1. I'm thinking how you could partner up with like 1000 people on your floor and have groceries delivered in bulk straight from the distributors.

  2. I can carry a week's worth of groceries in one trip. I mean sure i'm only cooking for myself, but the grocery store is a 5-10 minute walk from my apartment so a second trip isn't even that bad.

  3. there are multiple grocery stores in walking distance. There's no usual need to buy a lot at once. You can just buy a small bag every time on your way back home from work.

  4. afiak, I was in eastern EU (ex USSR nations), one thing we were told by historians were how Russia created these structures to show how bad the life is in west. One example of such a place was Lulin in Sofia, Bulgaria. Those structures were created by communists to show that the quality of western life isn't worth it. lol

  5. If I had to take a guess, the mailman drops it off and the building management probably hired someone as an employee to distribute the mail to the rooms. Otherwise, it would take one postal worker to distribute the mail LOL

  6. Actually they would love it, very recognizable building where you can just drop the order at entrance or meet them there

  7. Thinking about this movie makes me sad because I remember how much I need more Karl Urban as Dredd. Of all the movies that need a series or a sequel, Dredd is near the top for me. There's so much untapped and crazy shit in the comics, a series with Urban as star could be magnificent if they keep the same energy and quality as that movie.

  8. My university on the ocean in California (UCSB) is building the new dorms to look exactly like that except no opening in the middle…! Over 80% of the rooms will have no natural sunlight.

  9. I read about that and it’s no bueno. Especially here! People need sunshine and light and that ocean air. University dorms being built like prison buildings. So lame.

  10. What do you mean no natural sunlight? You're telling me 80% of rooms will not have a god damn window? That's inhumane and terribly unhealthy, especially for students.

  11. My apartment building has been under facade renovation and covered up for over half a year so little to no sunlight inside. I've felt like complete shit for most of the time and no energy to do anything. Took me a while to realize that I had to buy some vitamin D pills.

  12. Read an article about that a while didnt they try to stop construction. Thats freaking ridiculous, having to pay room and bosrd for a place like that

  13. I lived in St P for awhile. Most people do not drive. Metro, walking, buses. It's not even a big deal to get your drivers license. It's expensive, cars are expensive, parking in the city is awful. I had a friend who parked her car by her flat, the car didn't run. Hadn't for over a year, but she was still parking it. Occasionally friends would help her push it to a different spot

  14. Yeah how could anyone get anywhere without a car? Literally impossible (you can walk to the metro station across the street)

  15. What a strange first thing to notice. People in large cities don't need cars; they're more a nuisance than anything.

  16. Yeah, like - a lot of these buildings were built by the Soviets to solve the problem of homelessness as quickly as possible. They met a need, and weren't intended to be a solution forever.

  17. High rates of hookers, gambling, and drug abuse sounds like Las Vegas to me. I'm packed boys let's ride!

  18. People say these mega blocks are bad but every one has everything the residence need. Heating, water, Parks, schools, groceries and entertainment all within walking distance.

  19. I don't understand why the European style of building all buildings almost like walls around a block, then having hollow courtyards inside with gardens and shit never caught on in America. American housing all has massive yards out front, which is dumb. I'd rather have a secluded, private, garden in the middle of my house that no one can see.

  20. They are indeed ideal for those who want to live in them, but they're not so great for those living there who really don't.

  21. Are there any buildings equivalent to this size in the US? I have never seen any giant residential structures like this.

  22. There’s a town in Alaska that has all the residents and public commodities all in one building not nearly the same size though

  23. I've recently been attempting to explain more sustainable higher-density suburban housing to conservatives (as opposed to current low-density and mostly lawn wasteful housing) and this picture must be what is on their mind when they call me a communist-socialist-fascist.

  24. Nah. This current capitalist housing market is significantly more dystopian. Look at skid row. And all the homeless encampments in major US cities.

  25. Nah, way more dystopic to not build housing and then destroy homeless people's attempts at building shelters. This is just unappealing, affordable housing which just seems dystopic because when American media was developing it's view of dystopias in the latter half of the 20th century it based it off of 1) it's enemies at the time (the communists and the Japanese) and 2) the problems with intercity violence and poverty. So now the actual dystopic thing we are encountering is awful housing that is poorly maintained but incredibly expensive and rare , as opposed to cheap and prevelant.

  26. Eh. It'd look nice if the rooftops were gardens and outdoor kitchen/gathering areas and the middle was a nice lush park. But I'm not from Russia so I have no idea what plants can and can't grow there. All I know is it needs more greeeeen

  27. Why do they need to park? If 18,000 of them live in that small of an area I’m sure most of the other facilities they need to access on a daily basis are also in a walking distance away. Also cars are expensive.

  28. I want to know about the parking or transportation situation. I would assume there is at least a breadwinner for each unit. That’s a lot of cars/buses providing transport to that small area.

  29. I know my comment will never be seen but they had a real opportunity here to make this less horrible and make a huge green park inside. Big trees and lots of greenery would have made this so much better.

  30. What a nightmare. Imagine living in one of those flats and seeing nothing else than walls and windows staring back at you, with a tiny bit of sky only when you look straight up.

  31. My cousin actually lives in one of those absolute unit of a building in SPB. It is in it self like a little town; they have grocery stores, a kindergarten, barbershops, etc. If you wfh there is no need to leave the area for weeks. It's a fascinating setup. And looking out the window scares the shit out of me (i live in Sweden, so I'm not used to buildings that have more than 8 floors)

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