1. It's definitely a weird dynamic. Like Bjergsen and Doublelift should definitely be the passengers on this team. Theoretically this team needs to enable Tenacity to pressure lane, and Busio will need to leave lane to make plays with Closer early. Also in the botlane, it'll probably be about Doublelift keeping up with Busio in lane and not the other way around lol.

  2. Bjergsen at least makes sense, he's had a year now to get back into form. I don't get why any team trying to win would even consider DL, and that's as a fan. My man plays so little league that he decayed from challenger to diamond, yet he's playing pro in less than 2 months from now? I'm assuming they got unforgiven in academy as back up in case DL is very clearly washed and isn't working out. Still feels like a strange decision from 100T to take the risk though considering FBI was better than DL even in 2020 when he hadn't taken 2 years off pro play.

  3. I've been OOTL for a while. Last I heard, DL stole money from teammates and essentially fled the country. Was that somehow resolved or did everyone forget about it..?

  4. Bjerg has a lot of doubters right now, and I don't blame those people. But (as a biased 100T fan) this roster design has me super hyped. Busio and Tenacity are young talented players and surrounding them with veterans seems like a recipe for success!

  5. Holy shit how can Twitch clips can be such a pain in the ass to watch in the year 2022, its beyond me.

  6. Don’t see anything said about it but I think it’s cool for Wooloo to give credit to Travis on the anticipation

  7. Doublelift and Bjerg back together is gonna be so much fun. Really excited for double/busio botlane. Hoping DL can reach too form again and be a good influence on Busio

  8. Would be insane if DL gets back into 2019 form and guides Busio with that level of play. I feel like this team has a lot of potential, we just have to see how much they use.

  9. Feels weird to see Bjerg already on 2 different teams in less than a year. Always thought he was gonna be like Faker and stay on one team for his whole career. but then i remember that T1 is good and TSM is not

  10. He already started his career on a different team in EU though before TSM. So kind of different than Faker

  11. He didn't start on TSM so it already wouldn't have been the same. Faker also started on what was in essence supposed to be the B team back when Korea had sister teams.

  12. Never compare him to Faker. At best he’s at Jiizuke level. There’s a reason orgs don’t want him; he does nothing for the team.

  13. Closer over Spica is the right move. idk how good Tenacity will be in the LCS but if he lives up to the hype this team will be nuts

  14. nothing nuts about this team. DL hasnt played in two years, their supp is an academy player and bjerg looked average last year. Plus dont know what youre getting from tenacity

  15. theres a lot more uncertainties than just tenacity for this team, theres potential for them to win a title but imo they're far from favorites and can still fall short even if everything goes right

  16. Im really curious to see if DL can keep his up his streak of winning every split he's fully played since Summer '16. Obviously its a little bit of a disingenious streak seeing as he sat out Spring'17 and Spring'20 and hasnt played the last 4 splits, but this will really test his plot armor. Excited to see 100T academy prospects also getting used. Feels like the right step for NA in a way but also could see it not going so well.

  17. Since the roster is pretty much set, who’s going to be coach? (EDIT: forgot about it being Kaas, though I'm not sure if that was official. Any loremasters on Kaas aside from being former MAD coach?) DL and Bjergsen have a strong opinion on how to play the game but I’m hoping they’re guided by someone who’s game smart enough to counter them logically if need be. But I’m hoping for the best still for the roster, excited to see how far they go!

  18. It's kaas from mad lions. Jungle juice their new GM explained how it was important for their coach to know shit. Simplified the tested his in game knowledge so that at least shouldn't be a problem.

  19. I like it. Closer can be really aggressive and a good carry jungler. Bjerg on TL was more comfortable playing an "enabler" playstyle. I think this will mesh really nicely

  20. people dog on doublelift so much. im hopeful about his return to form if he does end up coming back. he definitely still has the mechanics.

  21. He has been keeping up with his stuff and grining CQ more than most pros so that's something to give him credit for at the very least.

  22. Idk, he wasn’t exactly smashing champs q. People dog on him because he shits on the league so much, but I guess now we’ll get to see him out his money where his mouth is

  23. This is a team that gets swept at worlds pretty easily. Bjergsen and DL are worse than they used to be and they used to get spanked at worlds.

  24. I know why people are hyped up for DL but I think they are going to be massively disappointed. Watching from CQ and his last LCS split I dont have too much faith in him being the same player he used to be. Maybe i'll be wrong. Also on a side note I feel like the dynamic is going to be a bit odd for Tenacity, with him being very young and gen z like surrounded by a lot of older and more established people is probably going to be wierd at times.

  25. You’re high out of your mind. DL alone already makes this a title contender. Last time he won lcs with a team half this good

  26. He's been playing champ queue religiously since he retired. I think if anything he's gonna come back more refreshed with a better view of the game since he played with so many different supports in champs queue and watched every LCS game as a spectator.

  27. I didn't think Doublelift would come back without being paid big bucks. Is 100T breaking the bank like Liquid did making a "super" team? I hope they do well, win the seasons, and make worlds unlike what happened with Liquid.

  28. Doublelift stated many times that he is OK with joining a team with lower salary as long as the team is competitive.

  29. Am I the only one not really excited to see DL and Bjerg play? It's like seeing Allen Iverson and Tracy McGrady announce they are playing for the Rockets this year. Sure it sells tickets but both are past their prime and both have a long history of burnout. I think last year 100T would crush this year's 100T

  30. Again, intentionally NA will never win anything and the league is losing in popularity to other esports that Americans are better at - like Valorant and OW2.

  31. not like NA will make an impact at worlds anyway, just let the old fans have their nostalgia, this will bring more viewership than most other rosters anyway

  32. Yes, last year's 100T is better than 2023 100T. But their plan was not to build a better team, it's to build a foundation for years to come in the LCS.

  33. agreed im also not so hype that they re gonna be coaching young talent in the wrong direction. since imo these 2 have the most defeatist attitude

  34. You say that like DL and Bjerg are going to be bottom 5 players in the league. With Danny gone, the only adc that’s likely going to be better than him is Berserker. The same with Bjerg, especially if the meta shifts back to mages.

  35. This is very much a fan service roster for 100T getting players with huge fanbases like DL and Bjerg combined with up and coming NA talent will probably make them one of if not the most popular team this year plus they got a strong shot at winning LCS on paper at least and let's be real no NA team is doing fuck all internationally except for C9 sometimes so might as well play for NA

  36. I'm about 90% certain that Bjerg and Doublelift are just placeholder before Closer has his green card and 100T signs import mid/adc for 2024

  37. I'm glad. League careers are too short anyway. Plus it's good to have players with actually personalities and followings, even if it's just to root against them.

  38. They have 2 rookies. Hybrid rookie/vet teams is the best bet, just a question whether they can figure out shotcalling and how DL looks after 2 years.

  39. What junglers has he ruined? Most junglers that played with Bjerg never had as much success playing for other teams afterwards.

  40. Glad Closer is staying, good decision. But why are they chasing the clout of DL and Bjerg? DL did not look after losing 3-0 to G2 at MSI, and Bjerg is serviceable at best based on last year's performance. This is the Bang situation all over again.

  41. I mean you answered your own question. 100T was already pretty popular among LCS fans, probably most impactful team in LCS since C9 unless you count the curse rebrand. Having Dlift and Bjerg means extra viewers, followers and more sold merchandise.

  42. Bro 100t were winning games despite abbe lol. His highs are higher but his lows are losing you the game solo. Like every player like that when you start to get the 70 percent side of the wrong side you get dropped.

  43. This is why NA always fails miserably at Worlds. They keep reciclying washed up players who have lost their competitive spirit. They are just here for the money and can't retire because they dont know what to do next with their lifes. If the region dosen't support young talent, NA will never stop beeing a meme, 4fun and "Retirement League".

  44. Lol, blaming Bjerg when he had some of the best stats in the League while Bwipo and Hans Sama were running it down. Good one

  45. 100T simultaneously focuses a lot on marketing, and what better marketing than signing the 2 players with the most Twitter followers

  46. how do these journalists get leaks? Is it all planned and a collaborative effort between teams and them? Because if someone's talking when they're not supposed to, that has to be a career ruiner when it gets found out

  47. Am I just underrating Bussy-o? Closer/Bjerg/Doublelift could be on any top tier name plate, but I’ve what his has shown us, Doublelift wants a gifted and top tier support, is someone coming fresh out of Academy going to be able to live up to Doublelift or NAs expectations? I’d prefer seeing a Doublelift/Vulcan duo

  48. If Santorin was leaving TL i think 100T would have the place to go. I think Closer is a good choice but IMO 3rd best behind Blabber and Santorin. However that being said I'm kinda worried about the 100T retirement home and jungle probably won't be a problem. Bjerg will want to shot call and closer will be a Bjerg ward.

  49. TL is building a completely Korean team. Let alone there being like 7 native players total. Adding in Bjergsen leading another team to the least proactive style possible is the cherry on top of what is leading me to the least amount of hype for LCS I've been at

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