1. If you read the article, they are backing off only on the less popular base iphone 14. They did increase the iphone 14 pro production which in turn likely has more margin. It's one small piece of many products and revenue streams. I'm sure with the strong dollar will impact sales somewhat but I think bad news would be bad sales across the board in the pro line, the watches, ipads and the new macbooks next month.

  2. You haven been in market long enough then. Apple spilling something like this out with this timing you can be sure as hell they made that statment as vague and as little demaging as possible. The problem is usually 10 fold worse in reality. To be hones Iam not surprised and was even baffled why people around the world still want 1,5k$ phones while their energy bills are skyrocketing

  3. These production rumor articles come out every single year and every single year they have no actual bearing on Apple's earnings.

  4. You cant deny this isnt bad news, it says people are not spending their money to buy a new phone. That means they probably have less money in their pocket

  5. I thought the pro/pro max series were in high demand. If demand for the non-pro is low, that’s consumer feedback to Apple’s new strategy of only including their new chip in their pro line.

  6. Yeah, this is nothing news right now. The Pro demand is very high, which makes sense. Early adopters would tend to go Pro. Apple is also trying out a new non-Pro larger form factor that shipped later. IMO, this combination pulled sales forward to the Pro.

  7. From what I’ve read the top models usually have high demand early in the release phase because of the “enthusiast” market plus some people who waited to upgrade. But as time goes by that wanes and the lower end model sales pick up relatively.

  8. That really depends , big share of their market is EUROPE and most customerts over there will probably not have money for most pricey smartphone there is for next year or two

  9. Well yeah the base 14 is just the 13 with a new name. Even the most tech illiterate can go into an Apple Store and see nothing really new.

  10. So you're saying we'll see increased inventory, reduced sales, AND deflationary pressures. Sure sounds like JPow is setting things up for the money printer to come to the rescue. Look out stimmy checks & PPP loan return!

  11. " yet markets have not come to terms with the pain or the time (years) that will be required to bring it back " ...... S&P down 24% and Nasdaq down 33% from highs would say that they are coming to terms, yet maybe not completely there yet.

  12. Already knew this would happen when inflation was at 5% and we kept qe going. Should’ve stopped qe there and rise rate. Now inflation it’s at 8% and rates it’s at 3%. Something’s gonna break soon.

  13. I wonder how much of this is deliberate production decreases and how much is an excuse for Apple's choice to go all-in on Chinese iPhone production and the negative impacts of the zero-COVID policy as a result.

  14. None of what you said even make sense. China is literally the second largest market for Apple no matter where the phones are built.

  15. A bit more complicated here. You have some people who replace their phone every new generation. Some keep their old one, some resell them online, some turn them in for a discount, but all of that population gets a new phone regardless of the features or cost. It's keeping up with the joneses for them.

  16. Lack of USB-C is a big issue for everyone I know. It's all anyone could talk about after the reveal. I doubt anyone I know will be upgrading or switching over from Android for the iPhone 14.

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