1. Natalie Portman looks so beautiful in the Thor Trailer that it's mind boggling. I watched the Star Wars prequels recently and it was insane how someone could be that beautiful for that long. She hasn't aged in any way except the positive ways.

  2. I find her absolutely hot, but image of her younger roles are imprinted in my mind which makes me feel weird

  3. Kate bishop please stab me repeatedly with an arrow and dissect my body and eat my organs and feed the leftovers to pizza dog

  4. if you watch her youtube channel at all she's a sliiimmmm baddy. like uber extremely slim. makes you realize how tiny these women in Hollywood feel they have to be

  5. natalie portman FTW. been a crush since forever? i was in early puberty when i saw Leon the professional.

  6. Don’t you ever disrespect Padmé like that bruh haha Portman all day. Aint ever seen Brie rock a bald head and still be sexy 🙌🏾😂

  7. Until Love and Thunder I never really considered Natalie Portman to be especially attractive compared to most of Hollywood, but after she got fit she is one of the best looking women in the world.

  8. Yeah idk if it’s just me but not only is Natalie way hotter than Brie, Brie also looks skinny here. I don’t see any abs tbh. If you want to see a woman with abs, then Rosario Dawson is the one to go

  9. As much as I love some good abs, they're mostly diet. Those arms are diet AND a lot of weight work. Not to say Brie doesn't do arm work. The two of them should actually do a workout video together.

  10. We're lacking context on the photograph. It may well follow a workout and planned dehydration for a photoshoot or film scene. We've seen enough footage of Brie doing some fairly impressive strength training that it is unlikely she is in a bad place. It is difficult to be strong and also underweight.

  11. Brie's hot but I feel like she'd give you a lecture about objectification to make you feel guilty for thinking that she's hot. Natalie is a geek goddess and one hell of a gangsta rapper.

  12. Yea I was confused by this post. if you want to see an actual woman who is popular with abs, go see Rosario Dawson lol.

  13. Brie just looks way too small. Looks like she's starving. Her legs are so tiny. I hope she did that because she wanted to.

  14. For the amount of workout stuff brie larson does, I kinda thought she'd be more jacked or swole. She's insanely lean and skinny. I'm more impressed with Natalie's biceps.

  15. Little one, it’s a simple calculus. This universe is finite, its resources, finite… if life is left unchecked, life will cease to exist. It needs correction.

  16. This is why I have two hands. Smash both buttons! Then make another one (foot pedal) for Valkyrie!

  17. Natalie Portman arms cause no offence but I’m not sure if it’s the angle of the photo but for Brie Larson she kinda looks like she has kind of iron deficiency

  18. Brie Larson might have nice abs, but she seems to be a pretty wretched person. There’s some Amber Heard-esque vibes with her that the public will probably find out about one day.

  19. Natalie 100%... Brie didnt come across as a good person throughout the media and PR stuff with her movie. As a whole she just seems like a big B.

  20. Definitely Portman's arms, the superhero diet they've got Brie on makes her look super skinny (I only have this picture as a reference). The superhero dehydration diet looks freaky on men, but it makes her loom low-key anorexic. I'm not a dietician, so it's extremely likely that I'm wrong

  21. Bruh her in Attack of the Clones, that's the moment I knew I liked girls. Especially in the arena on Geanosis...

  22. So this is how it happens. The question that causes the aneurysm that ends my life. One last view of arms and abs bring a look of glorious joy to my face as I embrace the end.

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