1. Iirc, a kill flash is more for reducing glare when looking at the scope from the front but a sunshade is for reducing glare for the shooter. So if you aren't shooting at an enemy the sunshade is probably more useful but it's your money and scope so do what makes you happy.

  2. Kill flash is more effective, but it reduces light getting into your optic making it harder to see when you need it most.

  3. I'mma be honest. I slapped a big ass sun shade on my first nice piece of glass cause it made it look bigger an, in my opinion, more badass!

  4. Mine lives on my scope because I'm in Arizona and we're somehow closer to the sun than everywhere else on Earth, but even if I weren't I'd use it because of your reason stated above.

  5. My Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24x59 FFL came with a sun shade but I thought the long tube looked clunky. I much prefer the flash kill.

  6. I hunt deer at dawn and dusk so the sun shade is critical in my experience. No need for the flash kill because the deer in my area don't shoot back often.

  7. Unless you’re using the rifle in an actual tactical environment and really need the flash kill, do whatever let’s more light into your scope, especially since it’s a diamondback.

  8. Could you post a picture of what it looks Like when you’re aiming? I’ve never see one of these in person before and I’m curious.

  9. When looking through the scope, at the target, the kill flash is not visible at any magnification. It is impossible to ascertain that there is a kill flash at all without coming off the scope and looking at the front of the objective lens.

  10. I recommend to not use either until you experience a time when you need it. I believe the majority of sun shade users think they need it even though they probably don’t. What most shooters do need is better light gathering capability near dawn/dusk/clouds and the scope shade will only make the scope less effective at gathering light. As far as a kill flash they will reduce glare at the cost of reduced image quality. The nice aspect of a kilt lash is that it’s more minimalistic than a sun shade. Good luck with your setup and at the end of the day you’re the one who determines what’s best for your preferences.

  11. My vote is a sunshade (unless you’re in a Ghillie Suit on one of them two way ranges and worried about giving away your location with the glare).

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