1. After I read this I actually did some quick research about oven roast vs sous vide. I would imagine pressure cooking would likely have a similar texture to roasting. It basically comes down to texture. The oven roasted was a but tougher and the sous vide was tender and moist. I'm going to do sous vide this year. Serious eats has a good recipe. Seperate the breasts from the rest. Sous vide breasts for 3 hours and the dark meat for 5ish hours. Then either cool it down or put into a 450d oven for 5-10 mins to brown.

  2. I always just tolerated turkey more than enjoying it. That was until I made a sous vide boneless breast. The texture is unbeatable. I do 145°-150°f/5-6 hours from frozen at least once a month now.

  3. I had really good luck pressure cooking a turkey breast. Didn’t get crispy skin, but I did brown the skin before cooking to add flavor for the gravy. It’s perfect because you can make the gravy right in the pot with the cooking liquids. I love sous vide but wouldn’t use it for a turkey breast.

  4. Can a bone-in Turkey breast be cooked sous vide or is it best to carve breast and cook boneless. I’ve never attempted this and am hoping I don’t waste a bunch of time, and turkey.

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