1. I feel bad for these actors & actresses who play an evil/annoying role so damn well that people hate them irl.

  2. Umbridge. Joffrey and Cersei. Multiple Gary Oldman pieces. Those performances are just stellar!

  3. I wasn't a fan of the Reva character in Obi-Wan series, but I would never think to take the time to go onto social media and harass the actress. And yet people did that and even sent her threats. Unbelievable.

  4. It's been a trope for decades in the UK that soap villains will get little old ladies hitting them with their handbags. This inability to separate character and actor may be so much worse since the advent of social media, but it's definitely not a new thing--that type of person has always been there. That's what makes me worry about what it will take to get it under control. It seems so inevitable a part of some people's natures that just saying "please be nice" doesn't seem like it's ever going to cut it.

  5. Not without my daughter, LOL. This shit was always on lifetime channel when I was in high school, I must have seen it at least 3 times.

  6. Yep, like the actor to Eugene in TWD, his character is supposed to be annoying at first but so many people hated the actor and sent him death threats

  7. The guy who played the EPA agent in Ghostbusters was often harassed in NYC. Once, a school bus full of children shouted "Hey dickless" at him (a line in the movie).

  8. Or sometimes it happens even to people completely unrelated, like people harassing the Arrow actors wife because they were shipping the SHOW relationship so hard.

  9. I used to really dislike Joaquin Phoenix after his amazing portrayal of Commodus in Gladiator. So much, in fact, that I was upset when he was cast as Johnny Cash in Walk the Line, but after watching that movie I just realized he was such a good actor that he made me really hate that character. Since then he's been one of my faves.

  10. From the sounds of it, when Jamil says her character is going to be annoying, it is probably intended for her character to be annoying. An example of this is Umbridge from Harry Potter where she is very annoying and hated. But that is all possible through the Imelda's acting performance. The movie does a great job making us hate her, so I hope this is the case for Titania.

  11. Or Jamil's character in The Good Place, Tahani. Basically plays the insufferable and bratty rich socialite. I'm guessing she's probably gonna do that but with superpowers, though I hope the She-Hulk writers either give her depth and a great backstory or give her good character development which Tahani had.

  12. This is exactly like Trish in Jessica Jones. She's extremely annoying, and yet people say she's a bad character. No guys, she did her job perfectly. She was supposed to be entitled, selfish and hypocritical.

  13. This!! A bad (poorly written) character isn’t the same as a character who is a flawed person who we aren’t supposed to sympathize with as an audience (which in fact means they were written well).

  14. This. Annoying can be incredibly effective. The main villain in Luca (which my kid watches daily) is the most punchable, obnoxious son of a bitch.

  15. I agree! But still there were fans that were attacking Rachael Taylor, and stated that they hope we never see her again cause they believed that her character was butchered and done dirty.

  16. I was having a discussion with a friend about the Chris Elliot show Get A Life, she said she hated it, she couldn't stand his character, so I said I guess he's doing a good job then. She smiled and agreed.

  17. Disagree. She was great in S1 of JJ. Her (occasionally messy) friendship with Jessica was the bedrock relationship of the season, culminating with the "I love you" scene right before Jessica kills Killgrave. Then the writers took that relationship and they destroyed it in seasons 2 and 3 so that they could mine some cheap emotional drama from it. Its not an issue with the actress, she was just working with what they gave her. It was a clear writing issue.

  18. Thank you for saying this because I genuinely believe Trish Walker is one of the most underrated characters of that section of the MCU and her three-season arc is incredibly well handled.

  19. This is the vibe I'm expecting. Kamilah's sister with superpowers and less character development. And maybe less passive-agressive and more agressive-agressive

  20. I'm sure it will be fine. her character in the good place was also "annoying" but it fit the purpose of the story. this will probably be the same.

  21. Titania was also the most annoying character in the comics. A weak person who gets the ultimate power upgrade and then spends their whole existence trying to prove that they are stronger than everyone else. Although it was fun watching her get her ass handed to her every time she faced Jen.

  22. Hey, nothing disrespectful about acknowledging someone's beauty. Well, as long as you don't make them feel uncomfortable.

  23. i wish this fanbase wasn't full of loud degenerates that bully people on twitter. worst part of large fanbases

  24. I will never not know her as Tahani Al-Jamil in "The Good Place", so whatever awful she has to do is forgiven LOL

  25. She's one of my favourite actresses, I'll love the person regardless of what she does with the character (which I expect I will love too)

  26. I had this with Daredevil. Dex specifically. But after a convo here, someone pointed out the exact same thing. The actor (I'm blanking on his name), was that convincing as Dex and brought the character to life so perfectly, that acting goal achieved if the viewers are annoyed or dislike the character. But yes, I agree with OP. Respect the actress and don't at her because people can't separate the two.

  27. She is a tough cookie. She deals with lots of idiots online. Hopefully though there isn’t more. Ideally it all goes away.

  28. I was coming here to say the same, she started as a DJ then interviewing on Channel 4 in the UK. She's hard as nails and can hold her own.

  29. The actress has gone through enough. She’s just had bad luck her entire life. First off, she was born with numerous genetic problems that affect her daily life such as hearing loss, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and celiac disease. She got mercury poisoning when she was 21. When she was 17, she was running away from a bee when she got hit by a car and had to relearn how to walk after that. She deserves to be happy.

  30. Idk if becoming a successful and wealthy actress constitutes as bad luck. Most people with chronic illnesses will have more than one, it's super frustrating but I know so many people with EDS who have other comorbities. I dont want to take away from her struggle by saying that she's successful, more to point out that her case isn't unique and we need more love for the millions of disabled people living in poverty. I respect Jameela a lot though, she uses her platform and privilege to help uplift marginalised people which is the most you can really do

  31. Yeah, because hardcore fans are generally level headed, especially around women who make their opinions known . . .

  32. I'm not sure what to worry about. She's telling viewers what to expect so should be ok. Whoever complains probably always complain anyway but who should listen to them.

  33. After the Star Wars sequels, last seasons of Game Of Thrones, basically anything DC, I think people are growing more understanding of how actors can only do so much and that writing is the biggest factor.

  34. Well, she's not telling me anything I didn't already know. Titania is a whiny little bitch. She cried after her first fight with She-Hulk because she got her ass kicked and needed help from the Wrecking Crew.

  35. If the character is meant to be annoying and Jameela plays her annoying then super, she has done her Job. I have high hopes for she-hulk despite the bad CGI. Ide be happy for it to even just be good and make sense but unfortunately Disney+ has stung me to many times to date. Hardly the actors fault, they can only work with what they are given.

  36. Here’s the thing, we already know that she dies at the end of the series and goes to the Bad Place. Eventually she gets her redemption arc, but you already know what’ll happen in this series.

  37. The social media campaign and talk show interview circuit are a critical core of modern entertainment marketing. A team at Disney probably spent a day drafting it to try to make it go viral and draw attention to She Hulk coming out soon.

  38. Don’t think it’ll be an issue. There’s been plenty of movie characters that are meant to be annoying. Anybody attacking an actor/actress for their film role is a 🤡

  39. People that can’t understand the skill an actor has to have to get the audience to truly hate them don’t deserve such good performances…

  40. Intentionally annoying characters don’t bother me. Character that are SUPPOSED TO be cool and are annoying as a consequence are the worst.

  41. She has shown the most clevage in the MCU outside of the Scarlett Witch. I think that was on purpose cuz i don't think we gonna like her so they gotta give us something to stare at lmao

  42. Why are you worried about this? She will get paid more per episode than you likely make in a year. She’ll be fine. Take care of yourself.

  43. Fits the character. Her and Creel are the type to shout at each other in the street one minute, then rob a bank while professing their love for one another, an hour later.

  44. Looks like Spidey will have to beat up Titania in Secret wars just like in the comics . I'd love that

  45. I like cheesy, hammy, stupid, bratty villains from time to time. Sometimes you just need the foil for the hero and when that foil is a goofball, it can be hella entertaining.

  46. I just hope the annoying parts are in keeping with a decent show, otherwise she's falling on this sword for nothing. I have a great respect for actors who take on the parts of characters that will be disliked or hated.

  47. I always say this. Hate a character if you want but that doesn't mean you get to be mean to the actor. Fans seem to forget that they're human beings too.

  48. First Jamila plays Tahaani now Titania? What's with the people in charge of casting and giving Jamila annoying characters to play?

  49. No character should be annoying. If a character is annoying then that character has failed. You can love a character and you can hate a character but no character should be annoying. And I will die on this hill.

  50. Sometimes it seems like some fanbase can’t tell the difference between real and fiction or can’t believe what a good job the actors do

  51. Is it bad I can already see how Twitter and Facebook will react to news like that? I swear the fandom there is making me hate marvel more than the movies and shows ever could.

  52. So help me.....titanian has always been annoying so if I see people start giving jameela hate. I will commit a great crime.

  53. The moment Jamilla was cast she became the most annoying villain. If that is their intention then it was perfectly realized

  54. Given that She-Hulk (the show) is probably gonna be more comedy than anything else, I suspect she'll be annoying in a way that doesn't cause a problem with the fandom even as it keeps descending to Star Wars-ian depths.

  55. I'm no comic aficionado so when I first saw this the obvious reason for selecting Jamil was the first 3 letters of the characters name..

  56. I’m fine with her character being this but her character is more than annoying punching above her weight and her fight scenes are slower than joe joyce is a brothel

  57. She and her character were irritating as the day is long and rendered that good place show unwatchable for me. Maybe this will be tolerable due to the better context.

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