1. There's more guns then people in the US. If you banned guns there's no confiscation measures that would actually work in theory.

  2. They're also one of the key reasons our country was able to be founded. I also believe in the longer arc of history the mere existence of them in citizen's hands prevents against invasion and genocide. In much of Western Europe with the gradual process of reform from monarchies, they seem to still have this feeling of a higher parental figure form of government. At the end of the day, we ultimately have a collective responsibility to look after ourselves here. If Europeans have paid any attention to American news over the past couple of years regarding law enforcement issues, they should understand that too. We have a different social contract with our federal and state governments than they do. It's baked into the system.

  3. I always address it from mental health statistics. People who are throwing out school shootings as a stat are preying on what the media portrays. A majority of.gun violence is self inflicted - its suicide.

  4. I already submitted my comment there, but for many there’s no way to get to them. Large subs have lots of anti gun individuals and Europeans who’s only interaction with firearms is seeing shooting headlines in the news and Proud Boys carrying them at protests. It’s understandable why they think this way.

  5. You remind them that England ruled over most of the world with the threat of violent force. They colonized countless peoples and destroyed their indigenous culture, language, and religion. It may be arms that cause unfortunate events, but they also allowed for worldwide liberty and freedom. We became no longer under the rule of monarchs and the systems of lords and barons. Would schools be safer with such things more restricted and banned? Probably. But we should inquire with India and Poland (abandoned in WWII to the fascists and Commies) and see if they have any Brit trust issues.

  6. Nothing anymore. I frankly don't care if people like this want to voluntarily disarm themselves and are too dense to see that the institutions can't save them.

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