1. Put in your pro first and make sure it gets approved. Then tell your boss or just submit a 2 weeks to hr. You don’t want them denying your pto and telling you not to work the 2 weeks and get screwed out of your money.

  2. Probably the best advice. Kind of will feel slimy doing this though and then hitting my boss with “here’s my two week notice”. Sheeeesh

  3. I’m not sure where you live but in some places if you quit, you have to get paid for any unused PTO. I live in Ontario, Canada and I quit my job in January to work for another company. Here it’s the law to be paid for any unused PTO so I received it in my last pay. I think you should check and see the laws in your region before making your decision.

  4. They are either going to pay you for earned PTO or take it from you. The only way to avoid losing it for sure is to take it, THEN give 2 weeks notice. Two weeks is enough notice, presuming you are in the US (guessing because of small amount of PTO). I assure you, if they were letting you go, they would not give 2 weeks severance if you are this new. Also, keep in mind that they may just ask you to leave and not have you work the final 2 weeks.

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