1. Brand new build. Sold my last rig with a 2060 a year ago and decided to build a new one. 3060 coming later this week. Noctua NH-D15 arriving today.

  2. I pushed mine to 5.3 on 2 cores and 5.2 on the rest, with temps around 35-40°c idling and 75-80 on games, really nice CPU (though I had the non-F version).

  3. To be honest I really don’t know. I already had a z590 board that I got for cheap so just bought that cpu for it. 11th gen is to expensive atm in Australia. As for 12th gen it’s also a lot more in Australia sadly.

  4. $355AUD for the 10700kf. $600AUD for the 12700k. And motherboards are super expensive for the z690.

  5. Same or better than 11700k, oc to 5.1 with just 1.33v, good enough for years. Only doesn't have pcie 4 but that doesn't change gpu performance and they're already going to release pcie 7, so everything is already obsolete.

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