1. Elections for Speaker of Parliament happen in 3 rounds. First round, the candidate must get 65 votes (aka 1/2 + 1).

  2. Yes , jad should go against everything he believes in , show support for a plan hes completely against, and lose the trust of the supporters he had just to make a statement and postpone berri getting elected for 15 mins

  3. It doesn’t matter, all the Shi’ites were HezbAmal, and they didn’t even put forward an alternate candidate. I already knew the parliament speaker was a lost cause, so I don’t really care. The real fight begins with PM and will continue through president and cabinet because each side will actually have candidates they want to see, unlike PS where it was pretty much “Berri”. I don’t like that Berri won, but I was mentally prepared so I honestly don’t care.

  4. If he sold himslef to get in the list i wouldn't have support him like many other. We not a cult like the tayyar we have values. If jad worked with samy and antoun sehnauoi, i would have considered him an opponent.

  5. Jad just doesn't believe in the kataeb, and there's nothing wrong with that, had there been less cheating which is the real argument, maybe something would have been different esp in baalbak region, but i still feel berri would have won anyway, he would have just needed to convince one more person, he knows exactly who voted he had the thing in the bag.

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