1. I really wish more decks had unique boss monsters to go into, THAT WERE ALSO WORTH A DAMN.. But thatd probably run into the issue of a bunch having samey effects, or making those decks more expensive. Like I've been wanting to make a penguin deck but the extra deck URs have been stopping me

  2. Live Twins is proof Konami can make strong and unique boss monsters for archetypes they just choose to make them generic and OP.

  3. If I had unlimited gems, I'd be running around with the most based rogue decks going. Unfortunately I'm not made of money, so it makes much more sense to get UR staples that I can splash into multiple decks, especially when the staples do similar stuff to the archetype bosses like you mentioned.

  4. Penguins are funny but still ass i built them since favorite animal and they suck so bad i need to go halq auroradon just to like do something probably going to take floo for my penguins instwad

  5. The game has plenty of decks like that right now tbh, with Flowunder, Albaz, Tri-Brigade, Swordsoul. The generic bosses like Baronne are the problem

  6. Thats is the reason i like dino. Sure they use apollousa and borrel but uct is still the main boss

  7. i mean we already had those. Swordsoul & Floowandereeze kinda does that already. these are meta but each have unique boss monsters that have unique effects with a equally strong main deck with unique deck mechanics.

  8. I've been playing it recently. It really is a cheap archetype to get into that isn't half bad. No UR cards for an archetype on master duel is rare. You can just focus the newest pack and play adventure ships lol

  9. As a D/D/D player Seeing people use D/D/D to go for halq and cross sheep and then go to boss staples like crystal wing and baronne is just fucking disgusting

  10. Tbh I feel like half of the power of D/D/D is that nobody knows, nor wants to read what their cards do. I know I don't.

  11. Nah. Just today when i was getting happy at playing against one of them, not only their turn took too long but he also finished on: spyral boss monster, borreload savage dragon, apollousa, halq & ip macarena.

  12. I’ve been VFD’d through Halqadon from them before. Turns out you can put Halqadon in any deck that doesn’t care about their extra deck

  13. It's disappointing how often that happens. "oh wow, I haven't seen this deck in years! Did they get new support?" -opponent plays Halq into Accesscode or verte into DPE- "oh...ok 😞"

  14. DPE is so shoehorned into every deck. Just played against sky striker and they relied on DPE so much it's like they forgot what their original deck was.

  15. Well convince Konami to actually give Pendulum Magicians a proper boss monster that’s not impossible to summon consistently.

  16. Unfortunately, some archetypes simply lack proper boss monsters altogether, and thus must rely on generic ones to cover their needs

  17. Me playing my Charmer deck with a lot of generic extra deck monsters I could find. They need their own boss monster (of either extra deck type) and make use of the archetype itself to take advantage of.

  18. it’s always such a shock/disappointment when i see a rogue deck and then they go into halq or anaconda 😭

  19. I go into halq in my dl buster blader deck so i set up a decent generic board in my turn before going into my archetypal boss monster in yours.

  20. This happened to me not that long ago and I feel your pain 😔 Went up against a Marincess player with my Dragonmaid deck and it was a constant back and forth of him summoning his links and me summoning Sheou. Ultimately dude just hit Verte (and I guess he tried to summon DPE) but ended up surrendering out of nowhere. Had massive respect for that duelist up until that point.

  21. Ironically, pile decks actually are the most unique lol. Archetype specific decks are usually optimized within a month, so there's nothing left to figure out until people find ways to incorporate different archetypes into them.

  22. Some of us don't even have a boss monster you know. There is literally no charmer boss monster for me to summon.

  23. ME IN A NUTSHELL. I'm always ending up having Accesscode Talker, Borreload Savage Dragon, or any of the Charmer links out but they don't have their own boss monster to support themselves. They need their own version of Doriado as a boss monster that has all attributes - Dark, has backrow protection, and a negate.

  24. Nonono, what you summon is the opponent's boss monster from the gy after you kaiju it or something like that

  25. Technically there is a Charmer Boss, "Elemental Grace Doriado". And technically the other Doriado cards to an extent but Grace feels more like a boss.

  26. SPYRAL does both things. Leave the generic field every deck makes (Appo, Borre... Etc) and leave the Cool Archetype Boss Monster (Sleeper)

  27. If you left enough monsters on board for gouki master ogre to OTK with gouki finishing move, i wouldn’t need to summon accesscode.

  28. You summon Verte to open your fusion destiny into DPE combo, I use Verte (with SP) to summon the Mad golden lord, we are not the same.

  29. This is why I like Mathmechs, the extra deck monsters are actually good and played in the decks (minus Magma, which still isn't that bad of a card honestly).

  30. I don't care how many good cards I need that last extra deck spot for. I have a royal Magma and will NOT remove him!

  31. No you don't understand the tuners I used for Halq weren't Wyrm type, that makes me cool and edgy. *finishes combo by activating Fusion Destiny from hand because why the fuck not*

  32. This is definitely contextual, though. You can't blame a deck for ending on their monsters + Baronne/DPE when Swordsoul does exactly that. If you're rogue you don't stop being rogue because you use staples.

  33. Magikey uses Halq/Auroradon to enable its own bosses, and frequently ends on 3+ archetypal interactions + a Savage or something

  34. I might make borreload and Apollousa, but at least I also summon the mighty Spyral Sleeper before I end my turn!

  35. As a metaphys player this is painful since the thing that was SUPPOSED to be doesn’t even do anything when banished and it’s summoning condition makes ZERO sense

  36. I hate Halqadon and Verte as much as the next guy, but abusing generic and powerful cards are one of the only ways bad and/or old archetypes can stay relevant for the people who enjoy them.

  37. Oh come on what do you expect from zefra to do? The deck lore wise has yang zing tenyi just stole the their cards

  38. “Nooo you don’t understand you NEED to run your shitty archetype boss monsters instead of baronne and gryphon so my deck can easily break your board”.

  39. Look man, Sylvan Guardioak and Hermitree just don't cut it like they used to. Avramax is an honorary sylvan as far as I'm concerned.

  40. Does phatasm spiral get a pass? I don't even use the extra deck, it's literally just normal monster spam backed up by skill drain and macro cosmos.

  41. This is so true, this is why when I do deck profiles I try to show stuff that only that deck can do or why that deck is fun, instead of guys, this is the 9th deck this week that makes an unbreakable board.

  42. My boss monster in my banishment deck is gren maju and in my Kaiju tenyi deck it's draglubion into galaxy eyes tachyon dragon or I'll synchro draco berserker of the Tenyi.

  43. Rogue Decks are really starved for good, in-archetype, non-generic Boss monsters. I played against a Six Sam player today, and he went full combo, just to end on Savage, Fleur, Colossus and Herald. It's kinda sad, seeing that every Rogue Deck with access to tuners just amounts to Halqdon.

  44. The problem isn't just generic boss monster. There's a ton of rogue decks that use unique boss monsters but don't have a way to get into them without generic extra deck extenders (i.e Halqidon combo). Infernoble knights are a huge offender by this. It starts as Fire Warriors, transition into just warrior (but it's ok cuz noble knights are pretty much same archetype), and then it goes straight into machine Halqidon combo for 20 minutes only to finally end on Emperor Charles, Borreload Savage, and Herald of Arclight. Such an interesting archetype devolved into Halqidon combo. A pity really

  45. As a Gren Maju / Eater of millions player, Chengying stole both my boss monsters effects. He is mine now, dammit. But everyone using auroradon in their synchro decks can fuck right off.

  46. First time i meet agent deck in ladder, i was so happy i let them combo off only for them to end up with halq and dagda, i droplet the halq and they just scoop

  47. I'll have you know my @Ignister deck exclusively ends on a unique boss monster! Unless I can't and need to swerve into Accesscode...

  48. Hey Debris Dragon, Star Eater, Samsara and I are doing our best over here ok? Sorry we can't see you in plat, we're stuck in gold.

  49. Say what you want, i pick the engine i want to pilot, good or not, with the endboard it gets, generic or not, and I'm going to like it. Coelecanth turbo because i iike fish. Now I'm going to baronne scythe lock or brick trying

  50. Today I faced a The Agent deck and I was excited because it seemed unique and unlike the last few duels where the turn 1 was Adventurer token + DPE (I don't even know what a few of the archetypes were and I didn't bother to check). Then the Agent deck's endboard was 2 omni-negates + Archlord Kristya. Kristya I can understand even if it's annoying, but when your win-con doesn't even fit the theme of your archetype, that irks me.

  51. Honestly , I agree....but that doesn't change the fact that Konami should simply give better support to so many archetypes .

  52. Considering most archetype boss monsters (if they even have more than one or one at all) are bad compared to the generic ones I can see why the generics are used so often. I understand that there are other comments that mine mirrors but I didn't scroll through them before replying.

  53. This is so fucking true. Are you really playing Blue-eyes if your end board has no blue eyes dragon monsters? At that point just play a meta deck, what’s the point?

  54. My favorite rogue deck has to be betweeen megaliths, where my boss monster is linkuriboh, and I despians, because I can just steal or banish your boss monsters. Actually not even sure if those count as rogue

  55. Who the fuck plays rogue to just use generic boss monsters like accesscode, decks like live twin and hero’s or dark magician don’t apply but live twin does a bit since sometimes going from trouble sunny to access code can be game

  56. I try to tell my friend this all the time, talking about he made a new deck. But every deck ends up having a halq + auroradon combo for Borreload Savage or Access Code Talker

  57. Handicapping yourself for no good reason and refusing to use generically good cards that would synergize with your deck also does not make you cool.

  58. This sub is just one giant anti meta circle jerk, one of the reasons I prefer OCG, TCG players seem to do nothing but complain

  59. I don't mind decks going into generic ED monsters. What I do mind is that basically every deck that can go into halqdon and end on the same endboard does just that.

  60. Yes it kind of does. Tri brigade builds a board very different from how Sword Soul does, for example. It influences which hand traps are effective against them and how they can extend plays through negation. Just because the end board is similar, doesnt mean they arent different decks.

  61. NOOOO you aren't allowed to use generic splashable cards in your decks. Only meta decks like adventure tenyi, SS/tenyi, PK/adventure can use halq combo

  62. But most of the generic boss monsters aren't even from tier one archetypes. It doesn't increase the gap, the gap is exactly the same. You aren't winning because your archetype was good thanks to these cards, you're winning because you drew the playable cards you put in a bad deck. Your deck is still the exact same amount of bad and the better ones become top tier.

  63. Pple really pat themselves on the back when they beat a single top tier deck in like 6 games with their "rogue" deck and their deck is just this. Ur just doing the shit u say u hate with extra steps lil bro

  64. Meh, this reminds me of the time someone got really pissy at my Abyss Actor Deck because it played Accesscode Talker and AA Zeus.

  65. Funny that you said that, cause the last thing i remeber from duel links was fighting an endless swarm of Harpies and getting sqaushed by the billions of kaiba blue eyes players

  66. With the cards that have been added post-launch it's even infiltrating main decks now, I was thinking of building Trickstar and found a list online but as it turns out this ""Trickstar"" deck had precisely 12 Trickstar cards out of the 51 card main deck and none of their extra deck cards just the usual suspects

  67. But I got such cool generic options, such as Zeus and UDF and megaclops. I bet half of you haven't seen UDF much less megaclops.

  68. The issue is that archetype specific monsters are not usually strong enough to justify using over generic choices for how hard they are to summon. This is partially due to the strength of the archetype specific cards being low, but its also due to how certain cards instantly create some of the strongest generic cards with little to no effort( aka halqi and verte). You can't really justify making decks intended boss monsters when they require more resources that are harder to get out for less reward. The few specific cards that see play are either so strong they are worth it or they are even easier to summon than the enablers, because anything else would be a detriment.

  69. I think what he is trying to say is . Running same staples isn't enough for me everyone must run same engine too so I can feel good.

  70. Usually the reason for this is just because the archetype doesn’t have anything good to go into so they have to go generic. My deck was the same way until just recently when trouble sunny released, and since then I haven’t been using as many out of archetype cards.

  71. Thats really a problem I got with way too many meta decks as well which mostly just go into the same boss monsters. When the deck archtype just turns into a means to the same end it just loses its identity in my opinion. Not that I mind some supporting cast on the field but it should still show enough uniqueness

  72. So where do i stand with my laval deck that has an endboard anywhere between a crystal wing and 2 lv 12 synchros, crystal wing and/or lavalval exlord?

  73. I feel like rogue deck players that play generic extra deck stuff for the most part just like the rogue decks artwork. Don’t bash em too badly. I play rogue, but the rogue decks I play usually have their own boss monsters.... I am waiting for a few cards to make a pretty much complete generic extra deck rogue deck though(;

  74. I just wish darklord had more boss monsters, with despia it's such a nice deck I feel. Bit bricky at times still, but very fun.

  75. If every deck promises not to otk me through masterflare Hyperion pass then maybe I will consider skipping the rest :)

  76. Me playing hand destruction Mermail-Atlantean. End board is a mixed of Borreload Savage, VFD, and Herald of Arclight.

  77. Rikka and witchcrafters got they own boss monsters just saying all the engines everyone puts in their decks these days just make the game less creative

  78. One of my favorite rogue Decks I like to play is Onomat/Utopia. I climbed to Diamond I twice with the Deck but this season is rough, still going back and forth between Plat I - IV. With Adventure, most Decks have that one extra negate that is needed to disrupt my turn if I go second, or force out important negates if I go first. Couple this with the fact that I need my normal summon in most cases, so I can't fit Adventure into the Deck, not for lack of trying tho. The Cherry on top is Adventure Tenyi which stomps on this Deck. Leo can only negate cards on field, so 1 Vishuda is already hard to deal with, especially if you miss out on being able to make UDF which usually is the case if you play through a well placed ash or imperm. And with access to so many 1 card starters, even if I manage to negate 3-4 things, they still can go off afterwards. Pretty disheartening experience so far.

  79. I think it counts if they use their archetypes gimmicks to do it, crystal beasts can make some pretty impressive boards making use of their gimmicks

  80. i don't really know much about the meta or what is or is not considered a rogue deck, but i've been using my synchro deck with satellite warrior as the boss monster since i started playing and it's carried me to platinum a fair few times and can always get me to at least gold rank no problem

  81. Half the rouge decks I play lack real boss monsters (or really any support) in the extra deck, and unless you play True Draco or Monarchs there really is no reason to keep it empty. Also some of the best Boss monsters require generic materials (Level 4 for XYZ, Effect Monsters for Link, a tuner + monster for Synchro), so why would you not run staple extra deck monsters if you can afford too? Especially if they are cost effective and can make several other decks stronger by proxy as well as win you free games. I would say it is less of an issue for main deck boss monsters. I dislike it, but that's the game we play.

  82. Step 1: 3 ash, 3 Maxx, 2 called by, 2 crossout, 2 nib, 1 celestial, 1 dasher, 2 fusion destiny, 3 thoroughblade, 1 kaiju (gameciel) 1 DPE, 1 vert, 1 drident, 1 boarbow, 1 chakanine, 1 zeus.

  83. As a rogue it's not to be unique or cool it's to say fuck you I can tribute your quick effect negate and you can do a fucking thing and win because fuck you your mom your bloodline and especially anyone who plays sword soul

  84. I’m an Evil Twin player who mostly uses the archetype ED monsters and sometimes Unchained Abomination and Knightmare Unicorn

  85. I would like to go into my Infernity specific bosses, you see. The problem is that of the 3 big dragons the archetype has, Doom Dragon is terrible, and Hundred-Eyes is a combo extender rather than a boss, leaving Void Ogre as the only good one, and even then Savage Borreload is just better since he also negates monster effects on top of having more attack points most of the time.

  86. there aren't that many options out there, older cards have battle tricks or lackluster and very conditional protections/negates. if you want to play outside gold rank, you need to end in the strongest board you can.

  87. Ahh, right, the feature that no one asked for. Thank God it's gone. It's been bird flu this whole time it's getting old. Unless I draw adventure engine, then it's time to FORK

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