1. I remember when a single set of champ gear was $50,000. Now it's a bit less but not by much, and the biggest heroes are $11,000 each.

  2. Can't disagree with this post I've spent way to much and still no where near where I'd like to be, I'm addicted but I wish I never came across the game not only is it a money pit, you get lost in it for hours on end everyday. Its a love hate relationship

  3. Not to mention all the dead kingdoms and castles, they are not trying to bring the game back but squeeze thousands out of people with crap updates. But hey who wants a new hero for 5k?

  4. This post is too true. Bots are a serious issue that they just don't care about even with evidence. Me and my whole guild provided a ton and nothing happened.

  5. Lots of bots are getting banned, goes in waves. I have an Alt in a guild and 25 accounts disappeared at game reset about a week ago.

  6. Not me dumping thousands to get all mythic gear and p2p fams then they come out with the astralite crap and new gear 😭🤦🏼‍♀️ it's a money pit, I started playing in 2017 in k146 and its become so p2p I've lost all interest. Like playing f2p isn't even possible starting out.

  7. If you spend your money wisely you can advance for cheap compared to what it was like in the beginning. Back in the day you didnt have gem dealers everywhere or full bank sellers. You had to either gather rss or buy packs to get it. Talk $99 for a couple 100m of rss no rising champ packs you could only buy the $100 be a champ. Everything and i mean everything is so much cheaper now. Spend a couple bucks a week and save your speeds and chest up then you’ll see big progress.

  8. Are their any games you can recommend that are similar to games like lords mobile or rise of kingdoms that I can play as F2P. Or are their none?

  9. This game is all about self discipline. At end of the day this game is entertainment . Spend only what you budget for entertainment, don’t get caught up in think you will build the next big account . In reality if you are looking for a better account it will always be cheaper to just buy one

  10. To be honest I do feel like they’ve also added a few avenues for f2p to progress faster. They’ve just added more shit for p2p to keep the gap there, which if you are paying that much you should have that advantage.

  11. I believe the gap is huge now with these artifacts. Yeah perhaps you will get them all in 5 years, or not lol.

  12. Game of War was much worse than Lords. A whole different level of p2p, buy these packs, the more you buy the more you get. $5 pack gave 20 chests, $20 pack gave 100 chest, $50 pack gave 400 chests, $100 pack gave 1000 chests. Like lords you had to buy in order to unlock them but unlike lords you got more for the bigger packs. Oh and you bought gear that lasted an hour, that's right 1 fucking hour and then the gear was gone. Glad to of found lords.

  13. Uhm, is that what you get out reading this? If I ever get zeroed cause I drop shield or forget anti it’s my own fault! And I wouldn’t start a thread here crying about it… jeeees lmfao

  14. 1,4bil might and 700+ blasts. Seems you have spend plenty of money yourself and are just mad you can't compete with others who are in a position to spend more.

  15. I mean, he’s not really wrong about anything he said. Actually a pretty level headed post.

  16. Lmfao wtf u on 700% is worthless ur not even considered a backup lead now days let alone main lead very minimum to compete is deep 800% full pack 5 p2p heros then maybe u be okay to really

  17. I've R5d and raised 2 successful war guild and really you just gotta be ok being a filler no matter who you're surrounded by. We got leads that drop thousands and they're huge after a year of play. Also got leads that spent 10% of a rushed lead and has played for 5 years. Dont rush, take your time, and if you cant beat em, join em.

  18. As someone finding this game interesting doing a quick grind to get currency in another mobile game I appreciate this warning. Spent $1, I'll cut my losses now!

  19. Honestly they best thing to do that I found is just join a guild with a whale and be able to eat a few rallies. Then it’s not half bad

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