1. It's already open source. Patches for Alchemist support in the kernel and Mesa have been in progress for months now.

  2. I watched the intel guy in LTT podcast and the intel guy says there, something like, yes it will be open. (timestamped link here or

  3. Dude even their flagship GPU is going to BARELY be an upgrade over a 1080 Ti assuming they are able to have their drivers be completely ready-for-prime-time and can get the max perf the hardware is capable of. Which is absolutely, 100% NOT going to happen, it's legitimately just about impossible. It would be about zero chance for a brand new dedicated GPU maker to be able to pull that off no matter who it was, but we have already heard a shitload of reports that Intel has had struggles with getting their WINDOWS drivers in order, and obviously having their Windows drivers be up to par is about 20X more of a priority to Intel than the Linux drivers.

  4. So in other words, with these new dGPUs, Intel is prioritizing Linux (and Mesa) over other operating systems. It's not surprising, because the Intel team was asking about Linux gaming on Reddit a while ago, if I'm not mistaken.

  5. It'll be open source. Intel is usually pretty hassle-free on Linux, to their credit. In fact, they're the most consistently Linux friendly company out of the three vendors.

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