaids, aroma, rikka, trickstar, exosister.. you name it. Something about these specific types of decks (and losing to them) makes me particularly annoyed. I know this isn't true, but my butthurt self thinks the people who play these kinds of decks are discord pedophiles or spindly shut-ins.

  60. Its because some female archetypes are characters designed to be characters, and not bait designs disguised as characters. Harpy lady? That's a character, she has iconic elements in her design you can't remove. Something like an exosister or dragon maid? Generic modern overly clean looking anime girls designed to cover multiple "types" of girls as it's primary focus. Their clothes are much less important to their designs than their heads and body shapes. Harpies ladies are like almost all the same body shape but with different bird parts. The bird parts are the identifiers. Dragon maids are designed to be the normal girl kitchen, short plump parlor, goofy laundry, moe nursery, Ara Ara chamber. It's all trying to appeal to an anime archetype instead of being just a character first.

  61. Sky Strikers, Prank Kids, Raidraptors, Exosister just to name a few, pretty sure I can come up with more if I take a look at some cards.

  62. VW, Drytron, Prank Kids, @Ignister, Sky Striker and Dragonmaids are decks I never played beyond testing because of their boring/cringe art.

  63. I’ve always wanted to play Nekroz but I do not want to touch Imcamptations or whatever it’s called. I hate their design and think they’re too lame to go with Nekroz

  64. It’s not a specific deck but i despise when i have to include the good engines that dont fit the theme or dont look symmetric/comfortable to my eyes. For example adding dpe engine to my zoodiac tribrigade which broke the perfect balance between monsters and handtraps and thinned the space in the extradeck thats when i changed my pvp deck

  65. Speedroids, Hero/masked hero, cyber dragon... Their just so ugly or plain. Or with cyber dragon it just has more heads.

  66. Something involving the main monster being spell casters or warriors due to them not looking like actual “monsters”

  67. Basically every zombie archetype, my cousin made me hate them because of Zombie world shitting on like all my decks.

  68. I have the opposite reaction you have to PK, I am not a fan of their mechanics but I like that it doesn't take itself seriously and the cartoony aesthetic almost makes fun of the game itself, reminiscent of pegasus in a way. For me, it is when I cannot tell what the illustration is at a glance that I tend to avoid the arquetype.

  69. This might be a hot take, but I don’t like very many dragons. Dragons are just so boring; the only one that interests me even a little is Chaos Ruler.

  70. Prank Kids, I only pick them up when I'm in the mood to tryhard a win but I don't like how comically childlish they look.

  71. I actually couldn't think of anything. I guess it's kind of lucky that decks I find having good artworks, aldo often have cool mechanics.

  72. I agree with Prank-Kids, just not a huge fan of their art style. Floo is also a deck I don’t plan to play for a similar reason. The art is nice and all, but I just find them to look boring.

  73. Live twins, sky striker, prank kids, etc. They are just not edgy enough for me. I need my dragons, dinosaurs and wyrms haha

  74. The red dragon archfiend archetype. Specifically a lot of the support and especially from the early days. I just don’t like the way they look. Pretty much only like the boss monsters and the resonators

  75. Orcust, i really like decks with High recursion and a bit non linear, and orcust lookslike that, but i cant stand that joke of monsters being músic instrumental.

  76. Sky Strikers. I'm the sort of heathen who loves slow control decks but mam, I just really hate the generic waifu #5211 aesthetic they've got.

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