1. I’m a bit confused- are you smashing it with your knuckle? Or is there a third finger I am not seeing? Or maybe flicking it with your middle 2 fingers?

  2. I tried to flick it but missed. I said you can kill any fly not every fly lol. I probably should've just titled it, how to make a fly freeze in place or something.

  3. I like grabbing the air right above them since they always fly up and right into your palm. Then you shake hand vigorously and slam that nasty thing on the floor.

  4. Interesting, I just try to flick it but usually miss. My buddy showed me this year's ago and I always thought it was interesting, like Mr. Miagi without the chopsticks

  5. Haha I do the same thing, sometimes I throw them against a window and then they fall on the sill and wig out a bit before flying off or dying.

  6. I do this all the time. Position your palm from behind them, and swoop right over them and snatch them in your hand as they fly up. I used to throw them against the wall, but now I just release them outside.

  7. In college, we used to see how many we could snatch out of the air and then shake em up and rock them into something. Awesome beer drinking activity.

  8. Oh he lived another day or two, I missed. After that close of a call I decided to let him live out his life in peace.

  9. The trick is to move slow, because they perceive time 2 times slower than us moving slow enough they cant really tell you're approaching.

  10. 9/10 times it just sits there. They move so fast they don't think, they react. When something approaches them at the same time from both sides they short circuit. (Totally guessing before someone freaking fact checks me lol)

  11. 2 squirts of a 50/50 solution of Dawn dishwashing liquid (original - blue) and plain water from a spray bottle, kills them in seconds where they stand. No blood, no guts, vacuum them up, no touch, wipe clean the soapy area left w/paper towel, done! No poisons, no residue, simple.

  12. I thought he was throwing up gang signs not horns, got nervous and missed. Pretty sure he's still roaming the hood

  13. Test it out then, it's not that hard to verify. I didn't kill that one, I missed. But the video proves it's easily doable for fucks sake

  14. I love the ruler trick: hold it vertical, with the fly near the last third of the length of the ruler, then push your hand down on the ruler. Sends the ruler down faster than the fly can react and keeps your hand clean.

  15. You are very welcome. Appreciate the nice comment. Apparently some people here take the take information pretty serious. It actually works though

  16. I can light flies on fire with a lighter, that's a party trick. Usually just burns their wings but sometimes you get a flaming flier.

  17. It's a cool trick. I should have just kept My hand close it and posted a video saying I domesticated a fly 😆

  18. For a creature that can move in 3 dimensions you’d think being surrounded on two sides would just get them to dodge by flying up or something

  19. Imagine a fly letting you put your hand that close to it to begin with, is it drunk, flies usually don’t just sit there

  20. It's strange. For the fly, the hands with two fingers raised must a some kind of an animal. How the fly stay paralyzed?

  21. It's the speed not the technique necessarily. Flys don't have depth perception so if you go slow they can't tell you are coming at them very well

  22. It’s just the angle you’re coming at. Directly above/behind the fly is their blind spot. Just slowly move your hand till it’s right above, then splat

  23. The real tip is to get yourself a nerfgun with foamdarts so you'll also have a fun time yourself on your killing spree.

  24. If you spread your fingers apart and clap right above a fly, the fly will almost always fly vertically into the clap. Something to do with air pressure changes.

  25. I prefer the clap above method (flies must fly up before they can fly forward). Stuns them rather than squishes them so no guts to deal with

  26. I totally missed though. I'm a huge animal lover but insects are different. That being said, I wouldn't kill something like a praying mantis. Those are the dolphins of the insect world, Flys not so much

  27. I killed a fly by throwing a playing card once. It was sitting about four feet away on the top of a sprite can. First card missed second hit and I found his body just to confirm. I couldn’t believe it, I’m still proud of that moment. I felt like Maverick

  28. That looks interesting, but it can’t be as much fun as chasing a fly around with the small, sparking, tennis racket to get that satisfying fly pop-crack-sizzle sound 😜

  29. Lol that's true, but anyone can kill a fly that way. It takes a true redneck to kill them bare handed.

  30. Lol I've had my tattoos for so long I literally forget about them. Mostly posted that out of boredom tbh. It got like 5 times the likes and comments of anything else I've ever posted here so I think I'm gonna make this a weekly thing. Season finale I'll try to flick a bear to death

  31. This trick and when I learned you can use your skull to amplify the signal and distance on your car alarm by placing your keys under your chin, they changed My life.

  32. I have a similar method where I bring both hands slowly together over the fly from two sides, then clap my hands. The fly invariably flies directly up into my hands. Bingo, bango, bongo...dead fly.

  33. I expected a flick and was confused when the video abruptly ended. Thanks for the hack, stranger!

  34. I just slap it fast enough. Almost mastered this secret technique but sometimes it doesn't completely die because i dont want to get my hands or walls dirty.

  35. Just clap ur hands right above them real quick. Avoid the guts on your hand. They fly straight up. GIVE THEM THE CLAP….

  36. I like using rubber bands. I've become decent at shooting them from some distanse, record is between 15-20 feet. Only downside is cleaning up the splat gets difficult sometimes

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