1. I had my two Leo’s for a over decade (the oldest one recently passed at nearly 20 years old kisses fist and points to heaven), and they never knew the other existed. I kept their tanks directly above each other on a shelf. I actually never knew that they shouldn’t be introduced, but I’m glad to know now lol

  2. Geckos are solitary creatures! This will be a stressful situation and a fight for dominance that can end very poorly

  3. Yeah, probably a bad idea for them to meet. They can get aggressive with one another and one may lose toes or get bitten.

  4. Best not too. In the end it's just causing unnecessary stress. I would understand if it was for Leo breeding, but as just social interaction. Best just not have to worry about anything happening by keeping them seperate.

  5. Don't let them meet if they are both males. If both females there is less likely a chance of a fight. However it's still never considered a good idea to bring geckos around each other. Leo's aren't very social. There is some breeds that do good with more then one. For instance Chinese cave geckos I hear have been quite successful with living In the same enclosure.

  6. The one one the couch is almost a year old and is female and the one on me is 3 months and Idk the gender yet. But yes, I won’t introduce them with each other (:

  7. If it’s two males, definitely not, and I wouldn’t even do it with two females ether, only time they can be kept together is if they were around each other sense birth

  8. Do not!!!! I made this mistake when I got my first two and my larger gecko ripped ofd the others tail. I felt so bad. 😪 I've come a long way as a leopard gecko owner.

  9. I sometimes let mine sit next to each other to take a photo, but never when I’m alone. I always have someone help we wrangle them and they are never allowed to get super close to one another.

  10. Don’t do it they will fight, my dad did this and one ate the others tail many times and made it permanently baby sized and then it died.

  11. If you have two plastic reptile carriers, that might be a safe way to introduce them to each other. Just not in an uncontrolled environment.

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