1. It's not trademarked yet(not approved), but he applied for it before Sony and there's another person who applied for the same after Sony.

  2. If he doesn't have any actual use for the name such as a product or service it should be pretty easy for Sony i imagine.

  3. the guy who applied after sony sounds like a "you miss 100% of the shots you dont take" kinda guy

  4. Well, that sound like bad luck. Anyways, you can now preorder my exclusive trademarked ps6. Just send me some btc and I’ll ship ASAP

  5. This sounds like a bad lie because big companies buy trademarks of their big products next 20 versions at least 3 years before they even get announced ex. Gta 25, Gta 7

  6. You would think so, but I'm seeing at least five different articles from five different websites in my Google search for "ps5 launch india".

  7. Even then, the name of the device isn't "PS5", it's PlayStation 5. I'm sure PlayStation was already trademarked in the first place.

  8. This. And if the TM works anything like the US, I doubt this Indian dude has a product that is remotely similar to the PS5 (Sony version) or the infrastructure to bring it to market, thus making any chance the two would be confused by an average consumer next to nothing.

  9. It's real—Android Central is a legit site, one of the bigger Android news sites and part of a network of tech news sites like iMore and Crackberry (back when Blackberries were still a thing).

  10. Sony already delayed in announcing pricing for ps5 in india. Moreover they're doing shit show of customer interaction over here. Plus huge import duties increases cost of electronics by 25-30%. Plus consumer have to pay additional 28% tax over retail price. Even apple recently started concentrating in indian market since last few years. By few I mean 2-3 years.

  11. Everything about buying electronics in Asia especially southern Asia just sounds so bad. I have a lot of Thai relatives who come to America for a bit and always wondered why they always stock up on iPhones and iPads before they leave. They always say the same thing - Apple products in Asia are much more expensive in general.

  12. Dunno why you're being downvoted for saying something thats correct. PS4 was between 28k to 34k - thats a decent amount of money for an average indian. Growing up, only the rich kids had playstations - rest of us had those knockoff casette video games.

  13. Most likely just applied... Zero chance he'd get the actual trademark due to Sony's history of use of the PS- naming scheme and prevalence of their products.

  14. Lmao i think we just figured out why xbox have random names for each generation. It’s pretty easy ti figure out when we all know the next one is PS6.

  15. In Mexico we had someone register the brand "ifon" In 2002. The first iPhone was released on 2007. Apple got in a

  16. They did, during fake Gta 6 announcement rumor it was changed a bit by Rockstar and that spread like wildfire.

  17. As far as I know (could be different in different countries) trademarks only apply within one product. In other words if you trademarked a name of a chocolate bar, someone could make boats with the same name without violating any of your rights

  18. The thing is millions of Indians who are upper middle class can afford the ps5 without a problem ( a fraction of their monthly salary) just by virtue of the population of India

  19. The PS4 sold 400,000 units here in India, electronics do get taxed like crazy but that doesn't stop us fron buying them

  20. Looks like Indias getting the new Playstation Series "i", not to be confused with the playstation "i" or the playstation "i" s.

  21. Did he think he’s going to get rich from it? If companies can prove you have no use for the trademark they can win it in court. Just give him his free ps5 that he wants.

  22. If indian trademark law is anything like the US law, then you have to actually use the trademark or you lose it. Even worse, the trademark has to be within the same industry or it's irrelevant. Selling produce under the trademark of "PS5" would do absolutely nothing to sony selling electronics under the trademark of "PS5." It's surprisingly hard to squat on bad trademarks like this, at least in the long term when the courts have time to work.

  23. I mean, technically it's called a PlayStation 5, right? So if ps5 is taken, we can make do. Not that it'll be taken, I really doubt that

  24. Correct me if I'm wrong but Giotto pencils isn't a registered brand and they operate like it's no big deal so what's the problem?

  25. What the fuck did they expect it's not like Xbox where they come up with names as they go and the next one could be Xbox Stegosaurus

  26. Work in a patent and trademark law office. No way in hell a random Indian dude is going to be able to prove he didn't intentionally trademark PS5 before fucking Sony just to cause them trouble. You can't just patent/trademark whatever you want, and people who purposefully cause trouble get fined to hell and back.

  27. I think when Google tried to expand its email system into the UK, they encountered something similar. Somebody already had the domain "gmail.co.uk" so for the longest time my UK friends had "googlemail.co.uk" instead.

  28. I'm not sure about every single country's rules, but don't you lose the right to a trademark if you don't actively market it? Like aren't the rules specifically made so you cannot hoard trademarks?

  29. The Washington Football Team doesn’t have a real name yet because some guy kept coming up with good names for them, and then trademarking them

  30. Wrong actually. It’s still pending, and it will be seen in consumer interest for the name to go to Sony. If anyone points out 20th Century, they chose to spite the dude who traded 21st Century by sticking to their original name.

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