1. This right here. Buy some dirt or get some for free on Craigslist and make your own berm and put up some ar steel targets. Fuck the nra

  2. Yeah I only have 2 acres but with a really high creek bank on the edge of my property. Longest shot I can get is 15 yards on my own property but works fine for testing loads and handguns. The 2 old guys behind me aren’t crazy about it (neither is my wife or dogs) but I try to be respectful and do it in the middle of weekday when no one else is around, and keep the sessions short. I’m definitely getting a can in the future.

  3. If/when this happens to me, I plan to take the amount I’m forced to donate to the NRA and then donate triple that amount to the DNC.

  4. I had to get an NRA membership when I joined my club, but I did a 1-year basic and then never renewed. That was 8 years ago and my club has never asked again for proof, and most people I shoot with did the same.

  5. A lot of older clubs have nra requirements as carry overs from before the proliferation of gun safety and training. Others are just fudds

  6. So from what I understand, the funds from memberships are NOT used for the political wing bullshit. They are specifically used for the instructor, safety, and membership maintenance stuff so you don’t have to feel too bad about it.

  7. Not sure that I trust the organization that is funneling dark money to politicians to be honest about what they use their membership fees for.

  8. Look... i love to hate the nra. The reality is that, aside from their shitty lobbying, fear mongering, and incredibly unwise use of money, they fund ALOT of local ranges under the stipulation that membership is required.

  9. That instructor thing is truth. I am an RSO and rated for rifle, shotgun, and pistol as an instructor. I do it because the Boy Scouts only accept NRA credentials.

  10. Read up on the difference between the NRA and the NRA-ILA and you may feel less bad about your dues going to the NRA. Also, you can try to change the range rules. I've been asking at my range every chance I get about removing the NRA requirement and apparently I wasn't the only one because it was put to a member vote this past fall. It failed, but the fact that it at least made it to a vote gives me hope.

  11. Look up the style card from 20 years ago, print up one of the "lifetime" ones and say you got it as a kid, beat it up some. If the numbers don't check out just laugh and say "yeah it's old, sometimes that happens".

  12. I bit the bullet and signed up for the shortest NRA membership possible in order to join my local gun club. Since then I have let my NRA membership lapse and continued my club membership with no problems. Gotta say it’s been absolutely worth it in my case.

  13. I bit the bullet and joined the NRA so I could join my local club. Then enough members got together and changed the bylaws so that you have to be a member of one of three orgs.

  14. If local laws allow it just build your own. Run whatever drills you want, have friends over, never deal with fuds or anything of the sort.

  15. It might be worth asking if membership in another gun rights/advocacy group would work as well. My range has NRA membership listed on the website but they’re ok with other groups.

  16. They all require it where I live, with the exception of the range in the national forest. It’s a bit of a ride out to the forest, so I paid for a single year of the NRA membership just to get into a closer range. That was three years ago and while I keep up with range dues, I let the NRA subscription die but not before I used their (admittedly well made) sticker for target practice.

  17. There’s one that’s a 5 minute walk from my house (Malden MA) that requires this too. Debating whether I should join or not

  18. I bought a Taurus pt111 a few years back and it came with a free NRA membership. Maybe if you want a Taurus like a Gx4 or something you might get lucky. I don’t know if Taurus and the NRA are still doing that offer.

  19. That really sucks I’ve never heard of a gun range that requires a membership to the NRA. At least here. The gun club my husband and I go to definitely doesn’t require it and I agree with you I would never join that corrupt conservative lobby anyway.

  20. Generally going to a range is funding the NRA unfortunately. I believe they are the largest supplier of liability insurance for ranges via NRA Range Services.

  21. How do you expect the NRA to change without being a member? Used to be NRA membership wasn't synonymous with "right wing." Only way to get back there is for more left leaning people to join.

  22. I’m in California (where almost half of my state is MAGA but thankfully the ranges near me aren’t extremely Right Wing as they are elsewhere).

  23. I've found most clubs do but not the public ranges you pay per session. So I've stuck with just not joining anything as of now

  24. I’ve run into this and it’s annoying if there aren’t any other equivalent ranges nearby that don’t require it. What’s beyond annoying is the literature and mail you’ll never stop getting. Fuck I still get it occasionally and I’ve moved twice and haven’t been a member at the range that requires it for a few years.

  25. ... and that is weird. I belong to an old school gun club and they absolutely detest the NRA. They said at the last meeting the NRA wants to give clubs money and then tell them how to operate... nobody tells these old timers what to do.

  26. Two options: join up and try to reclaim the organization (good luck) or use your own land to lawfully and safely build your own range. It could be an oasis from the right-dominated environment of other ranges. That would be super cool. I would do just that (I’m on 5 acres too) but the city we are on the edge of recently passed an ordinance banning shooting outside of ranges. If people aren’t doing it safely (a lot of people weren’t) it shouldn’t be happening.

  27. Ah. I haven't been a member anywhere for a long time, usually just shoot in the backyard in the UP ;)

  28. Kind’ve unrelated, but DT Jr. visited the range a couple miles from my house here in Michigan during the 2016 election campaign. My wife and I laughed. I don’t think DT Jr. has ever shot a gun that wasn’t handed to him just before a flock of ducks were let out of nearby confinement. I might be off base, but he’s a total fraud nonetheless.

  29. The practical side of the NRA is absolutely necessary and worthy of your money. It is fully separate from the political wing, and in many places (like yours!) the NRA is the sole provider of safe range spaces and quality training.

  30. I despise the NRA for a whole list of reasons, not the least of which is that Wayne LaPierre lines his pockets with dues. And the NRA's lawyers get paid from the dues to defend the NRA for allowing Wayne LaPierre to steal member's dues. They've declared bankruptcy over this. They tried to move their headquarters to Texas to get away from New York law over this. This is just one reason to avoid the NRA.

  31. I’m an avid shooter, 40+ years on various ranges, and have never encountered a range requiring nra membership.

  32. There are some ranges where anyone can walk up and shoot, but you pay through the nose. If you want reasonable rates you have to be a member of the club, and that requires NRA membership.

  33. Indoor ranges usually don't require membership, but are sorta ridiculously expensive. So I only go to sight in my rifles before deer season, before I start on coyotes, and might go once if i get a wild hair up my ass to shoot and it's raining or something. Sometimes i'll go handgun shooting with a friend that owns a Desert Eagle because they're fun as fuck when you aren't paying for .50 action express in today's market.

  34. Are you really this stupid? You tell the to go bugger off. If they persist you sue the hell out of them. Or simply cuck shame them to be beholden to a Political Organization.

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