1. The true capitalistic approach to solving this pandemic wouldn’t have involved a government shutting down flights. The fact the government had to do so to help further prevent the spread puts the airlines in an unique position where government intervention to help them recover isn’t the same as a bail out

  2. Correct. The cycle of life and death should not only apply to humans, but companies as well. A lot of people are about to die from covid19. It's natural that companies will as well. Trying to buoy dying companies is just creating zombie corps. We did this in 2008 and we're doing it again. By doing this your crippling start ups and fresh blood to the economy. And if we're going to play this game, we're finding out China is much better at it.

  3. Yes, used planes will be available at heavily discounted prices and plenty of pilots, crew and operations staff ready to be hired.

  4. To me this seems like a perfect time for companies with strong balance sheets to do some mergers and acquisitions. Cheap loans from the bank, companies at incredible discounts.

  5. You're quite naïeve thinking that all large multinational corporations actually pay taxes at all while in fact down the line many receive money from the government.

  6. Dude, your definition of socialist is way off. Corporate taxes are actually very controversial among economists as it is considered one of the most damaging economic taxes since corporations can use that money to expand and hire; you can tax the owners more if you want to prevent them from handing out the money. And, it’s sometimes considered a “double tax”; the money gets taxed going in to the corporation and again when to the shareholders of the corporation.

  7. Companies who face either nationalization or bankruptcy have a choice. An organized chapter 11 restructuring can keep the business going and restructure debt to avoid nationalization. Corporate leaders who choose government ownership instead are making a knowing choice.

  8. This will go poorly. State and federal governments in the US are catastrophically bad at being profitable. Almost every time this happens the entities end up operating at a loss. Example USPS, United States Railroad Administration, the ferry system in Washington, toll roads... The list goes on and on.

  9. Yeah a loss, are you also measuring the fact that it employs hundreds of thousands of people? It should operate as a break even plus like 3-5% on top for growth.

  10. The government is perfectly capable of embracing new technology. In fact it is far more of a mandate for the government than wallstreet.

  11. Keep in mind it looked like the TARP bailout could nationalize companies too but it didn’t go that far imo. Financially we might be on track, but culturally it’s a lot harder to do here.

  12. I’d be all for it. I’d love to fly a nationalized airline called Pan American airways. Too bad they can’t bail out the post office too.

  13. The US is far to capitalistic to nationalize industries. Especially not with one of the biggest capitalist as prez. My opinion doesn't really matter much because... Well... I'm not a corporate lobbyist.

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