1. That's awesome to hear. I really like the direction of improving the lower level structures for better performance (and features like FSR or state saving from emulators)

  2. I wish that one day those Linux news sites can stop producing a title that uses words that are as vague as "huuuuuge"... even if the source described it as so. Some people may deem (for example) 50% increase as huge, others may not.

  3. any news website won't make a title that will make it so there's no need to click on the link to the full news article. Every news title these days is something like "you can't live without these 3 features coming to Gnome" or "A major feature is being removed from the Fedora MESA driver"

  4. Dude, this is just a report that a commit happened including the commit message in the title. He even put it in quotes for you...

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