1. Did it come with earmuff things that velcro to the inside of the helmet around your ears? There are different sizes that can make it fit better

  2. You can skimp on gloves, elbow pads and chest protector but not a helmet. Get a good one that fits you well. Both the protection and confidence are important.

  3. My son had the same problem, couldn’t wear the R or S. See if you can find a CPV-R. They are smaller than the R or S. They actually have a size printed on the label inside the helmet. A small or medium should work.

  4. I had the same issue with ones like the R or S being too big on me on even the tighest settings, while the CPV-R in the right size fits me perfectly. Honestly the CPV-R is a solid option, and it's better to have an older and cheaper helmet that actually fits right, versus a newer model that's loose and doesn't fit properly.

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