1. When I was a kid my mom got certified as an ambulance driver. First call out was a logging truck that hit a fresh avalanche, load had come through the cab and bisected the driver right in half at the waist.

  2. as a past ruck driver and family of drivers , most people have no clue how unsafe a truck is or the driver. no safety crumple zone etc like your honda and chevy. any serious crash and you are basically dead

  3. I removed the body of a Florida truck driver who committed suicide by driving a flat faced Peterbuilt semi into a bridge abutment at like 80 mph while transporting powdered laundry detergent. It was like chopped meat infused into clothing but all of his internal organs ejected from his bottom torso. It was very disturbing to witness him. There was a 0.0% chance of an open casket, he was paper thin flattened. It was horrific.

  4. Had a teacher who was also a firefighter on the side. Told us a story about how someone who has gotten into a pretty bad accident was refusing to leave their car saying that if they let go of the handbrake then the car might shift and cause more harm.

  5. You could be more dead. Imagine going through this, and then Dr. Freeze shoots you with his ice gun!

  6. As near as I can tell as long as you lift your feet up before impact you basically just keep moving forward unabated like a looney tunes cartoon

  7. It’s not a safety mechanism for the person driving the truck, it’s a safety mechanism to keep a truck from blowing pedestrians or colliding with a building. The driver will have to pay with his life, but hopefully civilians won’t.

  8. Since it's a BoF design, that's essentially what it's doing. Engine is bolted to frame and is the only thing of substance protecting the driver, but the engine is only held by a handful of mounts. Had the bar been lower, or it been a wall, the frame would collide with it and better absorb the impact. But otherwise, the frame just keeps going and it tears off everything on top of it.

  9. They did a similar demonstration with an F4 fighter jet hitting a concrete barrier at high speed. The plane just disappeared.

  10. How about that mythbusters one of the supersonic sled vs a car, you can see the car just disintegrate in the slow motion. It just turns to dust.

  11. It's designed to protect the facility or "place in general" that you are entering, it was never designed thinking of the welfare of the vehicle or occupants that are entering when they shouldn't.

  12. The driver wouldn't be safe either way, to low and you flip the truck, to high and you decapitate the driver and fail to stop the truck. that's probably the safest place to put it.

  13. There was something similar at an army base I worked at. There's a zigzag of road spike type things to slow you down, but if someone was really determined and just ran them over (armored / reinforced / solid rubber tires) they'd likely hit that or the concrete barricades.

  14. He was going to blow up anyway, the lesson here is put the explosives on the front of the vehicle so their momentum will carry them merrily towards the target even if the truck is stopped.

  15. This was done to test the barrier. They don’t normally aim for instantaneous halt (it’s uneconomic), the main aim is to minimise impact onto something a certain distance away from the barrier.

  16. Dumb question but when they’re doing these kind of tests how do they get the vehicle to go in a straight line without drifting?

  17. It's possible that you could basically have your legs and abdomen completely crushed and live to see the experience of knowing that you're going to die

  18. When I was young I was working really late and had to drive home through a canyon that had toll booths on either end when you entered and exited. It had those barriers in front of the guard houses and I fell asleep at the wheel exiting the canyon and wrapped my car around one of these. I could not believe how my car was turned into a pretzel and the guard post literally just had some scratches. There was so little damage the state called and said well we’re sorry your car is messed up and as long as your ok we are fine you cost us nothing so no charges or insurance involved. Crazy how strong those things are I couldn’t believe it.

  19. The concrete footings below the ground that it takes to accomplish a crash rated barrier are beeeeefy. Hoping my company gets to install one of these some day (:

  20. Reminds me of an accident I was in back in high school. I was with my friend in his Plymouth Neon (no idea why it had Plymouth branding all over it since I normally see Dodge Neons) coming home from a church youth gathering. I was asleep in the passenger seat and next thing I know it feels like I'm floating then drop. We hit a guardrail approaching a toll booth on the passenger side that sent the car to the left where we hit a concrete pillar that went between the hood and fender. Stopped right before the windshield. The only thing holding on the front driver side wheel was the brake line. We got lucky that night.

  21. My dad was in charge of security installations at trucking depots for a large company post 9/11. He came home from a mandatory counter-terrorism seminar with VHS tapes featuring footage like this for various types of deceptively strong barriers. He told me the basic idea was "no matter what the plan is, the truck ... doesn't."

  22. If they're willing to do this to a human, imagine wtf they must be trying to prevent. Your body would resemble a pureed pomegranate with denim bits in it.

  23. Assuming this is meant to stop something like what happened in Nice years ago, would those projectiles still kill a ton of people? Lesser of two evils I guess

  24. The main projectile being a 2500lb Diesel engine. Figure this as the last point of defense. All else has failed, you are minimizing damage.

  25. A car hit a security pole at my parents work… it just bent the pole (cause the car somehow managed to get airborne).

  26. So, the secret revealed here is: securely tape your bomb under the hood, which will go flying into your intended target.

  27. This is why cable barriers are used in Sweden, but they have through the years proved to instead increase the fatality of motorcycle crashes...

  28. Had a friend who’s dad was a fireman. On one of his first shifts, he got called to a single vehicle accident, driver was decapitated. The senior firefighters made him go into the nearby forest and bring back the head.

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