1. What you eat between New Years and Thanksgiving is FAR more important than what you eat between Thanksgiving and New Years.

  2. Exactly. Holidays make up something like 3% of the days out of the year. Enjoy yourself if that’s how you want to celebrate. You’ve got the other 97% of the year for your eating plan.

  3. BRAVO! Brilliant answer! I am going to my computer RIGHT NOW to make this into a sign to hang up in my kitchen. Thank you!

  4. I woke up and hit a new low today, 203 lbs (115lbs lost so far). I just got home from my family dinner, I hadn’t cheated ONCE since I started in July 2021 (I made a keto thanksgiving last year), but I did cheat today. I didn’t go too crazy, i fasted from 5pm yesterday, until we ate at 1:30pm today, I had two bites of each of the sides, a ton of turkey and then one bite of each dessert. Now I won’t eat again until 1:30pm tomorrow and I’ll get right back on keto. I’m so miserably stuffed right now, I’m about to take the best carb-loaded/turkey fueled nap ever!

  5. I cooked a keto friendly Thanksgiving lunch but keto desserts are (for me) a better bad choice. I focused on flavor and was surprised that my dill/lemon salmon and keto friendly pumpkin no bake cheesecake cups were a hit with the non keto friendly crowd. Brussels sprouts with lots of bacon and a little pomegranate were popular and fairly low carb.

  6. If you're making food for others and can afford it, boca sweet is the high end zero carb sweetener, beating all other sweeteners in every way. It's the closest to sugar in taste, quantity, closest in behavior, so no clumping or burning or anything like that. You can use normal non keto recipes with it without adjustment, because it's that close to sugar. However, it's expensive, which is why you typically never see it in keto recipes, so typically only for special occasions.

  7. Next time look at Carolyn Ketchum, 's recipe on Pinterest (it's free) she mixes 2 sweeteners to keep that from happening.

  8. I remember when I had the same mindset and thought it was the end of the world when I fell of the wagon once. I would have thoughts like “well, I already ate that cookie, might as well order a pizza now too since I already failed.”

  9. I've been up and down so many times. I just started realising I don't have to do that. I'd say that before but it's the first time I'm following it. I feel like an idiot in hindsight but none the less glad to be where I am now.

  10. Someone once told me, along the same lines, “if you stumble on a staircase and catch yourself after only falling down a couple of stairs… you don’t need to throw yourself the rest of the way down the stairs.”

  11. I told my husband this morning that I was going to very happily cheat on my diet restrictions for lunch, then get back on the wagon. He high-fived me and we went merrily on our way.

  12. So maybe the word “cheating” doesn’t really apply if you PLAN to eat a meal different from your usual keto but then return to your controlled normal the next meal.

  13. Yes, absolutely. Thank you for this. I have only tried out this diet recently, less than a month ago, and I haven’t even been kicking it out of the park or anything. But I feel so much better and less anxious when I’m on keto, and my relationship with food has changed. And THAT will keep me coming back.

  14. This happened to me last night drinking low carb beer. Had a really bad night throwing up and feel terrible today. I didn’t even cook Thanksgiving Turkey today and just served my understanding spouse ham with fixings I set aside yesterday for him for today. All day I just drank bone broth with electrolytes. I learned my lesson.

  15. Absolutely! Just spread your macro goals out over the next 7 days and made adjustments to get back on track… managing 140g carbs over 7 days might help you stay engaged and not give up just because you gave in a little.

  16. Yeah, I said that until I HAD to have mashed potatoes, stuffing, and gravy for “seconds”. Tomorrow is a fast day…

  17. exactly how and what i planned in doing. let’s be very clear- i wholeheartedly ate everything with intention and enjoyed everything. the day is not over so i’m going to enjoy anything and everything i can. im strategically planning protein and greens for tomorrow. but today entirely the fuck yes to allllllllllll the food.

  18. For me at least it is amazing how you take for granted not feeling carb bloat or sick to your stomach and needing antacids/Tums. Just mild Thanksgiving day cheating with reasonable portions and small slice of pie didn't even feel the draw to all the carbs and its crazy when I think about all the many years past of 3-4 helpings and every pie sweet etc and feeling miserable. Even with those modest carbs today just felt "meh" all afternoon but was quite a nice family Thanksgiving. Maybe next year will contribute some low carb dishes to the mix!

  19. I stayed mostly keto through three big family meals this week. I did eat a little stuffing and I little sweet potatoes. I felt so sick after as I've been doing omad and finishing eating by 4pm. All these meals ended around 8-9pm. Even though I ate mostly protein I suffered all night long with a too full stomach. My body has struggled with meat since a 1984 gastric bypass. It just sits there long into the next day. It makes me question if I'm getting fasting benefits if my stomach is full of meat for 16 hours.

  20. I usually fast the next day and only eat dinner. I also use the stored glycogen to lift weights it brings the blood sugar back down and you get a good workout from the fuel.

  21. Not to be righteous but if I go too far I feel like crap. So I sample the carbs and probably stay around 80g per day on a holiday. Then back to 30a day.

  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’m planning on eating whatever today so I’m still on plan. Tomorrow is a new day

  23. To each one their own. Many different approaches to holiday eating expressed here, and as long as you’re back on track now, your approach must have worked for you. My only quibble—just because it was a correction I had to learn to make for myself—is with the “tomorrow is another day” idea. I can’t wait for tomorrow. The next meal is another meal. The next hour is another hour. If I choose to have a slice of pie at Thanksgiving dinner, I don’t need to finish the pie before bed. Any “cheat”—or planned deviation—is survivable when more contained. I can give myself 2 hours off instead of 24–or 48 hours—or a weekend—or 4 weeks—or whatever it can stretch to. Calling it a “cheat day” is like giving myself a “Binge Freely Till Midnight” card. For me, that’s dangerous and not necessary.

  24. I fast from Tuesday night to thanksgiving dinner. Part of it is I can enjoy the food guilt free and part of it is by the end of a 36 hour fast, I’m ravenous and it makes it that much better.

  25. Tomorrow is the work potluck. I'm gonna try and be good tonight and cheat tomorrow. My co workers are bringing some awesome dishes

  26. Wow, that's fucking amazing. How did you pull that off? Keto or low carb is great, but you must have been in a serious deficit to shed so much weight. Not just cutting food but also living in the gym.

  27. Keto since June and almost a hour of cardio each day at gym :) keto has helped a ton though when I am eating carbs even if I workout the same I can’t seem to lose weight

  28. Great reminder!! Totally blew my carb goal out of the water today after being keto since march. I’m also regretting it because the stomach cramps from all the foods I haven’t been eating + eating wayyy more than I’ve been used to on keto has made me want to get back to keto asap

  29. It's easier to be keto when you're cooking for everyone. This is my second time cooking for a large group of people for thanksgiving this year. It's exhausting.

  30. I actually didn’t eat like I imagined I would. I thought I would gorge on mashed potatoes and eat my weight in dinner rolls but I had one roll and a small portion of the delicious carby mush. I even turned down every dessert! I think my body just doesn’t miss it anymore.

  31. I enjoyed the hell out of carbs these last two days but my own stomach has prevented me from indulging in large amounts of food like I used to before keto.

  32. I’ve been following a ketogenic lifestyle for almost 11 weeks now and have lost 22.2 lbs! I know I went net carb goal for the day yesterday. I know it wasn’t by much because I was the one making dinner. I’m not gonna lie: I was nervous! So I tested my glucose and ketone levels 3 hours after dinner. To my surprise, I was still in ketosis! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  33. I just started my keto journey on Halloween. I have been in ketosis ever since. I don't want to get out of ketosis until I get fat adapted in a couple of weeks. I won't binge eat anything if I fail to avoid carbs today but I will feel like a have to start over again.

  34. I had an absolute blow out today, I've been keto for 2 weeks doing okay, getting my feet for it, but today I was out with a mate for breakfast and he wanted maccas, so being weak I caved and had what I would call crap fast food. Man I feel sick 😫

  35. Last meal before today…yesterday morning, out of eggs, so chicken breast, prosciutto, Swiss…..basically a cordon bleu. So the score: mainlined keto breakfast yesterday, today some carbs, 10k trail run in the morning…I know what I’m doing! Move the chains!

  36. I ate almost the same as you. Sister-inlaw's mashed potatoes tasted weak. Must have mashed them with water. She's a big proponent of low fat food. I do have to admit she's never been overweight in her life. LOL after one bite I was done. The sweet potatoes I made in the sous vide were awesome. I ate a small helping but had to do some tasting to get them seasoned right. I also was asked to bring dressing. I use my mother's recipe and it was fantastic. My daughter made pecan pie which I usually love but because I was so full and it was too sweet I only ate a couple of bites. These were planned deviations and I was pleasantly surprised that I easily ate so little of them. I mostly ate prime rib and a broccoli salad that I made keto and brought along so I would have something to eat.

  37. Had some cookie butter Dunkin' Donuts (which I've been dreaming of since they came out earlier this month), a blueberry muffin (again, DD special lol) and then a couple fudgy brownies. And I had to have stuffing and gravy for the meal itself 😅. I've been calorie counting every day since the beginning of October on my weight loss re-journey, so it was a nice break, but I don't feel like I fell off the wagon, it was a special day.

  38. Since I have Covid. I stayed home and made an entire keto thanksgiving feast with Turkey, stuffing made with keto bread, broccoli salad, pumpkin and pecan cheesecake cupcakes. Didn't have to experience the carb overload nap afterwards.

  39. You are really kicking keto bootie! Go, you! I'm doing the same, I guess. I have a lot of health troubles, so the deck is kind of stacked against me, but despite all that garbage I have still lost 65 pounds AND KEPT IT OFF. That seems pretty amazing to me! All of the trials and tribulations haven't just made me strong, they have made me TITANIUM. I have been trying things that I couldn't have dreamed about ever trying before, and succeeding. That is a powerful feeling for wimpy me at age 57. Life is pretty cool these days! Good luck to you all. It sure does get better as the pounds fall off. Be prepared for a huge personality and life style shift...it might just happen because if you make one monumental change in your life it could open up the entirety of your world! I am living proof, at the avanced age of 57, looking at myself in the mirror once again! I'm dating a slightly younger man (he's 54), and thinking about how many other things will change. Like moving to Phoenix to be with him! Life is not what I had anticipated when I lost my late husband 3.5 years ago, that's for sure! I strongly suggest that you very carefully monitor your weight lost by way of pictures -- take your biggest fat pants, take a picture of them on the bed with your current pair of pants on top of them, to show the weight loss you're currently enjoying. Keep that, post it everywhere. It's so easy to forget to give yourself credit for how far you've come! And to adjust to how people just assume you've always been thin. Remember all of your hard work, all of the courage it took to say to NO to each piece of non-keto cake! Good luck.

  40. Exactly. It’s got to be sustainable. I’m losing weight slower than I would if I stuck it to 100% but I’m losing weight. I’ve learned intermittent fasting is key to having carbs

  41. I tried to stick to keto/omad at first but then indulged in some Thanksgiving goodies. A few leftovers on Friday than back on the horse Saturday. Went strict keto. No cravings now. I was stuck between 200 and 199 for weeks. Jumped up to 202 on Saturday when I weighed but today at 198 for the first time. Yay!!!.

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