1. A cephalic insulin response has not been proven consistently in any RCT. I have, in the past, fasted and consumed zero calorie sweeteners during the fast. I wear a CGM and am a type 2 diabetic. Never once, during my year of doing 72 hour fasts once per month, did I have an unreasonable or excessive drop in blood sugar, which should be linked to an increase in insulin. Note this is n=1 and it’s an indirect relationship to insulin when measuring blood sugar.

  2. Over in the fasting sub, there are plenty of people who disagree with this take on insulin response. Myself, I tend to align with your thought process. However, being in a stall for a few months with another 20 to lose, maybe I should consider elimination of anything but water/black coffee during my OMAD schedule

  3. Thank you for your response. I appreciate the down to earthness of offering the thought of n=1. I'd more trust anecdotal 'evidence' that comes with your reasonings for your answer as opposed to all the plain "No, it doesn't" answers. So maybe I'll count this as n=1.5

  4. This is the part of the show where I like to go by actual outcome and observable results rather than bio markers which are really only meant to be measured in service to the desired outcome.

  5. As I understand it the reason there isn’t a clear answer on this is because it’s completely individual and the only way to know for certain is self testing; at least insofar as insulin response.

  6. I will grant that in my rush to get my post out before I make it completely ramble-y and incoherent, I may not have gone into the detail I had mapped out in my head when forming the questions. (I may have also conflated insulin response with ending ketosis.) Thank you for your response.

  7. I am type one diabetic and wear a cgm. For me, 100% diet drinks raise my blood sugar and need insulin, not much but some. This could be the caffeine though, there is some thinking that it makes you alert and your body responds by releasing glucose from the liver to help with whatever you need to be alert for if that makes sense.

  8. I don’t believe there is a definitive answer. As others have said it may be a yes for some and a no for others. Like you I have not found a definitive answer. Because of that I try to avoid them but will occasionally have them as a treat or if I’m craving. I’d rather let myself have the Diet Coke or Coke Zero once in a while than completely spiral and devour a whole pizza.

  9. Since you asked the wrong question, I'm going to give you a wrong answer, but hopefully it can be useful on your path. I have been doing keto about 14 months on maintanence for the last 6. I didn't have any sweets during the losing phase except for a couple of sqaures of 85%-95% dark chocolate. I however am a sugar addict I am in recovery by doing keto but I noticed that personally even adding in just MIO which is no calorie still activates my addict mind it makes me crave more I drink water much faster than I do when its un sweetened, my brain turns off and serves the sugar junky. When I stay off that stuff I have much more focus clarity of mind and self control. I am not saying that you will have the same reaction because I don't know if you have the same addiction that I have, but I am suggesting that you see what it does to YOU because we are all individuals and what works for some may not work for others. Regardless, I will tell you you are definitely on the right track, keep educating yourself and becoming an expert on your diet it is incredibly valuable in helping you achieve your goals whatever they may be with Keto.

  10. I've done a little experimenting and I think I've decided that the artificial sweeteners (sucralose and or erythritol) are actually making everything harder overall. I either suffer from carb/sugar cravings that I don't feel AT ALL when I'm 'clean', or I feel very strange immediately and for about an hour and a half after ingestion. (I'm just barely over the A1C number for type 2 diabetic, which was the kick in the pants to try to make changes.) Maybe it's possible my blood sugar level is dropping very low because of an insulin response? I don't know. I know I feel what I would describe as faint, loopy, and I feel small moments of that specific feeling right when you're falling asleep in class right before your eyes close. I dunno. I'm gonna just not consume artificial sweeteners and it'll be fine. I was hoping to be able to drink some 'zero' stuff but for me, it's seeming not to be worth it. (edit: it may also be a response to the caffeine and not actually the sweetener, from a few anecdotal things I've found)

  11. The problem with most nutritional research is that it assumes that we are all basically the same and what is true for the test subjects is true for you.

  12. Very fair answer. Thank you. I go back to the doctor in a few weeks for some more blood tests. Maybe I can get some more guidance on what I need to be doing and what sort of tracking I can do. They didn't ask me to do keto, just to try to lower my blood sugar. Honestly, just simply cutting soda would have been enough to get me where they want me, but I really feel amazing and clear headed when doing IF and if I don't have a problem doing the keto at the same time, it just seemed like it would make sense for my situation.

  13. Some people can get an insulin response by just the smell of food without actually eating or drinking anything.

  14. I get downvoted in this subreddit alot for suggesting this because I don’t share in some of the transcendentalism that the Keto purists have, but data is king to me.

  15. Yes. Thank you. I'm going to followup with the doctor. They're super supportive of me and many of the non-generic takes on a few things that have come up in the past. I will look into CGM or any other tracking options. I just don't want to be pricking my finger all the time as it would interfere with my work.

  16. It can have this effect. You can have insulin response even without high blood sugar. There is some suggestion that it may be that any sweet taste can trigger insulin. There is also the effect upon your gut. Sweeteners may be implicated in leaky gut by permeating the gut membranes. If, like me, you notice you react to them with diarrhea or tummy issues, best to steer clear

  17. I think this might be individual to a person. Sweeteners do not seem to effect me one way or the other. I prefer stevia for a drink like tea or even to sweeten an occasional alcoholic beverage and we usually bake with Splenda or one of the sugar subs like monk fruit I believe it’s called.

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