1. The absolute best part? Look up "unter mensch". That's how the nazis described the people who were "unworthy". This dude looks like the picture the Nazis themselves used to describe the "unworthy".

  2. Not sure what the context is here, but that helmet reminds me of those tiny motorcycle helmets that guys get when they stubbornly refuse to wear a helmet on their motorcycle but they are legally required to so they get one with the most minimal protection allowed by law, which leaves them without any real protection for their brains while also looking stupid

  3. I'm German, and as a part of our history lessons in school we learned about what Hitler liked and what he deemed not to be Aryan. And dude that fits the description of what he said was not a good thing to be.

  4. Hey don’t take a swing and Ethan suplee like that. He may be a Scientologist buttbag but otherwise he seems like a decent dude.

  5. You should see him now. Got into body building and went from 500+lbs down to 225 or so. He’s ripped but has a shitload of extra skin.

  6. Isn't that ubermensch wearing one of those novelty mini baseball helmets that comes holding an ice cream sundae?

  7. This is like the anime memes where the couple of buttons on a chicks shirt barely contain her chest and look like they wanna explode off but instead it’s the helmet struggling to restrain the sheer folds on this man’s head

  8. It really makes me wonder if like neo nazis are really just liberals and leftists cosplaying as dumb ass neo nazis to promote an agenda or if they're actually people so bloody stupid as to be completely oblivious to their own stupidity.

  9. You have neckbeards that are misogynistic, racist, and identify as right wing. And neckbeards that are simps for an egirl, buy bathwater, and identify as left wing. That is because:

  10. Bro can you shut the fuck up about politics for one second? Not everything is about politics, this is probably why you have friends because you are always sucking on politics dick.

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