1. To be fair, cows have super-thick hide. You have to basically stab them with a needle to give them a shot. No gentle slipping it in there, you rear back and stab it in. Hard to get used to.

  2. I have a skin condition that causes abscesses, getting stabbed is better than constant pain from fluid pinching a nerve so bad you can’t even move the affected area

  3. While anecdotal and certainly my perception of pain skews it; if you've ever had an abscess get bad enough, getting stabbed like that is a happy ending at a shady massage parlor in comparison: You'll absolutely regret it later and need a doctor to check for further infection ASAGDMF'inP, but the immediate relief is worth it ten times over.

  4. My Dad is a doctor and did occasional rugby sideline doctoring. Some years after he had retired from this, my brother came home from uni once with a huge abscess on his leg from a rugby injury. My dad got out his trusty scalpel to lance it, only for it to press right in and bounce out. It was completely blunt. I have never heard my brother swear so much at my father. He went and got a new scalpel.

  5. Can confirm. I got one on my leg a few years ago about the size of a quarter. Doc gave me drugs and basically told me if it didn’t pop on its own that weekend, we’d have to cut it.

  6. I had a Bartholin cyst about 8 yrs ago and it swelled to the size of a golf ball. My gyno cut it open & smelled soooooo bad! Doc told me to go home & sit in a steaming hot tub to squeeze out the rest. Even with the water, it was one of the worst things I've ever smelled.

  7. I mean a cow farm in and of itself smells foul so idk whether the smell of this would be lost in the other smells or stand out on its own.

  8. Is it possible to simultaneously hate someone with all of your stomach yet love and marvel at the splendor of their wit?

  9. I have never heard this before, which is surprising since these videos are not uncommon, and I never leave reddit...I do expect to see this comment every time here after tho.

  10. It does look like milk... does anyone know if it somehow is? No way that is pus--it's too clean and smooth looking.

  11. Im happy that Im not sensitive to this kind of stuff. There are some really gross topics going around in the hospital break room during lunch time

  12. Why wouldn’t they have put a bucket to catch that? I would think that’s not gonna be easy to clean that floor and not have other hooves in it!

  13. The smell would be enough to knock out Mike Tyson. I once had a cyst worked on and it had to drain for a week. I can tell you there is no smell in the universe that is more repugnant. Not even close.

  14. The sweetness of a human body decaying while it's still alive is a contender. Worked as a "end of life" caretaker when I was younger and this person had holes straight through to the bones and whole chunked falling of when changing bandages. The smell was just as bad as the visuals

  15. So do I just put my bowl underneath it? Sorry haven't gotten milk for my cereal straight from the source before!

  16. Most livestock are permanently on antibiotics, right? Isn’t that why they’re not working (paired with people taking them for things like colds)? I’m not super knowledgeable about this tho so I have no clue.

  17. Sure just do it right in the middle of the cow's pens thus ensuring that the bacteria spreads to the rest of the animals.

  18. THANK YOU! Good grief, I have dairy goats and my immediate reaction was "cool, now I have the cow version of CL all over my floor and the other cow.....cool cool cool cool".

  19. My other concern is that the abscess isn't entirely cleaned out and that's it's just going to get this bad or worse in a short amount of time. You usually see a type of drain inserted to make sure it continues to empty out as well as treating with antibiotics and pain medications.

  20. It probably wasn’t as long as you’d think. A cow’s skin is very thick, something that would be clearly visible on us won’t show until it’s much larger in a cow. A cow is much larger than us, scale it down and although it’s still a big abscess it is proportionately not as bad as it first looks. If the cow was milling around in the middle of the herd then the infection site might not have been visible to observers. Even if the farmer did a daily inspection of each animal that’s still a minimum of 24 hours for it to start to build up, if you take into account that it likely wouldn’t be easily visible until it was well infected it has possibly had 48 hours or even longer to grow. You can’t summon a vet instantly. From being spotted to treated could be a day or two depending on how busy the vet is and when they can get out to the farm.

  21. Some abscesses grow incredibly fast. Like, shockingly so. Scale that up to cow size and it doesn’t necessarily need to have been left all that long.

  22. Probably a severe case of caseous lymphadenitis caused by corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis. Abscesses rupture is a route for pathogen transmission to other animals.

  23. I’m really surprised that no one else comments on this, really wholesome to make the suffering cow life better so it suffers only a liiiitle bit less than already. Fucked up society

  24. Haha so this comment section is full of jokes, as it should be, but is anybody else honestly wondering like me if that is pus or some form or rare "milk abces"?

  25. Someone further up gave it a medical name and made it sound like this wasn't an abscess. I've chosen to believe them without any further research.

  26. They're locked up. Self locking head gates are keeping them in place, they'll be freed once the vet is done.

  27. I am eating hot potatoes with a thick cream and mushroom sauce. I also put some on my steak kebab. This video didn't put me off of it. I keep on eating.

  28. At my uni those of us doing pathology were taken to see an autopsy at the local morgue. Afterwards the lecturer took us out for food. They ordered rare steaks. Those that couldn’t face the meal were quietly pulled aside and advised to consider whether this was something they could become used to, or whether they should consider other modules on the course. No judgement, it’s a completely understandable reaction and if they said they would be fine it was never bought up again. I believe the very few who vomited were questioned a bit more closely. I do now wonder how they handled vegetarians for this test though.

  29. It’s not, that’s how long the tail is when they have been trimmed. Cattle farmers do that periodically to keep them clean as they can get covered in dung as the hair grows longer.

  30. They are restrained like that so they can be examined, and to be milked when time. They most likely have a small enclosure that they can walk around in.

  31. It depends on the type of farm, but my FIL has an organic dairy farm and the cows are only in those things (stanchions) for max an hour a day during milking. The rest of the time they’re in the pasture. When it’s milking time or when they’re cold and want to hang out inside they just go in and put their heads in without being asked lol

  32. Lol they don't stay like that all the time. It's temporary to keep the cow calm while they work on them and then they get let out. You don't want a cow trying to run all over the place while trying to work on them.

  33. Don't you think it would be better to put out a bucket first to catch it, instead of draining on the ground where all of the other cows will walk through it and track that infected pus all around the barn?

  34. We did that to a pig at our farm. It was the size of a basket ball. My mom stabbed it with a scalpel and it broke the blade, so she pulled out her buck knife and slashed it open. The skin was so thick she had to squeeze it to get the puss to squirt out. It shot like three feet in the air and when it hit the ground our chickens ran up and ate it in seconds. Not a a drop left on the ground. We all cringed knowing damn well that we will be eating the chickens come fall.

  35. So what I’ve gathered from this comment section is that this isn’t what a long piss is meant to look like… huh

  36. I can’t help but feel more needs to be done here. The cow checked to ensure all the funk removed and the hole patched up and treated to ensure no repeat.

  37. The other cow is like: really? Right where I am standing? No warning or heads up just a pus shower for little ol me? Thanks. Thank you very much.

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