1. It’s funny how he’s spazzing out, kicking and spinning in circles, then clearly someone tells him to chill towards the end.

  2. I've seen turtles and tortoises do this often enough that I think helping each other out is natural for them.

  3. Was it Dawkins that brought the idea of altruism itself being selfish? You do good things to feel good, which is satisfying your own need, or you do good to further the race like in this video, you can't breed with a dead turtle so you help each other survive.

  4. Is it really altruism? Or just something they do becaus they get flippeld themselves and this makes sure they get helped when it happens as well.

  5. I'm sure this is instinct. If they didn't evolve to do this, they'd be extinct pretty fast. I've seen quite a few videos like this. Really interesting.

  6. I see them do derpy shit like climb on top of each other, slip and flip, in real life all the time. We got a lake FULL of turtles near my house that behave like this.

  7. Might have been luck. My experience with turtles is they would happily eat family members. They are brutal fuckers.

  8. Yeah I can believe that. Turtles eat ducks too, they bite them in the belly and eat there way into the duck (while they slowly die). Once they bit they don't let go.

  9. Haha yeah I was thinking they were just moving in to eat whatever was splashing and he managed to flip back over in the commotion

  10. Isn’t the whole point of this to watch how they help them without interfering? It didn’t need camera person‘s help

  11. I remember watching a nature doc as a kid and seeing a dove, flailing in the water, get devoured by turtles.

  12. Turtles have a second shell. Besides their outer shell, turtles also have a lower shell, called a plastron. The plastron usually joins with the upper shell—called the carapace—along both sides of the body to create a complete skeletal box.

  13. I wonder if they were actually trying to help the turtle? Or if perhaps they sensed a possible meal? Personally, i dont trust Turtles.. same with Sloths.. i know they can move fast, they are just holding back to lure us into a false sense of security.. then they will make their move.. just an army of sloths holding turtles like shields, sprinting full speed at you.. in a shrieking, stinking, algae covered fit of rage they will make us FEEL their pain..

  14. I notice that none of the turtles stood around and blamed him for his predicament then gave him tough love and told him to pull himself up by his bootstraps. Why can’t we be more like turtles? Let’s help each other.

  15. Had a turtle and he was just dumb. Did this shit all the time. Unfortunately he did it once while I was away and it killed him.

  16. Correct - the splashing draws them in, thinking one of them has a large fish or something, and the others move in to steal it. Yes, I have turtles.

  17. You've got it all wrong. That was just the homies crowding in to check out spindawg's new moves.

  18. All turtles need to breathe oxygen eventually. They can survive a long time without coming to the surface, but being flipped on your back and never being able to resurface would be a death sentence. Hence the natural tendency to panic, and his buddies to flip him over

  19. "Jerry, calm- Jerry! Calm down, man..JERRY! Cool it, brother...you're okay. We got you. Chill. See? All good. We're all good."

  20. The amount of weird anti-republican, pro-socialism comments on a video about turtles being bros is genuinely flabbergasting. What a bunch of bored, weird people.

  21. I hate to break it to everyone, but they’re most likely looking for an easy meal rather than trying to help

  22. I agree with extremelyCombustible and others that this is not altruism. The other turtles were drawn to signs of a struggling animal, as a potential food source. Common reaction of predators. Interesting that the shape of the upside-down shell served to right the turtles as it was attacked by the other turtles.

  23. And who flipped it over on its back in the first place, and just happened to be around to record the rescue , hmm ? 🤔

  24. Except the one running away in the corner, hmm suspicious,…. I bet he did the flipping in the first place and now his trying to hightail it out of there!

  25. if they were people, they all wouldve just sat there recording with their phones and then posted on twitter saying "NGMI lolllll"

  26. Pro tip for any turtle predators who might be reading this; turn a tasty turtle into an all you can eat turtle buffet simply by flipping it on its back and waiting a bit!

  27. These turtles were attracted to an easy meal. They were about to go straight animal. Thru chance, they flipped him over.

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