1. Funny you mention that because in other screenshots of his accounts he did something like that. Can't show it because the person asked for their name to not be shown on reddit and each page of his bio was filled with it. Using a fake name here to show what he said

  2. The YouTube channel you linked is just... wow. It's like looking into an alternate reality. It feels so oddly personal and intimate, like I shouldn't be hearing these thoughts. I really do hope he gets some help but I don't think he ever will. It's honestly sad.

  3. Guy made the accounts specifically to harass one person. Had dozens made with different creepy things. Don't know if it's really kink shaming if the point of the account was just to creep/harass a girl.

  4. Mentioned in that post that I know people who have personally dealt with this man since 2012. He's sent his dick pic to a friend who was a minor back then and the only reason she didn't call the cops was because she thought he was too pathetic to care.

  5. I have the impression that he watched one porn that had tickling on it and that led him to think that was the most hardcore and sex-knowing thing ever

  6. He made it specifically to stalk one girl. In other profiles he used her name all over the bio or had her name as his username.

  7. I grew one like that during 2020 because I was stuck home doing zoom classes all year and that year was just sucky in general for me. I really think 2020 was the only time a beard like that could be ok(still shit but at least no one else saw it) because we were mostly all stuck alone anyways lol.

  8. I’m convinced that most of the accounts are Satire. I was in prison for 5 years and not even the actual convicted rapists were this bad. Okay yeah their actions were but not like the blatant advertising of their creepiness

  9. This guy is 100% real and I can't even show the worst of his profiles because it's just plastered with the name of the girl he was stalking.

  10. Dude he made this profile and other SPECIFICALLY to harass someone. They kept blocking him but he'd make more and more accounts with more disturbing things specifically related to them.

  11. I always get my posts removed for breaking rules of something super obscure and inconclusive and then there’s blatant posts like this lol

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