1. Oddly I was making a Supernatural post about leviathans and world shenanigans. Up steps Reddit with the Turducken. Bury your Borax while you can, people!

  2. I’ve owned 12 chickens and 2 of these things before. The chickens were sweet-hearted and calm. Those ring necks were the most manic, hilariously stupid and hyper birds I’ve ever seen.

  3. The Turken, an unusual-looking chicken breed, was thought to be a hybrid between a chicken and a turkey. However, experts say that the hypothesis is wrong. Turkey and chicken are genetically incompatible species.

  4. Chicken and turkey are genetically incompatible. So it's just a chicken with a disease or missing its feathers from a developmental issue. But correct me if I'm wrong (aka downvote and call me stupid).

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