1. Ice storms can be brutal to plants. I live in Maine, and there is still a patch of birch trees that have been permanently morphed by just the sheer amount of ice Maine got in a ice storm years ago.

  2. In Florida, they turn on the sprinklers over the strawberry fields so the ice can coat the plants and insulate them from even colder temperatures. (At least they used to do this.)

  3. We don't get ice storms like that in Australia, but frost can be really bad. It hit early one year, and vineyard's weren't prepared, so they got the choppers out to help try and reduce the damage.

  4. Flowers?? At this time of year??? Anyway, amazing appearance! Like an oil painting! I wouldn't wish to sniff these in case I rip the skin off my nose!

  5. hate it when that happens. have to bring all my pots in whenever there's a decent chance of snow or everything gets killed

  6. Don't I know it. Was out of town when a ice storm hit my city and all my plants were basically mush when I finally got back.

  7. Yeah, we had it a few months ago where the temperature was supposed to be in the low 30s overnight. I went to bed at 11 and it was 34. It ended up being 9 degrees overnight.

  8. They do but I still think the sunny day we had the day after one was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. All the trees looked like they were made out of glass when the sunlight hit them. Of course this was a lighter ice event so the branches didn't fall off.

  9. Last year my half of the state experienced an ice storm followed by a snow storm that knocked out power lines down for fucking miles. The electric company said that they basically had to run entirely new lines. The power was out of a week plus in some areas. That being said they work fast but the damage was incredible

  10. Icey trees of green Red roses too I see them bloom For me and you And I think to myself What a wonderful world

  11. I wish I could see them. People think, oh, I have a camera, but they don't really. A used mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses is cheap now.

  12. It is so bizarre, seeing it in real life. Like its a glitch or something, you're just not used to seeing every single plant and bush and tree around you with the properties of glass.

  13. Shit, this reminded me of this snowstorm we had like 10 years ago. I remember me and my friend going out and EVERYTHING was encased in ice just like that, it was crazy. We had so much fun breaking off ice covered sticks and plants and playing with them. Only time I've seen this irl

  14. So I worked at a flower shop back in the day. I do Irrigation and Landscaping so I was responsible for maintaining the irrigation system.

  15. Those poor darling plants dying virgins now without having any babies. What a fate. Having your genitals frozen and killed.

  16. Many fruit and flower growers will turn their irrigation on all night if there is a risk of frost. The flowers or strawberries or whatever is produced gets like this photo. They will survive the frost because there is a tiny insulated layer of air within the ice. If the farmer didn’t do this their product would be mush by morning

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