1. Bro what, most of the fanbases of Raimi Spider-man and Wolverine are literally from the same age group(both the movies from early 2000s)😂

  2. Real legends don't gatekeep movie preferences. Chances are 99% of the people who were excited for NWH are excited for deadpool 3. This doesn't even make any sense.

  3. Tf is this nonsense. Raimi fans are as old as wolverine fans and much older than Deadpool. Both are legends. As hyped for this as I was for that

  4. Only legends enjoy one of the most popular film franchises of the last few years amirite boys Deadpool gang rise up jfc kms

  5. Fans have been wanting a Wolverine and Deadpool interaction for YEARS, I wonder how they’re gonna explain Ryan Reynolds’s appearance as the failed Deadpool attempt in that X-men movie

  6. I love how people just like a movie in one moment, and will joke about it as "Kids watch this movie" the moment other great movie comes to theatres.

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