1. I think it really depends on the language you are learning. I'm really enjoying Busuu for German. They even offer live classes. For Finnish and Korean, I never found an app that I (personally) liked tbh. I use Anki for all of my languages but I think it's best to have some sort of course (app, textbook, class) that you are following and can add what you are learning to Anki.

  2. I have been doing Duolingo for Italian for over a year for just a few minutes a day. I really have learned a bit of Italian. People who use Pimsleur for the audio have a reputation for developing a great accent. If you use Anki and learn to use Forvo you can create your own flashcards like Pimsleur. Scroll to the end of this review.

  3. A lot of people give good advice here. But bottom line, its the app that you can stick to. So try a few see which one you like more (THERE ISNT A PERFECT ONE).

  4. I havent tried Anki yet. Im enjoying using both Duolingo and Memrise. Pros and cons to each. Tandem for conversation practice has been great too.

  5. That depends on what do you want from it. What is your main textbook? Most are best supplemented by Anki or another SRS app. If you want an app to use as a standalone resource, I'm afraid you won't get too far. Most apps (especially Duolingo) are just toys.

  6. Duolingo is good for French, Spanish and Norwegian from my experience and I’d imagine probably good for Swedish, Danish Italian and German too.

  7. Try Speakly, LingQ, Pimsleur, discord (helps with any languages plus you can talk to natives there too and language reactor (only works with pc though), hopes this helps also remember that with any language focus on reading, listening, writing and speaking

  8. I'm a big fan of Pimsleur tbh! It's mostly geared towards getting you speaking naturally (as opposed to teaching you to read), but I think it's really effective at what it does. I've been checking out the courses from my library (through the Libby app), but I know their app has reading instruction on it. I can't speak to the efficacy of the reading part, but the main audio course has been really working for me.

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