1. Remember reading it as Avengers Assemble when i was younger, and i was confused if it had assemble or not. Felt like the mandela effect

  2. I feel like I comment this all the time but if you haven't watched Avengers Earth's Mightiest heroes yet you need to do it asap. Best Marvel cartoon show ever, Spectacular Spiderman comes close but they are far ahead of everything else.

  3. I would guess this would be the title. When Joss wrote his first treatment or his pitch the title was Avengers: Some Assembly Required.

  4. This deserves more upvotes. The movie sets the initiative to create a wider cinematic universe. It was the first time so many heroes were on screen at the same time

  5. A lot of people are saying "Assemble," and apparently it's already part of the name in a lot of countries, but it got me thinking about how long we had to wait to even hear Cap say that one word. Is there even another example of waiting over a decade to hear a character say a single word?

  6. Idk if it counts but we’ve waited a lot of time to hear them say Scarlet Witch, a moniker I was really waiting to hear on the big screen

  7. I, a 24 year old, have waited 45 years for a character in star wars to say “we won the star wars”

  8. I feel like the MCU keeps pushing the boundaries to say the F word (e.g. Nick Fury and Spider Man), idk if they ever do it but it reminded me of that

  9. For me, it was hearing Perry White saying "Great Caesar's Ghost!" in Superman Returns. Literally took decades to hear that and most people didn't even realize or react to it in theaters.

  10. It was called that in the UK, to avoid confusion with the classic 60s show off the same name. Prior to the MCU, people in the UK would generally think of John Steed & Emma Peel when they heard the name Avengers, rather than thinking of Marvel superheroes.

  11. It might be too similar to the movie Doctor Strangelove 2: Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Multiverse Of Madness.

  12. I think it was called that because the 1960s British spy show is called The Avengers and they didn't want to confuse anyone thinking a movie about that Avengers was coming out. But anyone could tell by looking at the poster that it wasn't the spy Avengers and it is about the Marvel super team.

  13. Yeah, and all the star actors in that are battling it out in the war for new york. Maybe lets shorten that to Star Wars: A New Hope.

  14. Avengers: we have a hulk. But not the last hulk, or the one before that. I guess technically it’s the same character as the second hulk, but I different actor. But still we have a hulk.

  15. Yeah, it's so weird that it doesn't have a title. I think I would probably name it something quick and simple that reflects a core premise of the movie, like maybe, "The Avengers"

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