1. Altima drivers turning the road into a life and death situation for everybody else to get to their destination 3 minutes earlier:

  2. To be fair the biker is Chad-lier. With a bicycle you actually have to move your legs to make it work and build killer quads, plus when you do it enough you don't even feel the air around you. Drivirgins just sit in for hours getting fatter and need a windshield because they're pussies.

  3. Those aren’t bikers those are cyclists. Bikers are the chaddest of chads because they literally ride at 100 mph with nothing to protect them like those bitch bags in cars.

  4. Whoa whoa whoa. Don’t call them bikers. Those are cyclists not f’ing bikers. Bikers have the testosterone the equivalent of a thousand of those soyboys.

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