1. Travis Baldree absolutely owns Frank the Bearded Ax. Top tier LitRPG with a great pick for narrator.

  2. Just purchased the audio, it’s not listed under the ripple system series of books yet. Might want to check that out.

  3. Thanks so much! Yeah it just went live about a half hour ago, weirdly enough the series links seem to take a bit to hook in :D

  4. haven't read 2 or 3 yet... I'm hoping for a MC and House romance... call me odd but it is what it is.

  5. Best news ever I didn't even know book 3 was close to being out!!! This is my favorite litrpg series!!! I own over 110 books on audible too haha! Time to stop my current and jump in!!! Fank is the best character ever!!

  6. Won't be able to purchase until next week, so I'd love to hit a code in the meantime if possible! Thanks Kyle - you're awesome.

  7. Bought it first thing, I'm currently working through Super Powereds, (book 4), but as soon as I'm through with it, it's time for a relisten of the previous two then on to main event, I picked up the first book on audible days after it came out, I was still brand new to this genre and I still haven't just stumbled upon something this good since then, I can't wait for whats in store keep up the good work!

  8. Congrats on the book, really love the series. It's tough to do VR LitRPG right, and you have really nailed it here.

  9. Don’t want a code just want to say these books are an incredible addition to the LitRPG genre! The AI is great, House is fantastic, and the entire world system you put together is great! Excited to add this to my Audible library!

  10. Hey just an FYI I just bought the audible and it isn't in Amazon as same series as the other two, you might want to update that as it made it harder for me to find it. Much love just about to start it

  11. Yuuup this has updated! For whatever reason it usually takes a couple hours for the series to hook in even though it was showing on the ebook side immediately

  12. Wife and I might have to plan a road trip just to have a reason to listen to a book we both enjoy

  13. Just finished it, loved it! Didn’t want it to end. Such a great series. I need so much more of this!! 😁

  14. Gotcha entered! We don’t make any money off codes but they do help with the algorithm (they count as sales that help it sync) and the early reviews are nice

  15. Picked it up on audio and going to listen at work this coming week. Interested to see how it goes especially since it is no longer the conclusion.

  16. yayy cant wait. currently on the latest dungeon crawler carl, next I have the latest HWFWM, next the latest completionist, but then I had a gap, now I know how to fill it! I’ll see you (or hear you) in two weeks 🥰

  17. Hey! Short question, do you have a recap of book 1&2 somewhere? It's too long since the last book and I would really appreciate one. Do you have a website where you post a recap or anything similar?

  18. Saw the post title and immediately hoped over to audible to pick it up. Just finished Dreadgod, so the timing of this was perfect! Congrats on the audio/ebook launch - easily one of my favorite series!

  19. Super excited about this one. I'm only about an hour in right now but I'm loving it! Is this the final book or is there going to be more to the series?

  20. Came here to read the comments to see if the series was good. I would love a US code but I'm still gonna start with book one regardless. Thanks for posting

  21. Just finished this after rereading books one and two, still one of my favorite series so far. Also I love how long every book has been. Really let’s me sink into the world

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