1. Just got back from visiting a few different places in Ireland and this thread came up in my feed... I did notice that many Irish people (esp. those in the country) that I spoke to seemed to think things were getting bad or dangerous in Dublin which was strange to me.

  2. I've seen it referred to as a "third world shithole" on this sub a number of times, not enough to make it a popular opinion but a weird number of people who are not living in reality

  3. The only time Ireland is dangerous in terms of crime is at taxi ranks on saturday nights and bank holidays where drunk people are corralled together and stuck waiting dealing with assholes

  4. I see this kind of shite spouted in other safe countries as well. People get 24/7 news coverage nowadays through the internet where every single bit of crime is being reported on and made into alarming clickbait headlines, so it's very easy to fall into the trap of believing societies are more unsafe these days, even though in reality they are much safer than they've ever been in history if you look at the data.

  5. Safe but there's better places in Europe. Western Europe can be pretty dangerous - more opportunities for criminals to rob, heavy drinking culture, and lots of tourists.

  6. Ireland is a safe country in international terms. At the same time many people do need to actively avoid large groups of unruly teens when they go to the shops. Most teens are just fine but these pieces of shit do exist.

  7. Yes it's generally safer than most countries of the world I think we always rank high in these safest country lists, like really high top 10 maybe even top 5 or 6.

  8. I agree we should strive for better, but I really think people have some rose coloured glasses about the past. 10/15 years ago I saw a lot more violence day to day. Even driving in certain areas felt dodgy. Now I wouldn't think twice about driving through anywhere in Dublin.

  9. Safe country? Yes. Are there areas that aren’t safe? Yes. Are those people allowed to complain? Yes. Just because you live somewhere safe, doesn’t mean we all do.

  10. I agree it's generally safe, but the justice system (system being a charitable description) is creaking at the seams. No real deterrent for low level nuisance/quality of life crimes, poorly funded/equipped police force (I've no idea how we are going to cope with the increasing# of tech based fraud financial and sexual crimes) with terrible management structures/supports that is scaring away recent recruits. Not enough judges, not enough funding for community based sanctions or non custodial diversions for committing crimes due to addiction or mental health issues.

  11. I’ve said this in other posts. Our “justice” system includes the courts. There’s nothing wrong with it except the sentencing guidelines. Our system works perfectly fine. I know because I work within it. We’ve good judges, good standards of law, etc. we just need better sentencing. I wish people would stop going on hyperbolically saying “system being a charitable description”. If our system didn’t work, you might have to prove your innocence instead of your guilt or you might not be able to make a claim or defend an allegation for lack of representation or you might be ridden out over political reasons. Those things don’t happen in Ireland as we’ve an independent judiciary and a functioning system. It absolutely needs re tweaking with regard to the sentencing. Buts that’s fucking it

  12. Ireland as a whole, I agree with you, but Dublin seems to be worse lately. For every incident that blows up on social media there is plenty of other shite too. I never used to be afraid of being in the city after certain hours, but these days I'm a lot more cautious.

  13. I've seen people on the Galway subreddit talk about how's it's become awful over the pandemic and is a dangerous shithole. I'm not sure it's a purely Dublin issue, I think Dublin just has the most people and therefore the most issues.

  14. Relatively safe is the word I was looking for, thank you. Shit does happen here, we aren't immune to it, it just depends where you live.

  15. Japan also has a very low rank for gender equality, high suicide rates etc. there’s a trade off for everything

  16. kinda, was in dublin last weekend, I was literally expecting violence everywhere, but it was alright, like it was more peaceful than a lot of european capitals. this sub has a habit of exaggerating things

  17. As a 6'3 man I can safely say I've felt threatened only a few times on nights out, but for my female friends it's an entirely different story, a story of men following, catcalling, grabbing, assaulting, and generally disrespecting our country's women.

  18. Unpopular response : your living inside a bubble and have probably never stepped foot in an area where any of the yobs live.

  19. Just arrived home from dublin center. The amount of fights, passed out ppl, and groups of kids harassing half naked girls on the side of the road...all of those disagree with the OP

  20. Depends when your living really. Lived off Baggot Street for a year and thought Dublin was a very safe city. Moved to North side (tbf it was Railway street) and they was a burnt out car in the middle of the street the day I moved in. I actually remember being terrified of walking home around there during Halloween due to amount of fireworks being tossed around.

  21. Agree 100%! Was only saying this today to my mates. Its like the media focus on the few scrotes as way of deflecting all the real issues in the country. Try make law and order the big focus when it's really housing and socio economics! Ireland isn't a dangerous place at all and even the few really bad parts are nothing compared to other European cities!

  22. I generally agree with you as in comparison to like the states and stuff where even the people meant to protect you have a high likley hood of murdering you. But it does deserve to be stated that things have gotten more hostile. Around the place. From first hand experience I was in and around the college scene around 2012. When we would have been out twice a week without fail. I'm now back around the college scene at the moment and the city feels way more hostile day and night (not Dublin btw) there also seems to be way way more junkies and homeless. I'm not saying they are straight up baddies by any means but their presence in such high numbers does lend to an unsafe feeling when guys who are out of it or are clearly struggling with mental health are just wandering around. Maybe I'm just older and softer but the city to me isn't a place i like to be anymore. Still there are definitely worse places in the world!

  23. Have visited a lot of cities in different countries and I’ve never felt as at home as I did in Ireland. A lot of talk about pesky teens being shit disturbers online but honestly the only person who gave me grief was a homeless guy joking with me about picking up garbage and putting it in the bin.

  24. I grew up in Sicily, so yes, I feel waaay more safe in Ireland. When I go back home I have to switch back on being on the lookout for everything and takes a good bit of the fun away. Still, it’s good to take care of the yobs straight away before the situation get out of end. Organized crime is like cancer… we are still struggling with mafia.

  25. Aye sure safe as fuck. Sure we dont have egits beheading each other and burning people alive (almost) at all.

  26. Just my two cents as a member of this sub: A lot of people say they don’t report crimes to the Gardai, particularly if the crime was done by minors.

  27. Anyone who thinks Ireland is a safe country never stood out as a teenager. I can't even count the amount of verbal and physical harassment I got for being a Irish male white catholic with long hair. Just because of fucking hair 😂 Can't imagine what it would be like to be in an actual minority group but I don't think it would be pleasant.

  28. As white long-haired male from Ukraine I feel for you. I've lost count how many times I had to use pepper spray back there (and trust me, I only do that for a good reason). I've yet to get a negative interaction because of that in Dublin. Maybe because I've grown a bit older idk, maybe it's just luck.

  29. Victimisation isn't an Ireland problem. It's a humanity problem. Ireland could be twice as safe and the weird looking bloke walking down the street will get grief.

  30. A lot of people think it's the Purge outside. Yes there is an underclass of junkies and yes they can be intimidating but mostly they interact with themselves or are begging. Yes they shoplift and yes you can be unfortunate to have a bad interaction with them.

  31. You know the serious violent crime you mention? Why would you say “especially against women”? I know the case of women having violent crime done unto them is more emotive than that of a man, but men are far more likely to have violent or serious crime done against them…?

  32. I lived in Inchicore for a few months back in the late 90’s. Was pretty rough then but I was a bit young and naieve with a Yank accent and I was ok. Everyone kept warning me though

  33. I you got by the stats and just the fact that it's a western democracy then yes, but on the other hand I've never experienced that much civil disorder in my life. People of all ages trashing the streets, kids going unpunished egging cars, destroying public and private property, insults at random, fireworks in your face. I have yet in 2 years here to have a polite or pleasant conversation with a teenager.

  34. I agree with this. I go to town fairly frequently and don't usually witness the kind of stuff people post here. Like sure there's a few delinquents and plenty of homeless but christ you'd think we were living in Gotham city if you were to only read this sub

  35. I read this while earlier I walk past a middle aged bloke telling a worker to "fuck off back to your own county" and a gang of lads throwing rubbish from a bin around destroying the place....

  36. Relative to other countries? Sure! Relative to Ireland a decade ago? I'll let you decide. If your answer to the last question is "no", of course people are furious!

  37. Irelands cities were a lot worse in the 1990s, like the docklands was rough as shit, its still rough around the edges, but back then it was mental. same in cork, knocknaheeny and the other bad areas had huge carjacking problems with joyriders, joyridering used to be a lot more common and now its become less.

  38. The huns and howa-yas love to use big words on the DublinLie facebook page calling everything an insult or a disgrace. I recommend these bollix spend a bit of time in the bad areas of Paris or Milan for a proper culture shock.

  39. Bro, Ireland (even Dublin) is really safe. I used to live in the north side of Dublin, in a house with glass windows facing the street. Anyone could throw a stone, broke the window and get inside. This never happened and I didn't have to worry about it

  40. op's spot on , i rarely ever lock even my car , (don tell that to my fkn insurer tho) ,, wierd shit happens and the net makes it all too accessible to us all as oppose to 30 years ago where 2 channels of filtered horseshit was fed to everyone at the same time. the world isnt safer or more dangerous than then, its just more transparent :)

  41. Agree and disagree. I think it does come down to the sheer randomness of encountering different people and stuff. Again being street wise and knowing what places ta not head into and staying on the main street your safe. But doesn't mean ya cant undermine the stories, if we were to throw it aside cause its "social media", it would be let go rampant and does help raise awareness.

  42. Well, you have to avoid pretty central parts of Dublin to ignore yobs. And we shouldn’t be happy with certain parts of Dublin, or other cities, becoming ungovernable because we have a duty to all citizens.

  43. Scumbags. A lot of junkie beggars in Dublin. I habe no time for those low lifes. They know exactly what they are doing.

  44. Okay, let’s review what you’re saying first we have the Anna Kriegel rape/murder in which the guards let them off with a little slap. Howth Dart incident the guards let them off Scot free, earlier this year two murders of gay men, a murder of a schoolteacher, Evan Somers an openly gay man rugby player gets assaulted by a homophobic gang. This is only at April and THERES a lot more that happened this year. The guards ain’t doing shite, the government ain’t doing shite and who gets the blame? The immigrants(who really shouldn’t be generalised in such a way)

  45. Walking around Dublin is more likely to risk an exposure to anti social behavior than any risk borne by the average person in Illinois. I tend to think that those American doomsayers need a reality check.

  46. The US is the most dangerous first world country by fucking miles (plus there are vast differences in general safety across the country). Not the most sensible/useful comparison.

  47. Whether that is the case or not, consider the increase in the dissemination of these incidents on SM, encouraging others to copy such behaviour, associated with the inability of the state to curtail them and (appropriately) punish the perpetrators

  48. I will not disagree but to be fair you're always walking on egg shells when something does happen our security system the garda and all is extremely underfunded and lacks recourses to respond or punish. We're safe because we as people and as a nation are sound we have a sense of Community but our system is fuked and when something like ramming the garda car does happen these lads will not be punished that's the fuked up and scary part about living In Ireland

  49. The Guard have a higher rate of FTE per Capita. It doesn't indicate a lack of resources. It might suggest a lack of leadership if you have more bodies and a high rate of undisclosed crime.

  50. Tragic, isn't it? So many opportunities in the global market for residents from our wee country. English speakers, part of the EU, free 3rd level education for the poorest, and still vast swathes of people in housing estates opt to remain miserable, on the dole, and spoiling for fights.

  51. Ireland has a lot of random crime. You can be at a wrong time in a wrong place and I'd say the probability is higher of being attacked here and the UK than any other European country. That's my foreigners opinion. Down vote it to hell.

  52. Have to disagree. Neither the stats nor my anecdotal experience line up with this. I’ve lived in Dublin years and literally know no one who’s been a victim of a random crime. Meanwhile, I’ve had friends mugged at knifepoint in both Barcelona and Berlin.

  53. They're downvoting you but its true. There's a huge difference depending on where you grow up, so many lads on here are blind to what's really going on and will likely get a rude awakening in the city centre some night.

  54. I think people fail to see that Dublin is going to have higher crime rates due to how much of the population lives there. It's far denser than anywhere else in the country.

  55. Far from being an unpopular opinion, I think you could use the phrase " media is highlighting " in any context, and not only would it be agreeable, bit very likely true. Unfortunately, sensationalism is a terrible thing that pretty much all of us promote by seeking it and engaging with it.

  56. Absolutely. I'm from the States and a high crime urban part of it. Dublin is really fucking safe comparatively. Sure, there's still things to look for at times, but it's much safer just by default. The lack of easy firearm access is a huge factor. Verbal disputes don't escalate into shoot outs, which makes it a lot safer to just be outside in general. Always good to strive for better, but it's pretty decent.

  57. Well I live in Dublin so I have to deal with them from time to time and not feel safe. The reality is that dublin is not safe in some parts and sometimes I just want to walk home and not feel scared

  58. Depends how you measure it. Go for a few pints with friends and leave the pub at 2 am in any small town or large city in Ireland and you are in more danger of an unprovoked attack than the vast majority of other countries.

  59. Exactly, its the scourge of alcohol, shared problem with the Brits. They will head to the chipper and more fights then. I doy best to avoid closing times. What is worse is you cant get a taxi on sat nites, horrible walking thru the drunks.

  60. Compared to most cities in East Asia Dublin is horribly unsafe. DODGY, you won't get murdered but high chance you will encounter hooligans and junkies and drunk violent people especially at night. A LOT OF drugs in the city center and homeless shelters , injection centers, sad that has never been resolved, regular irish people indulge in too much alcohol and drugs also and can be aggressive on buses and on the street. Also many schools can be rough. Public transport no cops. Main issue is the lack of police presence anywhere. Seen more police at the ploughing festival than Dublin in a whole year. Whole district of Ballyfermot just has one patrol car, 20,000 people.

  61. Typical American installation would probably have 4 cars on Friday shift. You would have support staff and administration. Easily looking at 30 to 50 officers for the same size plus 10 actual cars.

  62. I grew up in Ireland, Dublin hasbt gotten worse, the problem is it hasnt really gotten much better either in the City centre particular, rough and dirty enough, with larhe numbers of junkies and asylum seekers and those in emergency accommodation thrown onto the streets in daytime with nowhere to go (especially the North Inner City).

  63. I think ireland is a safe place to live and I do think that these stories can sometimes dominate social media but that is only my experience, anyone that has had a negative experience like being threatened, mugged, intimidated etc will obviously think differently and feel that wherever they live is unsafe, and some places are unsafe. I live outside Galway and have never had anyone threaten me in Galway city. I do think though that threats are all around cities at night and I try to take precautions if I'm in the city out drinking, walking home alone, getting a taxi alone etc. It's sad to say but any of these thugs/scumbags that are looking to jump someone are looking for a 'target', there are a lot of things that I do to try and not be seen as a 'target'. I don't wear headphones so I can hear what's happening around me. I keep my head up and look around at everyone walking round me so I can see if anyone is approaching me or looking threatening. I occasionally glance behind me. Don't be afraid to look people in the eyes or glance at people walking down the street. I keep wallet and keys in front pockets. Walk with a bit of purpose, don't shuffle along with your head down 'minding your business'. Might sound stupid but I think these things help you look less like a target. Correct me if I'm wrong, keep safe out there!

  64. That opinion of someone living in few big Irish city's and unfortunately pandemic make that worse.

  65. Yes quite safe overall. I would say that dereliction can really detract from a lot of towns and cities and can kind of ruin the aesthetic pleasure for me. Ireland's architecture can be very hit or miss for historical reasons. That's what can give the "third world" comments sometimes for me personally. Again just an aesthetic thing really for me.

  66. If you were to go off social media you'd think this is a country where u can only ever get a hospital once every 2 years and the guards have a response time of a couple of days every single person under the age of 20 is trying to kill u and trains don't exist.

  67. Try working night shift security in Tallaght Dublin 😅, but the where I live in kildare is the polar opposite 🤷‍♂️

  68. It depends on your definition of safe. You’re not going to die in Ireland, but you might end up getting attacked/harassed by a bunch of kids or have to fight a drunk. That said, that shit happens in every other country I’ve been to too. I lived in Spain for a while, and in the US for a few years and both were vastly more unsafe than Ireland.

  69. *Relatively safe compared to the whole of the world but in terms of a scale of say Europe alone, we can be much better. There are many major cities in countries I've been in that I've had a much better overall feeling of safety than Dublin. Yes I know that is just my feeling..

  70. I believe it is safe for the vast majority. Saying that, I have multiple friends who have been victim to hate crimes and racism very recently

  71. Honestly I’m glad I don’t live in a total ****hole. We’re not subject to wars, bad healthcare, discrimination, right/left wing dictatorships. Could go on. Ireland has its problems but you don’t have to look far to see some places are going to the dogs

  72. I think I’d agree. Relatively safe for violent crime I mean. Quite unsafe for petty crime, antisocial behaviour, being called names or abused etc. Adolescent crime laws are the issue and virtually no punishment to their parents. So this goes on and on.

  73. I’m an American-Israeli who has lived here for nine years, mostly in and around Dublin, and lived around both the USA and Israel, including some major cities. Ireland is an extremely safe place, and I am absolutely thankful that my children are growing up here. Yes, there’s a bad element, but every country has them, and they tend to be very localized.

  74. I thought it was a widely held opinion that our nation is safe. I do think RTE and the likes sensationalise crimes too often and it makes it seem like crime is everywhere however in saying that, crime is increasing

  75. We are a very safe country, but that doesn't help folks in the areas that are dangerous. I'm not sure you'd be so bold in your implication about the victims of crime if you suddenly found you had to live in Moyross. lol

  76. Yeah ppl really like to focus on the few really stupid ppl but like when I go to Dublin it's just that, when I'm visitjng my french relatives and we go to Paris they warn me over and over to be careful with my money and phone etc, big difference.

  77. It is a safe county. But if your from here and didn't live a sheltered life you are going to meet A LOT of these yobs over the course of your lifetime. I've met some really scummy and dangerous individuals. Including people I know for a fact murdered people.

  78. It genuinely depends on where you are. There are parts that are well policed and are safe and there are parts where the garda wouldn't risk going.

  79. i mustve met to minority of yobs then but because of that i really cant close my eyes anymore and pretends its grand and its all safe lmfao. almost got sa'd twice here and stabbed in my bedroom, when i lived abroad i was never hurt like this. Then there's people around town on drugs and od'ing in my area at least.

  80. Definitely a safe country. Everywhere has its issues and problems but other countries have issues that don’t even register here.

  81. For who, men or women? It differs massively, and I'm not even talking about Dublin just my/my friends own experiences in small towns/country to the west

  82. And we're always looking for new ways to label our selves. Wonder what the psychology of that is called.. Similar with the America being in a huge culture war divide, split down the middle. Some reckon that's rubbish and only what we see from media and YouTube channels harnessing and pushing it for content i. e money.

  83. I'm guessing you are a man? I'm a man, I've rarely felt threatened. Ask your female friends how often they have felt threatened.

  84. I'd agree. But The country can be relatively safe and you could still wish the kids didn't have that attitude. It can still be a problem even without your personal safety being threatened.

  85. My view is half and half, if you’re walking through the city centre at night, alone, without being cautious you could be in danger. Any country can be and usually is dangerous. To give false hope is kind of naive to me.

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