1. One thing that stood out to me today while at the beach was the brightness. Even with polarized sunglasses on, in direct sunlight, I could see clear as day. Almost the best upgrade.

  2. Went hiking today and the brighter screen was extremely noticeable. Also had much better signal than normal which was a pleasant surprise.

  3. This is great to hear. Was going to get prescription glasses and was waffling on polarized lenses for this exact reason. Is it ok in both portrait and landscape with polarized?

  4. Yup. That was a selling point for me. And it’s no lie. It’s so bright in sun it looks amazing. Not washed out at all. Super crisp.

  5. I haven’t felt it get hot yet. So I’m not sure. It got warm when I first got it and it was downloading a lot of stuff but I didn’t notice any changes

  6. it runs a lot cooler than my 12 pro max... similar situations outdoors where my screen would dim no longer has such issues now. This new logic board cover is actually a metal plate with graphite pads that transfer and dissipate heat. Apple said during the keynote that all iPhone 14 models have a better thermal system to sustain high performance longer, and now we know how that system works.

  7. Very good compared to my other iPhones. My iPhone 6 used to get hot from doing anything. My XS didn’t usually get hot but still would rarely get very hot like my 6 used to. So far it’s got slightly warm at most, even while setting up the phone on mobile data it stays cool. I ran a few benchmarks on Geekbench too and it didn’t get hot, only a little warm.

  8. It still dims, just a bit less aggressively than the 13 Pro/Max. Can’t wait for the day this isn’t an issue though.

  9. The key is to never use the iphone while charging. Once it gets hot a few times the thermal paste is useless and your phone will forever got hot. Forcing you to get new phones

  10. I was very “meh” about always on display and have to say its the most surprisingly great feature to me, i really like it. That and dynamic island alone are enough to make this is a pretty standout upgrade. That said im coming from an X so there’s a lot of upgrades for me

  11. The 14 pro is pretty similar to the 13 pro in many ways and that’s how most people are reviewing it; what are some things you noticed that aren’t necessarily 14 pro features but weren’t available to you on your X if you don’t mind me asking?

  12. I have a 13 Pro and battery life is still great. I charge my phone in morning to 85-90% with 20w brick and easily get thru day and overnight with 25-35% left the next morning. Battery health is also still at 💯

  13. I’m at a year with my 13pm, battery health 99% and easily 10+ hours of sot per charge. I rarely see the battery dip below 50%

  14. 1.5 days battery on the 13 pro max for me. Battery health just turned from 100% to 99% after 1 year (bought sept 2021).

  15. Envious of all these "99-100% capacity" after a year with the 13Pro... mine is at 94% and I'm lucky if I get 4-5 hours now

  16. Idk but honestly I never struggled to see the screen of my 13 pro max on direct sunlight. Cool that the newer ones are better, but it’s not impossible to see the 13 pro max at all even when it’s super sunny. Even on the brightest days my phone doesn’t reach 100% in the slider and I’m able to use it just fine

  17. I Imagine the extra brightness being extremely useful. But I am currently using a 13 Pro Max and I never had any issues with brightness.

  18. Another thing I noticed and love. If an app is using location in the background you get a big location icon in the island and you can click it to go to the offending app. Also does this with tethering. You get the green tether icon in the island. That’s great since it really lets you know what’s going on. Another feature I would love to see would be one from the pixel 4. If you were looking at the phone it would stay awake indefinitely. So you could set the sleep time to 30 seconds and it would never turn off while reading something.

  19. In theory… iPhones have had attention aware timeout since the first notched iPhone — iPhone X. You should find that they mentioned that in auto lock settings. This might be disabled if you have low power mode on.

  20. The location icon has been present before, not sure when it was first introduced, but with my 13P I get the constant blue icon in top left if I leave the Gmaps to open another app, the same with if I’m tethering it stays constantly in the top left.

  21. I keep mine in the center console at work and it definitely turns off when you close the lid. Must treat it like a pocket. Sleep routines and face down charging turn it off as well

  22. What do you mean “close the lid” if it’s in a pocket or has something covering the screen it will turn off, yes. But why would it need to be on if you can’t see it? That’s a good thing.

  23. Sounds nice but so few new features every year, then having to move your stuff to a new phone all the time, plus not being able to jailbreak since you are always on the new OS. There are drawbacks.

  24. Does anyone’s iPhone Pro Max have a speaker grill or is it just open? Mine has no grill but want to confirm that’s supposed to be that way

  25. do you use auto brightness? I’m not sure if I should keep it on or not. this is my first iphone

  26. I do and it works very well. Just set what level you feel comfortable with and it adjusts based o. Your lighting.

  27. Yeah I was pleasantly surprised when I was outside and wearing my sunglasses, and I could still see the screen very clearly.

  28. does the peak brightness require having auto brightness on? manual brightness max is 1000 nits. if you are viewing HDR content it goes to 1600 nits peak, 2000 peak outdoors. but it's not 1600 or 2000 while you are scrolling thru email bc that's not HDR content. so how does that change outdoor brightness if it's still 1000?

  29. Outdoors in full sunlight it cranks everything to 2000. So instead of being too dim to read and washed out like all the others it is crystal clear. Like it was so bright I could clearly see the camera.

  30. It’s good to read reviews like this while I wait the 6 weeks for my upgrade to 14pm after having the xr for a few years

  31. Coming from a 13 Pro I feel like the 14 Pro’s dedicated display coprocessor is resulting (in my experience) even smoother animations everywhere.

  32. Is it really worth an upgrade? I have the 13 pro max; not against trading it in and paying the remainder for the 14 pro max

  33. I would say no. 13 pro max apparently has slightly better battery. You already have high refresh rate and very comparable cameras. If you do any “professional” content (ex for social media) then yes it’s probably worth the camera upgrade. Otherwise no for the average individual.

  34. Do you have sight problems? Otherwise I can’t understand how you couldn’t see anything on the 13 pro max. I looked at my 13 pro numerous times in direct sunlight during summer and had no problems seeing even without full brigntess on. With sunglasses too.

  35. Sorry I live in la and this summer has been extreme. There were many times that I was waiting to pick my kid up and the screen was barely visible.

  36. yeah thats bullshit. i can see fine with my 13 pro. and i live in a country that averages 320 sunny days a year.

  37. What on earth is the dynamic island? Just got my phone. So much to learn!! Still trying to get apps to display. They only appear if I type in the name n

  38. Keep in mind new iPhones take a day or so to set up in the background, indexing ect. Give it a couple days and might improve

  39. Poor? After a full day I have 75% left. I had it on the charger while in the car for 30 mins. But that’s still damn impressive.

  40. I love mine especially the color and the island has been cool but I’ve had the same battery issues I’m not sure what is draining it so fast.

  41. Yeah that’s a big jump. I came from a 13 pro max. But that was my first iPhone since the 5s. Been a while.

  42. You won’t regret it. I came from a launch day X and the upgrade is phenomenal. A bigger difference than I had ever hoped.

  43. I feel this phone just constantly refreshes apps in the background though. Oddly the 13P never did that. It kept it. The memory management is way me aggressive.

  44. Yeah the pro and the pro max are identical in all but screen size. My wife has the pro and it’s exactly the same device.

  45. Yes, those 2000nits sounds perfect, but if you're using it in direct sunlight, does it get hot and dim the display? i absolutely HATE this on my 12PM. It dims so much, that after a few mins im not even able to read on it.

  46. I upgraded from the 13 PM yesterday, I am on the IUP so I’m obliged to upgrade. First thoughts, the speakers are so much louder than the 13 PM, the screen is brighter. I really dislike apples implementation of the AOD so I turned it off. The dynamic island is ok, I guess as I use it more maybe I’ll realize it’s usefulness. I find the DI to be harder to get used to than the 13PM notch because the screen space above it makes it more prominent. Overall a subtle upgrade.

  47. What i kinda dislike from the DI is that it sits lower and you lose screen real space. It cuts into videos where in the older 13 pro max the notch doesn’t cut.

  48. I have sene a lot of videos on various websites about one of the camera's OIS on the Pro (Max)'s shaking like crazy with apps like Snapchat. Has this happened to you? I really want to get the 14 Pro Max but that problem is holding me back a bit even though I really want to make the switch.

  49. I love how maps has a shortcut in DI to end route. I’ve been wanting that forever where you don’t have to go into maps to kill the route. Love the AOD display as well.

  50. To be usable in direct sunlight yesterday, I had to have the brightness full, and my battery was nearly dead by 3PM. Aside from that, this thing is great.

  51. Always on Display is the most significant feature in the iPhone history and differentiating iPhone 14 pro from its previous generations. Any owners of iPhone 14 pro who turn off “always on display” feature might have lost their minds or not smart enough (idiot?) to know that “always on display” feature is the best feature iPhone 14 pro has offered! 🙄

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