1. I just looked it up because I was curious about the Hazel compatibility for Big Sur. If you already have a license, the upgrade cost is $20 instead of buying a new license ($42).

  2. I saw that too. I don’t have a licence. I could buy a version 4 for 32 and then do a free upgrade, as the website states that a licence purchased in 2020 will be free upgrade. But it is still 32 euro’s for something a Mac should do.

  3. I tried Spotless in the past. It seemed ok, but I think I am going to give Hazel a try instead. Hazel seems to be popular on the Automators forum, and I am all about automating things.

  4. This seems more of an tool to help you instead of monitoring folders for change, am I right? Which is fine I guess.

  5. I haven’t used Hazel in a while but I want to remove specific music genres from Apple Music library. Curious if there is an alternative to Hazel Noodlesoft?

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