1. “I woke up to people yelling at me and beautiful clean bathroom with a serene river. Then I went into precipitated withdrawals due to the Narcan and got super angry” perfect 5/7

  2. That’s like every bad dream of taking a shit in public where the toilet is legit in the middle of a department store and everyone is just going about their business while you decide to take a shit break in your dream

  3. YES. I also have dreams where I go into a stall, but the door is like way too short and/or weirdly placed so everyone can still see me and it is just the worst haha

  4. I have dreams like this at least 3 times a week. Not necessarily a department store, but shitting in a toilet that happens to be set up in the middle of a public place.

  5. Imagine kayaking with your youth group and you see this man gripping the handrails by the toilet. His knuckles white- firearms pumped. Blood vessels in his eyes completely burst. Forehead wrinkled, his short black hair stuck to his sweat soaked forehead. His grey shirt sopping wet. His shoulders raised- feet bound by his pants around his ankles allowing for his knees to extend as far as the rails will allow. Mouth open wide, teeth showing- eyes fixed on the water. You see this man for less than second... but no one else in your group does. Until 25 years later you get a message from a buddy who was on the same trip. He asks if you remember anything strange. All you say is the river toilet... He saw it too. No one believed him until now.

  6. They should have build the throne on the left side that way no one going downstream could have seen you

  7. Seriously though, at night with the light on inside the bathroom and darkness outside, you'll be able to see straight in.

  8. Terrain on the other side is pretty hostile with steep cliffs. You would have to work for that glimpse of panties

  9. Wow! I was in that exact toilet this time last year. It’s at the top of a waterfall in Norway, near Bergen.

  10. It's so gorgeous. Thanks for telling the location, it's really one of the more beautiful riparian scenes I've seen in a while.

  11. There’s a window in the floor right? Why would you not point the camera down to have a look?

  12. I thought for sure there'd be more upset people in here because of that. I really wanted to look down more than anything else.

  13. I feel like this isn't in the US because things aren't broken, graffitied, and shit/piss all over the floor, walls, and celling.

  14. I think Americans are stuck in a weird circle of bathroom violence where bathrooms are designed like horrible, dimly lit prisons that allow for no dignity. And thanks to the Milgram Experiment we know what happens when you treat humans like prisoners, so people walk into one of those permanently damp, oppressive stalls with giant gaps everywhere through which people can observe you at your most vulnerable, and in vicious retaliation, shit on the floor while screaming "I AM A HUMAN BEING, GOD DAMMIT!"

  15. Nah, you can tell it's not America because the bathrooms are constructed and* maintained with beautiful consideration of the human experience. Everywhere has nasty people in the public. Not everywhere let's those nasty people into leadership roles.

  16. A public restroom with paper to dry your hands and toilet paper to clean your ass? Now that's amazing

  17. They should put a dickhole in the glass so you can pee right into the water to get that real authentic outdoors feel.

  18. I really appreciate the handles installed beside the toilet for when you take a mega shit and need to hold on to something

  19. There used to be a small village down river... Then they all fell ill for some reason. It's a mystery to this day!

  20. That would be trashed in about 10 days if it was in America. We are all a bunch of selfish assholes that don’t know how to respect shit. Literally.

  21. American's can't have the cool stuff! This would get abused as a place for drug use, banging, or peeping. Would be the most serene public restroom dump ever though!

  22. People who think they must spend the entire budget to avoid getting a lower budget next year. It’s becoming a real issue in Norway where they spend millions on toilets like this and let schools and elderly home rot

  23. Can we get a sub for bathrooms in scenic places? I’ve seen one post like this before this and I know there has to be more.

  24. Seems a perfect opportunity for a peeping Tom to post up across the river in camo. Hmmm. What’s the location? Asking for a friend.

  25. How are you going to take a video of a bathroom with a window in the floor into a river AND NOT FILM THE FLOOR WINDOW?! It’s clearly the most prominent feature in the room.

  26. That's pretty impressive. Whenever I come cross roofed bathrooms near hiking areas, they are always holes in the ground and the seat is covered in shit as if someone was trying to frost a cake with their ass.

  27. Definitely not in America... There's be graffiti carved into the glass and someone would have shit on the glass... Sigh... This is why we don't get nice things...

  28. If you had drank a gallon of water, and perhaps a brew or two, you might not make it on time - despite being there already.

  29. That’s a nice view and all but what if you were taking a shit and you look to your left and there’s some fat dude watching you

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