1. You’re not the only one looking for this shirt, seems there’s a lot of people online that want it. I think Etsy or EBay would be your best shot.

  2. I personally would not recommend walking around with a guy in a Nazi costume on your shirt. Lots of other cool designs of Jimmy are available on the internet, though!!

  3. I do not know what was the point he was making at the time, but I do not like this. People could be rebellious different ways, but wearing an SS uniform is not one of those.

  4. It doesn't even seem real. The necks on that Gibson are parallel and should not have those weird angles like that. It almost looks like they found a picture of someone with an SG and then double exposured or photoshopped it to give it double neck.

  5. Damn that's crazy! The exact same pic used and everything. Unfortunately it seems like no one could find it but we could custom print one. Which is lame imo but i appreciate your help!

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