1. my religion doesn’t allow me 😡😡😡☯️☯️☯️ i want you to respect my religion when I don’t respect you as a person 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 and all the religious people who are lgtv allies are FAKE 👎👎👎🛐🛐🛐

  2. I suspect they may have been trying to understand homophobia. One of my closest friends is of that "bi people are confused straights or gays in denial mindset," which is fruste. But asking why, I did discover it wasn't something like "bi is just unnatural, I can't believe in it."

  3. Acephobia is far less intense and dangerous than homophobia, but I encounter it ALL THE TIME even living in one of the gayest towns in America. People really just don’t understand

  4. They made it no longer 17/18 in some states? (My state the legal age of consent is also 16 so doesn’t affect me but I didn’t realise they made all states 16?)

  5. Not the exact same thing, but I completely get what you mean, has happened to me too. It's stupid that people judge another person solely based on their avatar/profile picture or name. I never take part in posts that say "let me rate your profile picture" anymore because I usually get a very low number, just because it's a picrew avatar with my flag in the background. I'm really sorry they downvoted you, that's really unfair :/ People are dumb

  6. It could be homophobia but it could also be the reddit hive mind that redditors have, sometimes they just downvote comments for no reasons, especially in threes, and if you said others gave the same response, I'm inclined to believe that it's the hivemind rather than homophobia, not to say there aren't any on homophobics on the platform, but it seems less likely

  7. I saw another post on there, that was trying to validate white people being oppressed. so I’m honestly not surprised by what u experienced. Try not to let stuff like that, get to you because people like that aren’t worth the stress.

  8. There are assholes everywhere in social media, including reddit. Fuck the down votes. They don't really mean shit in the real world :)

  9. Big subs are riddled with homophobia and transphobia. Just today I saw someone with over 20 downvotes for saying transitioning isn't mutilation.

  10. Been in a similar situation, except reddit full on deleted a post of me and my boyfriend without any warning/ban reason.

  11. Many reddit mods and admins outside of this subreddit and a handful of other subreddits just abuse their power and removing posts only because they did not liked it and giving no reason or a dumb not true reason. It is because many of them are just childs that can not handle their power correctly but in the other hand it is hard to find people that have time and are old enough too. Some mods and/or admin removed some posts of me too for no reason that is why I do not post much posts and comment more. And if I post only on subreddits where the mods and admins are not just like this and removing everything they don‘t just like.

  12. I must say I even think because of the other post that the person wasn't the person who down voted. Because why should you ask that if you self hate LGBT+?

  13. Yea unfortunately by allowing upvotes and down votes openly and by random people it means that if someone else doesn’t like what you post then they can reduce your vote’s which isn’t right especially if there’s really no justification for doing so save for Someone’s own insecurities and biases.

  14. I was told to k-y-s because I commented on a random gore post and was talking about gore but my avatar was wearing a rainbow jacket like she normally does

  15. Some folks are pure assholes. But we all want validation. That is so human. But the internet allows Chuds to do it in private, so you get the worst people.

  16. Brings me back to the time I was downvoted and insulted for saying trans women can compete in women’s sport. They argued with me until I stated I wasn’t NBY which led to them downvoting me even more and harassing me. The way they viewed me didn’t change until I said that which just says so much ab them. Oh, the world we live In

  17. Dont take anyone persons opinion to seriously theres alot of ppl that get it wrong and will follow other people even when their clearly wrong especially on the internet

  18. I got downvoted yesterday for saying that making your child’s transition about yourself is wrong. Didn’t know that was even a hot take.

  19. Exactly. I won’t hitch my self-esteem to social media comments or downvotes. It’s a recipe for unhappiness. Put down your phone and take your elderly neighbour’s dog for a walk, or have a banana and read something useful. Reddit has its uses, but its a blunt tool.

  20. I’m tired of that subreddit… When we don’t reply “they don’t need our support” when we ask for it “but it’s just a bit to make people feel better about themselves” when we explain our situation “even if I don’t think it’s natural or it’s gross I ignore it and not be homophobic!!!” And when we get upset “they don’t stand for equality, they act like nationalists do” … I can’t believe this. Just let’s all go live on the moon, cmon folks pack ur bags let’s go 🚀

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