1. 3D Touch to edit lock screen makes more sense too. On iOS 16 I constantly get “unlock to edit” because I was holding the phone in my hand with my fingers on the screen.

  2. Good point, they removed the feature but didn't even alter the layout. I personally loved 3D Touch, I used it every single day.

  3. My favorite thing about 3D touch was that I use it to select text when typing. Long press on keyboard allows only to scroll, but 3D touch allowed to select text when scrolling…

  4. Same. I used it in everything. Previewing web sites/photos/videos, without switching the context screen is such a QOL improvement. Such a shame. I miss my XS.

  5. One of the reasons I’m still rocking my X! It’s starting to gradually show its age, but I use 3D Touch all the time

  6. I’m on XS for almost 4 years and I still don’t fully grasp 3d touch. I mean i know how it works, but in the moment when I need it, I just forget it’s there.

  7. Yeah. Going from Xs to 14 pro and losing 3D Touch, at least what was left of it is probably the worst loss. Everything else a massive upgrade

  8. Obviously this was the biggest reason for its removal, however I remember on my iPhone X when cod mobile came out, you could use 3D Touch to aim and shoot. Slight press to aim harder press to shoot, was a game changer back then!

  9. The places it existed in the OS by default, like app icon shortcuts and activating the cursor using the keyboard, is enough of a reason for me.

  10. This is exactly why. It was very under utilized and a big part of that is because a ton of people didn’t even know it existed.

  11. Maybe if every fucking app wasn’t choked full of microtransactions we would have downloaded more of them and used the feature more.

  12. And also the amount of engineering that went into it to make a touch sensitive layer was too much effort for not much reward.

  13. I found the easiest way to explain the amount of pressure needed was to demonstrate on the heel of their palms. It was pretty crude but strangely effective.

  14. My parents can't even remember that long press is working actually. So yeah, these things are too complex for average users unfortunately. I loved 3D Touch btw.

  15. Yeah I’m with you on that one. Actually, I didn’t realise they’d taken it away for I think several minor versions of iOS?? Kept pressing my goddamn screen harder and harder until one day I read that it’s been removed yonks ago and I vowed never to mention it to anyone, especially not in a public forum.

  16. This rant reminds of PlayStation taking away pressure sensitive buttons from the controller after the ps3. It's the same issue, devs didn't implement them, sony didn't advertise them and most people didn't know about them. They would make games so immersive today, few examples:

  17. Just a side note, I remember really not being a fan of the pressure sensitive buttons in racing games on the PS2 because you had to always force down that X button as hard as you could haha

  18. Well for consoles the issue is multiplatform games. Devs don’t want to spend extra time to add features only available on one console. Nor do they want one version to be significantly different than the other.

  19. I honestly had no idea they took it out of the watch as well, that blows. Looks like I’m gonna be pushing my S4 even longer now

  20. Agreed. But now with IOS 16 it’s even worse if you have multiple lock screens setup. I’ve accidentally switched focus modes multiple times because of accidental touches. It would make more sense to activate the lock screen editor/selector using 3D Touch.

  21. I have iOS 16 on my X and it’s honestly a little clunky with hard press going into the custom screens.

  22. I’ve accidentally activated the camera an annoying number of times while taking my phone out of my pocket. Wish you could disable it since swiping left works too.

  23. personally I think they removed it to unify the interface between iPhones and iPads after they decided/realized they would never bring it to iPad. that's the only reason that makes sense to me.

  24. The other reason is that not enough people used it to justify the inclusion of the hardware needed to make it work. That space could be used for other things, such as increasing battery capacity.

  25. I carry a flashlight regularly, so I’d love to see the option to put something else there. Or at latest just remove it. I hate pulling my phone out of my pocket and the light is on.

  26. I hate how they never brought back long press on phone icon to call a favorite. If you long press the message icon your favorite shows up there.

  27. I love its keyboard features, you click the screen like a button anywhere on keyboard to move the cursor and then click it again to select text, so convenient. Haptic touch can only move the cursor

  28. I was trying to use the flashlight last night and kept entering the customize homescreen interface for like 15 attempts. I miss 3D Touch

  29. Not only did they remove this feature, but they made it so that in iOS16, if you accidentally miss the camera or flashlight buttons, the entire damn Lock Screen goes into jiggle mode because it thinks you want to switch wallpapers. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  30. I loved 3D/Force Touch on the iPhone and Apple Watch. Such a bummer that they not only dropped it from futures models, but patched it OUT of the devices that supported it, if you were still using them.

  31. When I swapped over to the 14 Pro after my 10 I was mega confused as to why 3D touch wasn't working. I didn't even know they got rid of it. I even still use it on my gen 0 watch.

  32. I really miss it. It's what make apple so... Apple. To me it's an equivalent to a right click on a PC, you don't always right click but it's handy once you needed it.

  33. What is miss from 3D touch is going into multitasking by hard pressing and swiping from the left. I had to get used to not doing that when i switched to a newer model😅

  34. I’m so happy with how that got solved in Liquid Retina iPhones (and all iPads, for that matter). The left/right swipe gesture along the bottom of the screen works perfectly imo.

  35. Im really missing 3D Touch when I want to watch a Live Photo but it just copies the object instead :( I want to easily copy photos of my dog and watch the Live Photo.

  36. Honestly I don’t get how people constantly turn on the flashlight or camera by accident from the lock screen, I have literally never done that once. 3D touch should have been kept, but I can see why Apple removed it. Most average users probably didn’t even realize it was there.

  37. Unpopular opinion, but I HATED 3D Touch. I thought it was absolute garbage. Apple came to their senses and nuked it after realizing it was such a shitty thing.

  38. I didn’t hate it as much as you but I’m certainly surviving without it just fine…if they brought it back/kept it there would just be a bunch of threads complaining about how it was annoying and everyone hated it 🤣 Reddit just needs to complain always

  39. Did you have an aftermarket display? I found that if you replaced the screen with a 3rd party screen 3D Touch was always a hit or miss after that

  40. Did you ever try using it to scroll through/ edit text? Pretty nice being able to navigate text and select it with one hand without leaving the keyboard.

  41. It’s not so much a software block, they removed the physical hardware inside the phone that detected the pressure needed for 3D Touch on the IPhone 11 and above

  42. holy shit you're right. i accidentally turn on my goddamn flashlight like 5x a week. i've been wondering why that's been happening so often.

  43. I think the biggest regression is on the Keyboard. In 3D Touch phones you can press anywhere on the keyboard and get a cursor but on non 3D Touch phones you can only do that from the space bar. This year I am finally upgrading my iPhone 7 and I’ll definitely miss it.

  44. I had the exact other problem. 3D Touch somehow activated when my phone screen touched my thigh through the pocket fabric and turned the flashlight on in my pocket all the time. I’ve never accidentally turned on the flash light with the new feature. Haptic Touch or whatever they call it is also much more reliable than 3D Touch was.

  45. I’m on my iPhone X as I type this but am about to give it up for a 14 Pro Max. I’m excited for the upgrades but that is the one thing I know I will miss most. I just used 3D Touch to edit this text - instantly - twice. 😢

  46. Former Apple tech here. Why the hell don’t I remember having to calibrate 3D Touch? Lol. Was it apart of display calibration?

  47. Still rocking my iphone X so now i’ve just remembered a downside of when i eventually upgrade somewhere next year. Feelsbad

  48. Agree 97% with your post but the Nokia Windows Phones already had a 3D touch of sorts. So not so one of a kind but I agree, should’ve not been removed

  49. If the rumors of iPhone ultra and buttonless iPhones are true then we could be seeing a 3D Touch 2.0 in the future. I don’t see many ways around avoiding accidental touches without using some version of it.

  50. What I really resent is that for phones that did have hardware 3D touch, like the X, an iOS version update removed a lot of what you could do with it anyway.

  51. 3D touch in today’s iPhone would be sufficent reason for me to upgrade. A truly innovative feature that should be included in a $1200 phone.

  52. I also loved 3D touch. It was a pretty cool feature and like you said avoided accidentally turning stuff on you didn't want to

  53. yea apple should give users the option to remove the flashlight and photo buttons from the lock screen. Should be straightforward to implement...

  54. I love 3D Touch. It’s kinda what has kept me on iPhone cuz it’s unique and I love it. Since they dropped support, I’m not interested in upgrading from my XS. My work iPhone doesn’t have 3D Touch and it annoys the hell out of me. I might not stay with apple next go around since some of the Android offerings have features that are better suited for my work (ie, I can grant access and use WiFi analyzer apps and such on android).

  55. As a former Genius Bar employee…. I’m very glad they removed it, the average user didn’t even know it existed, let alone how to use it. The amount of appointments I had where people told me their phone was broken and when asked to replicate it was just 3D Touch.

  56. The most useful feature in any iPhone, and bam, some idiot at Apple decided to remove it to get a bit more profit.

  57. I’ll come out and say that I absolutely loved 3D touch on my iphone 7 and was dissapointed when I switched to an XR and lost it but I feel like apple did a decent enough job with gestures as I just press harder even now and it magically does the thing I’m trying to do.

  58. I use 3D touch every single day on my iPhone XS, can't imagine using the keyboard without it. It's going to feel awful when I eventually upgrade :(

  59. I couldn’t care less about 3D Touch but they definitely have to change the layout. Turning on the flashlight by accident happened way too many times. Never happened on any Pixel, Xperia or Galaxy

  60. I LOVE 3D Touch, every time I use it on my sons old 8 I don’t wanna go back to my newer phone which is ridiculous really…

  61. Also how hilarious is it now that we have TWO DIFFERENT WAYS to hold a photo. One to activate live photo the other to copy the subject. It's absolutely stupid that apple didn't reintroduce 3d touch

  62. I thought I was the only one that missed 3d touch. Long press just doesn't have the same effect. Peeping and popping to preview messages etc. was so convenient.

  63. They got rid of 3D Touch and put the haptic Feedback in as an alternative and supposedly it was because of the thickness needed on the phone to keep it in.

  64. I’m always turning on that flash light accidentally and when I need the damn thing, I can’t figure out hot to get it going without locking my phone and by then I’m falling down the stairs.

  65. It's okay, it was either more space for a bigger battery or 3D touch. I miss 3D touch but I also forgot it was around at the same time.

  66. I guess because I've had an iPhone 6s Plus for over 6 years, with my iPhone 11, even after over a year of ownership, I still hard press on things even if it isn't necessary. I'm just that used to it now. Its a shame it was removed. iOS still feels like it was really designed around it. Even new features feel like it was designed for 3D Touch like the customizable lock screens. Super annoying that my phone always vibrates letting me know that I need to unlock my iPhone first to edit my lock screen when I wasn't even trying to do so.

  67. they should’ve never remove 3d touch instead they should add an option if people prefer long press over 3d touch

  68. Ive had my 13 for about year now and Ive never activated flashlight/camera by accident while on the lockscreen.

  69. I have never once accidentally activated my camera, I don’t even know how that would happen. It requires you to hold the button for a second or 2

  70. I think making it a long press, which is essentially all its ever been, was the right move. The discoverability of it wasn’t good.

  71. I’m gonna be unpopular here and say I never used 3D touch. However, I don’t understand why Apple can’t make the flashlight and camera buttons slide up to reduce accidental presses. Just half an inch will do (not what she said).

  72. 3d touch has been further botched on iOS 16. Close an app then quickly 3d touch on another app to bring up the context menu. It quickly disappears. So if you intended to swipe to an option on that menu, you will now enter home screen edit mode instead. Clearly not a problem on Haptic Touch devices.

  73. I have Xs Max and 3D Touch works like long press now everywhere except in lockscreen shortcuts and keyboard. I get a lot of misclicks especially in Twitter. 3D Touch is practically disabled now in the software.

  74. rather than 3d touch, a better software implementation works too. on my Samsung, you have to swipe the flashlight and camera buttons (I think by default the flashlight one is the Google assistant but you can set them both to be anything), so it's much harder to activate either accidentally. putting buttons that just require a press on the lock screen is really dumb. especially if you're doing work and your sweaty leg is pushing things on your phone screen. quite a few times I'll pull out my phone to change a song while doing yard work, and the fingerprint scanner tried and failed to scan my sweaty leg thinking it's my finger. if the buttons were just single press activate, they'd be having quite the fun time doing insane stuff in my pocket.

  75. That and the new cool desktop switcher. Every gd time I pick up my phone and accidentally look at it at an oblique angle for 1 nanosecond the f-I got desktop is switched to something else (same with watch) but when I intentionally want it to unlock I can stare strait at the damn thing and it just remains in “I’m a brick now” mode. 🤬

  76. It’s hard as hell to quickly swipe to the camera without accidentally entering Search. It’s also very easy to accidentally unlock the phone in your pocket now or turn on the light. It’s not optimized so they should allow for user customizations for what suits us best. People use phones differently and have different needs and disabilities. Anyone who has helped their parents or grandparents knows how difficult some of the tasks can be for old hands.

  77. I loved 3D Touch. It was great for pressing on the middle of the keyboard to move the cursor, peeking and popping. I’ve gotten used to the long press now, but 3D Touch was something special.

  78. I assume they didnt implement it further because of costs right? I fkn love 3d touch and I wish it lasted longer, but I can see why it would be scrapped, surely tech like that wouldn't be cheap to bring in..

  79. There will always be people who continuously rant over this year to year and I argue that it's good they removed it because I'd rather have that thickness instead contributing to a larger battery or other important internal features than a way to touch my screen. I can deal with long-pressing and not losing any functionality in exchange for better internals.

  80. I completely agree with this. I sadly traded in my XS max for the 14 pro max and with it had to get rid of 3D Touch. Such an amazing feature and this long press just doesn’t feel the same or function nearly close to it. I’ve been waiting for them to add it back but got sick of waiting. Let’s hope in 3-4 years they add it back a long with USB C charging

  81. I really do miss it. When it first came out, people said it wasn't a great feature since it doesn't bring any perks and you shouldn't upgrade. But 3D Touch really help to make the phone feels so much more alive and versatile. My favorites are quicker interactions with camera/flashlight and the peek and pop feature. 😭😭😭

  82. I think they can keep Force Touch to avoid this issue, Force Touch don’t require a lot of space. It is annoying when they remove Force Touch on Apple Watch, sometime I accidentally trigger edit watch face. I don’t use 3D Touch or Haptic Touch a lot, the only use case for me is 3D Touch AssistiveTouch to Lock Screen.

  83. I accidentally activated the flashlight on my X way more than I do on my 14 Pro Max and that had 3D Touch whereas this doesn’t.

  84. One thing I’ve never done is accidentally turn on my flashlight. You can’t just tap it, you still need to press down on it. Just tried it. I can tap all I like, even hard press briefly. The logo changes but no light, then only if I long hard press, the light comes on

  85. from handling the phone and being distracted (idk like something irl happens) but you are still touching the phone and it has a touch interface specifically designed to register touches and if it registers a touch on a piece of screen with a button that button executes a command - perhaps the flashlight for example

  86. I’ve never ever activated the flashlight by accident. I don’t know how do y’all manage to do it constantly.

  87. I love 3D and I‘m sad that it‘s gone. And yeah I often toggle on the flashlight accidentally. And I‘m angry that Apple removed 3D touch from my Apple Watch Series 4. The hardware is still there but they just deactivated it.

  88. I really miss 3D Touch, but I didn’t feel like I am living bad without. Than I realized that I still use XS max and I still have 3D Touch)

  89. The best feature was the cursor you got when hard pressing on the keyboard. It worked on any key instead of just the space bar, it activated way quicker than the long press and it allowed for selecting texte when pressing even harder. This was a hell of a feature for sure. But no one new it or used it I think.

  90. This happens to me all the time. And I trued to remove it from the Lock Screen but apparently the only way is to remove it from the whole thing.

  91. I’ve actually been accidentally turning on my flash lately. I thought it was my somewhat cracked screen protector doing it, turns out it’s not.

  92. It would make the Lock Screen on ios16 better, just holding my phone at my side it really likes to go into the wallpaper edit screen.

  93. Can someone explain what the 3D Touch is and how it differs from what we currently have? When I press on an app there are a list of options that come up.

  94. Good point. I feel the photos app could've really benefited from retaining 3D Touch. The current way of doing things in Photos is a clusterfuck, honestly.

  95. Honestly loved it! But hey, it's apple they take away all the good stuff and add unwanted crap into their devices whether you like it or not.

  96. I can say personally as someone who didn’t use iPhones during the 3D Touch period but did try display units and on the 6S when my step mother was using that (she never used 3D Touch). It feels alright, but it did make me feel like I need to apply more force to the screen than I should be doing. I am glad they kept the camera and flashlight buttons on the lockscreen though when I came to iPhone with 13 Pro Max. I always use those quick buttons to turn on and on flashlight and use camera really quickly. With how long I hold the buttons I have never accidentally turned either on. So while you say it “doesn’t add up” that the buttons are still there, for me it’s wonderful and I would absolutely dislike if they were ever removed.

  97. Think it may be worth you going through the comments and seeing it’s a mixed result. Just because it doesn’t happen to you however doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen to other people. Hence the points made

  98. My XR is constantly opening the camera or search bar in my pocket. I have to avoid eye contact with it before putting it in my pocket, which feels dumb. Never had these problems with any previous model or Android I owned.

  99. Issue was it cost more, increased thickness and devs just didn’t use it. I honestly prefer the better battery that removing 3D Touch enabled

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