1. I haven't done much modding of Skyrim in Linux because it's kind of a hassle. That said, maybe Engine Fixes mod can help here?

  2. I mean to be fair, even when I ran skyrim se on windows, alt tabbing would crash the game. Its a Bethesda game and very buggy and unstable.

  3. All other bethesda games are fine, currently playing fallout 3, nv, 4, oblivion, etc, all without issue. Even the original skyrim but I asked around and running original would have limitations, mainly around it being 32 bit and most modders moving to SE as the standard version. There are tons of reports that the game runs fine and no issue with alt+tabbing, and I have played the game myself before without this issue, so there is some solution out there other than throwing my hands up and giving up just because it is a bethesda game.

  4. I don't like playing in windowed games, i want fullscreen, i know literally zero gamers that would accept playing immersive games in a windowed game. I used to be able to tell some games to do a 1920X1080 window and then I would undecorate the toolbar and move the window into the correct position, basically emulating borderless fullscreen, but for some reason it has changed now that the toolbar is included in the 1920x1080 and when undecorating it reduces the window size by the size of the toolbar, leaving a glaring border on the top or bottom.

  5. I don't know if this is helpful to know or not, but I used to get Skyrim crashes when tabbing out and back in on Windows 7. The workaround was to not alt-tab back in, but click the symbol in the taskbar and only then alt-tab back in (only clicking the taskbar icon would not tab back in on its own). When I did that, no crashes. When I forgot to do it, goodbye it meant.

  6. I have to restart my pc if I alt tab out and leave it. Try to go back in and it stops responding, icons on desktop don't respond, have to ctrlaltdel and then restart. Also, I can't change my pc volume level in game so if I wanna switch like from my headset to my headphones I gotta alt tab out which will freeze my whole pc damn near. Only game that does it I have the anniversary edition and like, the 4 mods that everyone has.

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