1. Also also how to piss off someone who's two blocks away but can still hear the terrible scraping while they are trying to work. Is there sound on this? I clicked the little unmute icon, but it didn't make a difference. My brain filled in with some truly awful and loud scraping and screeching sounds.

  2. Someone tested this for this one german show called galileo, and it isn't too effective if the can has a brim, for a lack of a better word. You will be better off finding some sharp instrument in this case. They tried this for 30 mins to an hour, to insignificant results. This is metal, something hard, against cobcrete, something not so hard and more brittle. Eventually, it will work, but is it worth it?

  3. We used to do this as kids. With soda cans before they were aluminum. After we drank the soda. You get 5 of em, scrape the top and bottoms off, duct tape them together to make a tube. Then duct tape that tube to a final can that simply has a nail hole in the bottom. Spray lighter fluid in the tube. Push a tennis ball in the tube and spray with some more lighter fluid. Point the “cannon” not at your friends 😉 and light a match near the nail hole. Fun for days. (Until the bully on the block comes and steals it from you)

  4. It’s not that hard. I’ve done this, and it is about as fast as in the video, but the problem is that most things in cans are also full of water which all leaks out while the can is upside down and you are scraping it. So by the time the can is open you’ve made a giant mess and lost half of what you were trying to eat.

  5. Usually you'd have either a hatchet or thick bladed knife camping. Either of those work fine. Hell you can break a rock and use that.

  6. In the UK at least, can have a top with a brim, and a bottom which is a soft ridge. The bottom works, because your filing off the top of the ridge.

  7. If there's concrete, I would assume you are in a city and can just go buy a can opener. How does this help someone in the backwoods, or in the desert or something?

  8. I live next to a shop, I can't buy anything from it though because my bank is almost 0. So ye, for some people this isn't possible. Don't be a dick, not everyone has disposable income. I've been to a food bank before and been given tinned food because it's cheap but had no tin opener. Don't be stuck up please.

  9. Reminds me of that one vlogger years ago who was trying to do this trick but ended up with a can of tuna full of dirt and looking like he's gonna drop dead any second

  10. So I’m lost in the woods with a can of whatever. And I realize I forgot the can opener, so I simply go up to the concrete curb in the woods and…. Voila!

  11. I tried this myself once. As others mentioned, yes you do get dirt and debris in the can. A big issue is it is nearly impossible to get the entire brim to ablade uniformly. If the can contains some liquid, it will start to spill out as soon as one segment of the brim opens.

  12. I have a set of rules I try to follow, rule number one I’d always carry a knife.I can’t fit the life of me think why I would ever need to open a can in a parking lot

  13. Looks like you gotta put real elbow grease into this. Kroger has can openers for $3. If I couldn't get to Kroger, I'd just stab that bad boy with a knife.

  14. Imagine walking outside of your apartment block and a massive section of the asphalt road is completely smooth and some guy with a can is just continuing it, saying he needs to feed his family

  15. Considering the amount of time this takes the real life hack would be to go to the store and by a damn can opener. Like why buy tinned food without a ring pull if you don't have a can opener

  16. I think the OP got this backwards. I feel a can opener is a lifehack so you won't have to go outside and rub your can against a sidewalk.

  17. I always had the fear of having a can of meat without a can opener, so I bought more can openers than canned food and hid them secretly. I bought super expensive leathermans over the years too. This is somehow putting my mind at ease. Guess I’m mental.

  18. Wow, lots of people complaining. This is an actual life hack. Do it often? No. But really need to open that can? This will work. Notice he directs you to the side of the can that does not have the ridge.

  19. Wow what a hack! I'll ditch the can opener which is right in my kitchen and instead find the nearest pavement and spend 5 minutes scrapping a can outside, god forbid it's raining...really?

  20. I wish I'd known this trick the night when I was baked to the tits and had the munchies so bad that I resorted to opening a can of crappy mandarin orange slices with a hammer and chisel.

  21. This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever seen. The fact that it even got upvotes is cringe. This sub is so shit now

  22. So when trapped in the concrete jungle, I can survive with out a can opener. Hard to imagine that the concrete jungle wouldn’t be able to provide a can opener.

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